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4 Men Who Attacked Gay Couple at Miami PRIDE Charged With Hate Crime

2 Men Gay Bashed After Miami PRIDE Festival. Police Search For 4 Suspects – VIDEO

Miami police are searching for four male subjects (shown above) in connection to a hate crime attack on Miami Beach.

According to a police report, three of the four subjects approached two men standing near the restrooms on the 500 block of Ocean Drive at approximately 7:40 p.m. and began to hit them repeatedly.

One of the subjects yelled an anti-gay slur at one of the victims before hitting him.

The two victims began to run away, only to be chased by their attackers.

A third victim saw the two men being chased and tried to help, but he was hit and knocked to the ground.

The attackers then walked east towards the beach and fled south on the beach

Miami Beach public information officer, Ernesto Rodriguez said, “This is a weekend on Miami Beach where we celebrate equality. Something like this is completely uncalled for and unnecessary and we really need to hold these people responsible, accountable.”


Convicted Philadelphia Gay Basher Kathryn Knott Claims Self-Defense In Civil Suit

Like her two co-defendants, Kathryn Knott is contending she acted in self-defense during a high-profile attack on a gay couple in Center City. Knott made the claim in a June 23 court filing in a civil case brought by plaintiffs Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse, who are seeking at least $500,000 in damages.

The couple is also suing Phillip Williams and Kevin Harrigan for the September 2014 attack at 16th and Chancellor streets; witnesses said the trio used antigay slurs during the incident, which began as a verbal altercation and escalated to a physical attack that left Haught with extensive facial fractures.

In last month’s filing, Wayne Maynard, an attorney for Knott, wrote that she “asserts the affirmative defense of self-defense, and to the extent plaintiffs sustained the injuries and damages as alleged in plaintiffs’ complaint, said injuries and/or damages were sustained while [Knott] was in the process of defending herself from the real and perceived threat of bodily injury arising from the actions of plaintiffs and their friends.” Both Williams and Harrigan raised the self-defense claim in their own filing last year. – PGN

Knott claims to have been in fear of the gay couple and “their friends” Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse were im fact alone during the attack.

According to the original “Affidavit of Cause”  “words were exchanged” between the two groups of people, with suspect Kevin Harrigan allegedly calling the victims “faggots” several times before a “heated argument developed.” The affidavit also alleges that Knott screamed “faggots” at them and hit one of them in the face.

Read the affidavit below:


Affidavit of Probable Cause, Harrigan/Williams/Knott, 9/23/14

Trump’s Amerika: 75 Year Old Gay Florida Man Assaulted: ‘My President Says We Can Kill You Faggots Now’

Trump's Amerika: 75 Year Old Gay Florida Man Assaulted: ‘My President Says We Can Kill You Faggots Now’

A 75-year-old gay Sarasota, Florida man says he was followed home after dropping off his friend by a man who assaulted him after he stopped in front of a neighbor’s house.

Chuck Redding alleges that he was pulled from his car, and beaten on the pavement,

ABC Action News reports: (Click to see video)

“He yanked the door open, dragged me out, ripped my shirt. I was on the pavement,” said Redding.

His arm is now badly bruised, his hand cut and swollen to twice its normal size, his knee scraped, and part of his toe ripped. Redding says the driver had clearly taken note of his marriage equality and rainbow bumper stickers.

“He kept saying, ‘You know my new president says we can kill all you faggots now,’” Redding said..

Redding filed a police report:

Redding says the suspect was a Hispanic man with a beard, driving a dark colored Jeep Cherokee. He tried to run after the SUV, but it sped off  backwards down the street so he couldn’t catch a license plate number.

In Florida more than a third of Latinos backed Trump


Gay Man Attacked and Beaten In NYC Hotel Elevator on Halloween

Gay Man Attacked and Beaten In NYC Hotel Elevator on Halloween


A group of costumed assailants attacked a 36-year-old man after hurling an anti-gay slurs at him in the elevator of a “upscale” West Village hostel/hotel, police said.

Cops released a surveillance video showing the suspects waiting in a hallway of the Jane Hotel on Jane St. and West St. around 12:50 a.m. Sunday, moments before the attack. They can be seen wearing Halloween costumes.

Once inside the elevator, one suspect made an anti-gay remark to the victim, police said. The attackers then punched the man and kicked him in the face.

The victim of the homophobic attack went to Mount Sinai Hospital to be treated for a, officials said.

Cops described the suspects as as five men and two women, all white and in their 20’s.

Police are asking anyone with information to call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577 TIPS.

Lets bring these animals to justice.

Gay Man Sues NYPD for $6 Million for Beating Him Mercilessly And Calling Him a ‘Fucking Faggot’

Gay Man Sues NYPD for $6 Million for Beating Him Mercilessly And Calling Him a 'Fucking Faggot'

James Rolkiewicz of Staten Island was walking through  Manhattan’s gay-friendly West Village neighborhood when he began to have an asthma attack. The 53 year old Rolkiewicz sat on the steps of a local business, trying to find his inhaler, when a patrol car stopped and police began to harass him according to the New York Daily News.

According to the lawsuit, the officers “repeatedly called him ‘a fucking faggot’ while demanding his identification, while plaintiff was having an asthma attack.”

Rolkiewicz said he could not comply with the officers’ requests because he was struggling to breathe and searching for his inhaler. But that only made the police angry.

The lawsuit alleges that Rolkiewicz was “brutally handled, punched, kicked, abusively treated, placed in a chokehold, handcuffed and choked until he lost consciousness.” He spent two days in custody, part of which was to treat his police-inflicted injuries at Bellevue Hospital.

The NYPD told the Daily News it was “reviewing the complaint.”


JUSTICE! – Philadelphia Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott Sentenced To Five-To-Ten Months In Jail

Knott Guilty

Convicted Philadelphia gay basher Kathryn Knott has been sentenced to 5 – 10 months in jail for her role in the attack of two gay men late last year.  Knott rejected a plea deal which allowed two of her co-bashers to get off with community service.

Via Philly.com

A Philadelphia Common Pleas judge on Monday sentenced Kathryn Knott, 25, of Bucks County, to 5-10 months in jail for participating in an attack on a gay couple in Center City in 2014. Knott, of Southampton, wept heavily when Judge Roxanne Covington announced her sentence. Her parents rose to console her.

She was convicted by a Philadelphia jury in December of four misdemeanor counts – simple assault, conspiracy to commit simple assault, and two counts of reckless endangerment. The panel of eight women and four men acquitted her of more serious felony aggravated-assault charges. Knott was taken into custody immediately and ordered to 2 years probation after her time in.

Knott’s father, Karl Knott, is the police chief in Chalfont Borough, Bucks County.

She should have been sentenced to more.


15 Year Old Girl Arrested In Gang Attack Of Gay Couple On Washington, D.C. Metro

Teen artrested in DC gay couple attach

A 15-year-old black teenaged girl has been arrested for the Nov. 22, 2015, violent assault and robbery of a gay man and his partner on board a Green Line Metro train in Washington, DC shortly after 1 a.m. on Nov. 22, 2015

Calvin Lawrence and his partner, Joseph Coward, became the target of as many as a dozen teenagers on the train car after Cowart tried to stop one of the teens — a young woman — from assaulting and robbing a 14-year-old boy. “By the time I got to him the girl had pounded him in the head,”

According to police, the girl started by mocking Cowart’s disability – he had a stroke – called him slurs and started the beat down.

Calvin Lawrence recounted how the girl attacked Cowart.  All of a sudden out of nowhere 12 teenagers had him down on the ground kicking him in the head, stomping him in the chest,” said Lawrence. “I threw myself into the middle of it,” he said. “I tried to get him up and they stole his iPad and iPhone and all of that.” Lawrence said he, too, was assaulted during the altercation before he managed to pull Cowart away from the melee and the two fled to another train car.

“Police allege that the girl  is the person responsible for first mocking, and then violently kicking and punching an adult male victim who attempted to intervene on behalf of the 14-year-old,” the Metro statement says.

Lawrence said at least one of the attackers called Cowart an anti-gay name at the time Cowart was being punched and kicked by multiple assailants. Metro police did not initially list the incident as a hate crime but a Metro spokesperson said police and prosecutors would revisit that question after an arrest was made.

“The more egregious part was the physical act of them mocking him about his disability,” Lawrence, his partner said. “Both are egregious to me. It needs to be called a hate crime because I heard those words myself.”

Joseph Cowart was taken to Howard University Hospital after Metro police arrived on the scene at the Shaw-Howard station on the night of the incident. Lawrence said Cowart continues to undergo physical therapy for the injuries he sustained in the attack. Under D.C.’s juvenile justice laws, the identity of juveniles charged with crimes must remain confidential and all court proceedings in such cases are closed to the public.

According to latest statistics from the F.B.I over 56.3 percent of hate crime victims are gay males.

Gay Bashing, Homophobia and Transphobia Takes Place At Philadelphia’s 2016 Mummers Parade – Video

Mummers Fruit Loops

The Mummers Parade is held each New Year’s Day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The costumed celebrants loudly parading through the city in satirical costumes traces back to mid-17th-century roots it is believed to be the oldest folk festival in the United States.

But this year the parade was not without controversy this year with a gay-bashing incident and critics leveling accusations of racism and homophobia over some of the acts.

John Holtz says he was walking his dog when two mummers in red, white, and blue outfits began shouting homophobic slurs.  “I turned over to the guy just to kind of say, ‘cool your jets, buddy.’ His buddy jumped in and clocks me in the face,” Holtz said.

Another controversial act during the march was Finnegan’s NYB’s ‘Finnegan Goes for the Gold’ featuring Bruce Jenner turning into Caitlyn Jenner as a Wheaties box was held side by side with a Froot Loops box. And a costumed Caitlyn Jenner marching alongside. While a marcher yelled, “Fuck the gays, Fuck the gays.”

Finnegans released a tweet saying it cannot be responsible for the actions of a few members

Rich Porco, the President of the Comics Division, tells Action News there was “no intent to harm or degrade anyone with the performances. This sort of satire has been around for 116 years.”

Watch the Action News 6 video report by CLICKING HERE.


Philadelphia Gay Basher Katherine Knott Found GUILTY! – Jurors “Disgusted” By Her Anti-Gay Behavior

Knott Guilty

After only  three days of deliberations a Philadelphia jury today found Kathryn Knott guilty in the brutal September 2014 attack on a gay couple.  Knott was found guilty of simple assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, and conspiracy.

Philly.com reports:

A Philadelphia jury Friday found Kathryn Knott guilty of simple assault and conspiracy but acquitted her of a more serious count of aggravated assault an attack on a gay couple in Center City last year. Knott, 25, bit her lips when the jury forewoman announced the guilty verdicts. The panel convicted her of simple assault against one victim and conspiracy. Kathryn Knott, 25, of Southampton, Bucks County, was accused of punching one of the gay men and yelling anti-gay slurs. The defense contended she did not hit anyone or yell anything derogatory.

Philly.com also reports that in the end the jurors were “disgusted” with Knott’s lies and anti-gay behavior.

Three jurors spoke to reporters outside the courthouse. They all expressed sympathy for the victims — Zachary Hesse, 29, and his boyfriend, Andrew Haught, 28. Joan Bellinger, 67, the jury forewoman, said the jurors all believed Knott punched Hesse and yelled anti-gay slurs.

But she said jurors had to compromise on certain things. Another juror, Aristeo Duenas, 33, of Brewerytown, said: “The conspiracy was what was tripping us up.” He and juror Gina Cook, 36, of Roxborough, said jurors had to examine what the law said on the various charges Knott faced.

“If the decisions went the way that I wanted them to go, she would have been guilty on everything, but when you read the actual law,” and apply it to what happened, it can be different, said Duenas, a public-school teacher.

Asked about her tweets, Duenas said: “We were pretty disgusted. It was pretty embarrassing to watch her testify. She was trying to explain away these tweets. … She would have become a better character to me if she would have been like, ‘You know what, I messed up. I said those things. It was stupid. “

Knott’s sentencing will take place on February 8th. 2016.


NYC Dallas BBQ Chair Basher Files Countersuit, Claims He’s The Victim Of “White Privilege”

Dallas BBQ Basher

Bayna-Lehkiem El-Amin the career criminal charged with assault against a gay couple after violently bashing them over the head with a chair which was caught on video has said his only crime “was to be a man of color wrongly accused by his attacker, a “privileged white man.” and has filed a countersuit.

Michael Fitzgerald @ TR

El-Amin  says that when he intervened in an argument between Snipes and York-Adams that was interrupting other diners, Snipes “viciously struck” him on the head with a “heavy, blunt weapon” that cut open El-Amin’s head.

He also alleges that although he tried to walk away, Snipes “continued his attack by grabbing at plaintiff’s legs and attempting to claw at plaintiff’s genitals” while York-Adams “joined in the attack by pushing plaintiff onto his injured back.”

At this point, El-Amin said, he was “left with no choice” but to throw a chair at his attackers, “knocking them to the ground and giving plaintiff time safely to retreat from his attackers by walking out of the restaurant.” 

The complaint also alleges that a friend of Snipes’ doctored footage of the attack in order to portray El-Amin as the attacker.

Too bad for the 6’6, 350 lbs. El-Amin that the video footage doesn’t support his re-telling of the event. Even if Snipes had “viciously” attacked him he had no right to bash him over the head with a heavy chair the moment that Snipes turned his back to him and was walking away from the table. That’s a little bitch move if there ever was one.

“Privileged white man”. Now  is creeping its way into serious courts of law as a defense.

“White privilege” the new “race card”.