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BREAKING: Fred Sainz OUT As Senior VP of Communications At HRC, Obama Aide IN.

Fred Sainz

Micheal Petrelis of the longtime LGBT activist blog  The Petrelis Files is reporting that Fred Sainz, Vice President of Communications at the Human Rights Campaign is finally cashing in chips and leaving the organization and that FLOTUS aide Olivia Alair Dalton will be soon replacing him.

Via The Petrelis Files:

I received this auto-reply from Fred Sainz, one of the five top executives under Chad Griffin, who was in charge of communication, is on his way out:

“Thank you for your email. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be transitioning out from the Human Rights Campaign. I will no longer be actively checking this account. It’s been my great honor to work for this organization that I admire deeply.”

Sainz is gone and here’s who has replaced him, according to a July 14 release:

“Olivia Alair Dalton, who was senior VP for SKDKnickerbocker and spokesperson for First Lady Michelle Obama, has joined the Human Rights Campaign as senior VP-communications & marketing. […] At SKDKnick, she worked with HRC to help manage a communications “war room” in support of the Respect for Marriage Coalition. […] The new HRC staffer also served as spokesperson for former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Joe Biden.”

From Dalton’s perch as an aide to FLOTUS and the Veep, not to mention collecting a paycheck from the powerhouse lobbying and PR firm where Hilary Rosen, former HRC board of directors president, is a longtime managing director of political affairs, we’re witnessing Democrats rearranging the pieces on their political chessboard.

Mighty small 1% of the LGBT elites from HRC to SKDKnickerbocker on over to the DNC still running the show for themselves, and ordinary LGBT folks are barely on the radar. These moneyed queers are looking out for themselves first and foremost.

Petrelis also goes on to mention that there have been rumors that Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin might also be looking for greener pastures. (But at over $400k a year, one has to think how much greener this welp can actually get on talent and not bullshit.)

As to another rumor circulating — that, with marriage done, Griffin is readying to leave the organization — he laughed. ‘I did not come here to this organization for marriage,” Griffin said. “I have my dream job. I have never had a job that I’ve loved and enjoyed more than this one.'”

Remaining or leaving, expect Griffin to put all of his skills toward (re)electing Clinton to the White House where he worked during Billary’s first Oval Office stint and where he probably wants to find himself again employed.

Sainz leaving is definately a start.  After all this is the man who said that he thought the whole “Duck Dynasty” debacle was a GOOD thing.  But even if Griffin does let the door hit is flat ass on his way out after Sainz,  HRC will not be cured until there is a full overhaul of its board of directors and it gets itself off it’s high horse and becomes a more “inclusive” organization which cares more about the members of the community and less about “galas” and “starfucking”.



VIDEO – Fred Sainz Of The Human Rights Campaign: "You Can Not Rush To Demand Equality"

The awesome John Avarois of AmericaBlogGay appeared on Hardball on MSNBC to discuss President Obama and LGBT equality. Unfortunately Fred Sainz of the Human Rights Campaign was also on the show  not only to “pimp” Obama in 2012 but to tout HRC’s success with the movement and not “rushing to demand eqaulity”

The Human Rights Campaign  is some piece of work. 

John Aravosis GOOD!  – Fred Sainz and the HRC bad….VERY VERY BAD..

Human Rights Campaign Doesn’t Care If Obama Addresses LGBT Issues During The State of the Union

Human Rights Campaign vice president Fred Sainz (aka The Stain) in a talk with Metro Weekly today doesn’t seem to think it matters if President Obama addresses any LGBT Issues during tonight’s State of the Union Address:

Said Sainz:

“The State of the Union is just that. It is not an exhaustive accounting of all the administration’s priorities or responsibilities over the year.’. He added, “There are plenty of other speech opportunities that the president has over the year.”

So there you have it straight from the HRC.  It doesn’t matter if Obama addresses DOMA or ENDA to the HRC.  Why would it.  The longer our Equality the longer they have their well paying jobs and benefits.  And for your information Sainz.  the LGBT Community IS part of the UNION. 

But you can bet your ass that if by some off chance Obama DOES mention any Gay issues I’ll bet anything that you’ll have an email from your INBOX from HRC within minutes taking the credit for it and asking for DONATIONS.

It Took 17 Years To Repeal DADT So Whats HRC’s Strategy Now To Get Full Equality? – "We won’t have to say a thing."

Sometimes I really wish that I wouldn’t have to write posts like this.  

Yesterday we had Joe Solmonese shamelessly stepping forward and trying to take the credit for the DADT Compromise Repeal passing and give it to HRC and now today we have HRC chief flack Fred Sainz that a future strategy fro when it comes to passing other LGBT equality legislation, like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, DOMA and full equality might not even be needed.  AT ALL

Says Sainz:

“If you can fight and die for your country, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be granted the full set of rights [that others have, including the ability to marry a same-sex partner].” And now that DADT is repealed, “Americans will deduce that on their own. We won’t have to say a thing.”


Autumn Sandeen over at Pam’s House Blend points out, this is the equivalent of saying “we can sit back in our easy chairs and wait for equality to to occur on auto-pilot.” Don’t worry, everyone! That trans-inclusive ENDA will be here tomorrow, and the next day DOMA will be repealed, and then the Uniting American Families Act, and by New Year’s we’ll be throwing gay weddings at the White House. We won’t have to say a thing!

So please if you want a trans inclusive  ENDA to be another two decade battle give to the HRC,