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GAY 101 - The History of the Lambda as a Gay Rights Symbol.

GAY 101 – The History of the Lambda as a Gay Rights Symbol.

Now in he twenty-first century there are a plethora of flags and symbols to represent all aspects of the LGBT community. But in the beginning there was just one. The Lambda symbol.

The lambda symbol has a long and complex history within the “community”. The symbol is derived from the Greek alphabet, where it represents the letter “L”. It was first adopted by the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) in the early 1970s as a symbol of resistance and solidarity. Additionally, the lambda symbol was chosen because it was not a well-known symbol, which made it more effective as a secret code among gay activists. The logo was designed by a graphic designer named Tom Doerr, who was a member of the organization.

The GAA was one of the most prominent gay rights organizations in the United States. The group was founded in December 1969, just six months after the Stonewall riots in New York City. The GAA was known for its aggressive tactics, including direct action protests and demonstrations, and its members were committed to fighting for the rights of LGBT+ people everywhere.

The Lambda was officially declared the international symbol for gay and lesbian rights in 1974.

Over time, the lambda symbol became more widely recognized as a symbol of the community. It was often used on buttons, t-shirts, and other merchandise, and was a common sight at gay pride events for decades. That is until some members of the community criticized it as being too closely associated with white, middle-class gay men (GASP THE HORROR), and not inclusive enough of other groups within the LGBTQ+ community.

Today it is rarely seen and many younger gay men have no idea of it’s meaning or deep history and is all but forgotten.

Despite this criticism, the lambda symbol remains an important and recognizable symbol of the gay community and it’s history. And this should be “reclaimed” by gay male activists again to show their power and pride.

TWINK TUESDAY - What Exactly Is A Twink?

TWINK TUESDAY – What Exactly Is A Twink?

Twink is gay slang for a young man in his late teens to early twenties whose traits may include: general physical attractiveness; little to no body or facial hair; a slim to average build; and a youthful appearance that may belie an older chronological age.

The exact historical origins of the term twink are disputed. Some trace its first appearance to 1963, although it may be derived from an older British gay slang term twank, which means: “The quarry of a homosexual prostitute (male); a man willing and ready to become any dominant man’s ‘partner'” The Oxford Dictionary claims twink has origins in the 1970s.

Another possible origin of the term may be a derivation from the Hostess snack cake Twinkie, commonly regarded as the quintessential junk food: “little nutritional value, sweet to the taste and creme-filled”

Yum. Yum.

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Big Gay Musical Monday! “Big Spender” from Sweet Charity – Video from “Fosse”

Fosse is a three-act musical revue showcasing the choreography of Bob Fosse conceived and directed by Richard Maltby, Jr. and Ann Reinking and choreographed by Reinking and Chet Walker which won the 1999 Tont Award for Best Musical.

In 2002, Fosse, featuring Ann Reinking and Ben Vereen, was aired as part of the Great Performances series on PBS television.

Below we have Ann Renking and the Dance Hall girls performing the classic “Big Spender” from the 1966 musical Sweet Charity,

If you are going to be gay you have to know these things.