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Famed Chicago Bathhouse STEAMWORKS Will Match $10,000 in Ukraine Aid Monday March 21, 2022

Help comes in all shapes and sizes.

Tomorrow Steamworks Chicago is collecting donations in-house and online to benefit Sunflower of Peace to bring aid the Ukrainian people.

“If you are like us, you are horrified by the atrocities and devastation the people of Ukraine are facing every day as they try and fight back the Russian aggression against a sovereign nation. The people of Ukraine have become soldiers and their hospitals are being bombed. They need medical supplies to keep the wounded alive until they can get proper medical care.”

 Steamworks will match all donations up to $10,000. The donations will go to Sunflower of Peace which “acquires and distributes first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival” to paramedics and doctors in Ukraine.

You can either drop by any of The Steamworks bathhouses in the United States to donate or you can visit the GoFundMe page to make a donation.

Mike Pence To Hold Secret Fundraiser At Gay-Owned Private Club in Aspen, CO

Mike Pence To Hold Secret Fundraiser At Gay-Owned Private Club in Aspen, CO

The Aspen Times reports:

Monday’s $35,000-a-couple fundraiser starring Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to take place at a private club in Aspen owned by two gay men, sources said Friday.

The Caribou Club in Aspen’s downtown core is set to host the VIP reception with Pence, according to sources who declined to be named. Billy Stolz, one of the owners of the club, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

Bob Jenkins, vice chair of Pitkin County Republicans, said Friday that he expects about 25 couples to attend the $35,000-per-couple VIP reception with Pence starting at 5 p.m. on Monday.

The fundraiser’s location was to be kept a secret and only became public after the club’s chef was arrested for domestic violence and told the judge that he needed to be freed on bail because he had to cook for the vice president.

Bill Koch, founder of the holding company the Oxbow Group, occasionally dines with his wife, Bridget. His brother David Koch, executive vice president and board member of Koch Industries, shows up three or four times a year.

The owner’s of the Caribou Club, <–[Yelp] Richard Edwards and Billy Stoltz  could not be reached for comment.

BUSTED! – GOOGLE Hosts Fundraiser For Anti-Gay GOP Sen. Inhofe, Donates To Anti-Science Group

Goog Evil

Google should take their motto “Don’t Be Evil,” more to heart and practice it more closely.

It’s been learned that his afternoon Google will host a lunchtime $250-$2500 a plate fundraiser for anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-muslin, and climate change  denier GOP Sen. James Mountain “Jim” Inhofe from Oklahoma with the National Republican Senatorial Committee at its Washington, DC headquarters.

They don’t get much eviler than Inhofe

Inhofel, a good friend of Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association has voted against every pro-LGBT piece of legislation since being elected in 1994.

Date Bill No. Bill Title Outcome Vote
Feb. 12, 2013 S 47 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 Bill Passed – Senate
(78 – 22)
April 26, 2012 S 1925 Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act Bill Passed – Senate
(68 – 31)
Dec. 18, 2010 HR 2965 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(65 – 31)
Oct. 22, 2009 HR 2647 2009-2010 Defense Appropriations Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(68 – 29)
June 7, 2006 S J Res 1 Same Sex Marriage Resolution Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(49 – 48)
July 14, 2004 S J Res 40 Federal Marriage Amendment Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(48 – 50)
June 11, 2002 S 625 Hate Crimes Bill Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(54 – 43)
June 20, 2000 S Amdt 3473 Hate Crimes Amendment Amendment Adopted – Senate
(57 – 42)
Did Not Vote
Sept. 10, 1996 S 2056 Employment Nondiscrimination Act of 1996 Bill Failed – Senate
(49 – 50)
Sept. 10, 1996 HR 3396 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Bill Passed – Senate
(85 – 14)
March 24, 1994 H Amdt 491 Homosexuality Education Amendment Amendment Adopted – House
(224 – 194)
Sept. 29, 1993 H Amdt 318 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Amendment Amendment Adopted – House
(295 – 133)


Google it has been learned was also the biggest single donor to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner on Thursday, June 20, dropping $50,000 in support of this anti-science group. The dinner was headlined by radical global warming denier Sen. Rand Paul. CEI’s other donors include a who’s who of polluters: American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Altria (Phillip Morris), Koch Companies, and Koch’s Americans For Prosperity. CEI is famed for its ad promoting carbon dioxide emissions: “They call it pollution. We call it life.”

Google has been a very vocal corporate leader in fight for progressive issues.  but now one has to wonder if Google is just playing both sides of the fence and using that old business tactic.

Buy ‘em by the gross (politicians that is) and they don’t come much grosser than Inhofe.

“Don’t Be Evil” indeed.

Trailer: Watch David W. Ross’s “I DO” – A Film About DOMA And It’s Impact On Bi-National Couples

David W. Ross, Twitter’s most handsome man has been toiling for months to bring you his labor of love “I Do” the movie.

Through story “I Do” deals with the terrible hard hitting facts that even though same gay marriage is legal in a few States here in America, married same-sex couples have no rights on the Federal level and its effects on Bi-national same sex couples.

For more details and to perhaps help David finish this socially relevant LGBT movie and story which needs to be told please visit ther I DO webpage at indigogog.com

A Valentines Day Video For Homophobes Courtesy of the FCKH8 Campaign

“A Valentine’s for Homophobes” is part of FCKH8′s current viral campaign to #OccupyValentines.

http://FCKH8.com will give 5¢ for every Facebook “Share” & Twitter tweet of this video – up to $5,000 – to http://H8Sux.com , a project that will give thousands of free “OK4U2BGAY” T-shirts to school kids to fight bullies, suicide and H8 in schools

Football Hall Of Famer Anthony Munoz To Sponsor Anti-Gay Hate Group Fundraiser (And yes, Chick-fil-A too!)

Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame Michael Anthony Muñoz, an offensive tackle who played most of his career for the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, along with former 2-time Superbowl Pro Football player Jim Breech, and yes of course once again christo-facist Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring a fundraising golf tournament for Ohio’s nationally affiliated hate group, the Citizens for Community Values on September 6, 2011 in Cincinnati, OH.

The CCV which proudly proclaims that it is “officially associated” with the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association is one of the many umbrella hate groups of FRC, FOTF, and AFA that fly under the national radar and operate mostly in the Midwest in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, but also has a few chapters throughout the country as far reaching as Connecticut and California.

And while the CCV states that:”CCV definitely is not against homosexuals,” in one paragraph, the next paragraph firmly states that, “We believe that homosexual behavior is unhealthy and destructive to the individual, to families, and thus to communities and to society as a whole.” and that “(you) will join us in resisting, on every front, the organized effort to normalize homosexual behavior in our society”  And also used the Family Research Council hate group’s anti-gay, lie filled propaganda as a brainwashing tool.

While the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA gets the national hate spotlight, its smaller groups that they help control like the CCV breed and hold the Midwest in a vice grip of hatred flying under the radar and enjoying a 501c status because it uses the guise of “pro-family issues” while having Midwest Republicans in their pockets like OH Congressman Jim Jordan and OH Senator Tim Grendall.  These satellite groups of the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA and those who represent them and endorse them must be exposed for the hatemongers that they truly are because while we focus on Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and Matt Barber these are the real culprits who spread the hate on a grassroots level.

These groups should not to be taken lightly and they should not be overlooked.

More reading on the Citizens For Community Values

Video – Obama’s Speech At The Sheraton, NYC LGBT Fundraiser: Enjoy The Tiramisu And Thanks For The $$$’s Suckers!

OBAMA: Part of the reason that DOMA doesn’t make sense is that traditionally marriage has been decided by the states and right now, I understand there is a little debate going on here in New York about whether to join five other states and DC in allowing civil marriage for gay couples. And I want to say that under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, with the support of Democrats and Republicans, New York is doing exactly what democracies are supposed to to do. There is a debate, there is a deliberation about what it means here in New York to treat people fairly in the eyes of the law and that is — look, that’s the power of our democratic system.

Actually America should NOT be voting on Civil Rights Mr. President because if it were the norm and the “democratic” thing to do you would have never been born and if you were you would never have been able to become President.

Video and transcript thanks to Igor Volski @ ThinkProgress.org

Obama To Ask For The LGBT Community’s Backing At $1,250 Per Plate “Gala with the Gay Community,” – Hold My Hair

Tomorrow night President Obama will be holding a $1,250 per plate “Gala with the Gay Community,” hosted by Doogie Houser (NPH) at The Sheraton Hotel in New York City. 

“The LGBT Leadership Gala” (some leadership) is the first fundraising event with the LGBT community held by a sitting president to ask the LGBT Community’s help to get him elected in 2012.  Also tomorrow night President Obama IS NOT expected to endorse same sex marriage.

The nerve, the gall, the utter balls this man has coming to us for support when he delivered a mere fraction of the promises he made while writing pretty proclamations and throwing LGBT cocktail parties and crumbs to FOUR YEARS without putting any REAL PRESSURE or taking any REAL ISSUES truly to task.

Obama’s campaign strategists, are quick to point out the president’s record of support for the LGBT community, highlighting his repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which never would have happened in his first term if we, the gay community did not exert an ENORMOUS amount of pressure on the White House to get Congress to push through before the new Republican regime was seated in 2010, and his decision to withdraw legal support for the Defense of Marriage Act, only after being called out for the lies about “having to defend any laws on the books and the Department of Justice DEFENDING DOMA for the first two years of his office by likening it in legal briefs to incest and people marrying children.”

Obama may have argued from the beginning for equal legal rights, equal benefits. but lets face it, hat’s basically all he’s done. He’s brought (some) equal benefits to the federal government but only a very tiny portion with LGBT Federal workers still not having the full benefits of their counterparts.  And Obama could not even exert enough or be bothered to exert enough pressure to get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) through Congress.

It takes a lot of balls for Obama to stand up in front of the LGBT Community to ask for money and support for 2012.  Perhaps he should use those balls during his first four years of his presidency and ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING FOR THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE instead of just using them for fundraising.

You want the money?  You want the LGBT Community’s full support and backing?  Then keep the promises that you made, do the job you were sworn to do and “evolve” already because we may not have much of a choice in voting for you.  But we DON’T have to “support” you.

David W Ross Needs Our HELP To Make A Meaningful Movie about Gay Love, Family and a Green Card Marriage in "I Do"

David W Ross best known for playing Gary in the Sundance smash Quinceanera (Echo Park, LA), which won both the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and an Independent Spirit Award in 2007 has embarked on a journey to create a new movie called “I Do”  an intelligent, sexy, romantic dramedy with broad appeal, while highlighting one of the most divisive civil rights, political, social, moral, and religious issues in America today: marriage inequality.

“I Do” will revolve around the character of Jack a British gay man living in New York raising his niece with his sister-in-law. When his green card marriage goes horribly wrong, because he can’t marry the man he loves to stay in the country, he has to make an impossible choice

Many countries, including The United Kingdom, Spain and Mexico, now offer either Civil Unions or same-sex marriage, providing nearly all the same rights of heterosexual marriage. In America certain States offer same-sex marriage but Federally same-sex couples have no rights, with more than 1,300 benefits being withheld, including hospital visitation, pension and joint adoption and foster care – as well gay couples being further discriminated against by paying higher taxes then their straight counterparts.

By focusing on one withheld benefit, immigration, and telling a story that is universal in its themes, I Do challenges us to re-think our beliefs on relationships, equality and love. Gay or straight.

David is seeking backing via Kickstarter for “I Do”seeking a goal of $50,000.00 (On Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. Why? It protects everyone involved. Creators aren’t expected to develop their project without necessary funds, and it allows anyone to test concepts without risk.) Currently at this writing “I Do” will have 34 Backers and have raised over $4,000.00.  Donations can be anything from $1.00 and up and incentives such as credits and DVD’s are being given.

At a time like this in our history a movie like “I Do”  could help change the conversation in America, and maybe the world. To show people that same-sex couples deserve the same chance to start families and be protected under the law.

I’m not a rich man.  I make no money off this blog and work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week like the rest of you but after posting this I will be pledging $25 dollars to support David and “I Do”.  It’s a worthy project. Art has helped change the world throughout history.  Lets make that happen again.

Check out David’s Video above and “I Do’s” Kickstarter webpage to learn more about the project and pledge what you can and lets help them achieve their goal of $50,000.00 and make “I Do” possible.

Any and all donations are welcome. 

Think of it as buying this courageous (and handsome) filmmaker a drink or dinner for trying to help fight for LGBT Equality using the arts.

Cincinnati HRC Uses DADT Repeal To Hold Gay Bingo Fundraiser For….You Guessed It The HRC!

Now I know I go on a lot about HRC being useless but I have many good reasons which have been duly noted in this blog over the past 2 years. 

But you know its not just the National Chapter of the HRC that’s irresponsible and inept.  It’s also the smaller local chapters that also just want to raise money, have fun and do not much more.

To prove my point lets look at this Press Release from the Steve Newsome the Political Co-Chair of the Greater Cincinnati Human Rights Campaign.

As you know, the Senate is set to vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” any day. Many Senators have already committed to help repeal the law and Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) still needs some convincing. Come out to Roxy’s (formerly Hamburger Mary’s) tonight for Bingo and to learn about HRC and our efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. All proceeds from Bingo go to HRC and there will be a raffle with fabulous prizes. It wouldn’t be Roxy’s without drink specials too! Make sure you ask the bartenders for the “HRC Shot”. We hope to see you TONIGHT at 8pm for some fun and a great cause! – Steve Newsome, Political Co-Chair – Greater Cincinnati Human Rights Campaign.

Lets start with the obvious.  DADT is in danger. The Senate IS NOT set to vote in the DADT Repeal “anyday now” They state that Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) still needs some convincing, but do they put out a call to action to call Voinivich?  A phone number?  Email address? Antything in this Press Release?

Noooooooooooo. Of course not.  They are the HRC.  Whatever city they are in it’s all about the $$$’s

 The DADT Repeal is dangerously teetering on not being passed and  HRC want you to play Bingo, have a HRC SHOT, and have the chance to win a FABULASH Prize so they can raise some money for themselves off the the backs of gay soldiers.

We had the best opportunity in history of making significant legislative progress on DADT, DOMA and ENDA – and a host of other gay rights issues – and HRC, President Obama and the Democratic congress blew it. The window of pro-gay opportunity for this presidency, certainly this term, will close in three weeks. After that point, there won’t be any significant (pro-gay) legislation to pass the Congress in years (last time we lost the Congress it took 12 years to get it back). And at the rate we’re going, we are not going to get DADT,  let alone ENDA or DOMA which somehow has been all but forgotten

From Day ONE The HRC had said there was a plan intact to repeal DADT and praised Obama. Is this it?  Is this what they planned?  Wait till two weeks before Congress goes home and try to push it through a lame fuck session full of obstructionist Republicans?  Which it might not be and we’ll be TOTALLY screwed for years to come? Was that the  plan HRC had  to get UAFA and the federal employees benefits bill passed?  DOMA repealed? Or ENDA passed as they promised?

So go on, play Bingo with the HRC instead of calling Voinovich and telling him that you DEMAND he back the DADT Repeal (whose number happens to be in DC (202) 224-3353 and in Cincy (513) 684-3265) and instead enable the group that TOTALLY FUCKED UP any chance that we had of making any major advancement for our civil rights advancement over the past 2 years so they’ll be around the next time we get an opportunity in 12 years so they can fuck it up again!

How’s that for a HRC SHOT!