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Gay History - April 12, 1526: French Scholar and Humanist Marc-Antoine Muret is Born

Gay History – April 12, 1526: French Scholar and Humanist Marc-Antoine Muret is Born

The 16th century humanist was accused by the church of being a sodomist and a Protestant. He was of course only one of them.  Care to guess which one?

Marc-Antoine Muret was a 16th-century French scholar and humanist who made significant contributions to the fields of poetry, philosophy, and classical scholarship. Born in Limoges, France in 1526, Muret demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for learning from an early age and quickly became recognized as one of the most promising young scholars of his generation.

Muret’s education began in earnest when he was sent to study at the College of Limoges, where he distinguished himself as a gifted student of Latin and Greek. However, it was during his time at the University of Toulouse that Muret truly began to shine, earning a reputation as a brilliant philosopher and orator who was fluent in both Greek and Latin.

Muret’s accomplishments during his time at Toulouse were numerous, including his publication of several influential works on Aristotelian philosophy and his mastery of the art of rhetoric. However, it was his translation of the Greek poet Callimachus that cemented his reputation as a scholar of the highest order.

Throughout his career, Muret remained committed to the ideals of humanism, which emphasized the importance of education, critical thinking, and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. As a result, he was widely respected by his peers and became a popular figure in the intellectual circles of his day.

However, Muret’s life was not without its challenges. He was twice accused of heresy and sodomy, once by the Inquisition and later by the Calvinist authorities in Geneva, and spent a significant portion of his later years in exile. Nevertheless, Muret continued to write and publish throughout his life.

He returned to Rome in 1563. His lectures gained him a Europe-wide reputation, and in 1578 he received a tempting offer from the king of Poland to become teacher of jurisprudence in his new college at Cracow. Muretus, however, who about 1576 had taken holy orders, was induced by the liberality of Gregory XIII to remain in Rome, where he died on the 4th of June 1585.

Marc-Antoine Muret was a remarkable scholar whose contributions to the fields of poetry, philosophy, and classical scholarship continue to resonate today. His commitment to humanism and the pursuit of knowledge serve as a model for scholars and thinkers of all stripes.

Learn your history.

We have always been here. And always will be,

Clément Beaune Denied Access to Poland's LGBT Free Zone

Gay French Prime Minister Clément Beaune Denied Access to Poland’s LGBT Free Zone

Openly gay French European Affairs Minister Clément Beaune  was denied access to an “LGBT-free” zone by Polish authorities in the town of Kraśnik during an official visit to the country that began Monday.

Beaune’s visit included meetings with LGBT NGOs, as well as Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, an opposition leader.

“Polish authorities recently indicated to me that they weren’t capable of planning this visit, and I profoundly regret it. It is a decision that I deplore,” Beaune told French publication l’Obs. ” In my eyes, that is not how you one should behave with an EU member state,”

Beaune said he had considered three options: canceling his visit to Poland, postponing it, or following through on his promise to visit the area but without authorization from the government.

“If I decided to maintain my visit to Poland, it’s because another topic — just as important in my eyes — has emerged: that of women’s right to abortion,” he said. Poland has one of the EU’s most restrictive abortion laws, after a top court ruled that abortions in the event of fetal deformities are unconstitutional. The verdict sparked large public protests, and more demonstrations were planned for Monday evening.

Patryk Jaki, an MEP with the governing nationalist coalition, told Polish media that the idea there are LGBT-free zones in Poland is a “lie” fostered by gay rights campaigners. “In our country, there is no place where LGBT people can’t go,” he said, adding: “The only thing that exists are declarations by local governments talking about affirming families and traditional values.”

In December 2020, Beaune came out as gay in an interview with the French LGBT lifestyle magazine Têtu. Beaune said he wanted to show that being gay was “not an obstacle” to becoming a government minister, and condemned homophobia in other European countries. “I wouldn’t want people to say I am fighting against ‘LGBT-free’ zones because I am gay,” he said. “It would be insulting to say I am leading that fight for myself. … However, as European affairs minister, I have an additional responsibility. I must fight for tolerance.” 

Beaune said he had not given up on his pledge to visit one of the Polish LGBT free “zones.”

Source: Politico

AFA’s Batshit Bryan Fischer: God Killed Those French Cartoonists For Being Blasphemous – #JeSuisCharlie



“A God that cannot be mocked should not have created people with a sense of humor.” #JeSuisCharlie

As for Brian Fischer, since the good die young that douchebag will probably live forever.

NOM’s Brian Brown: I Am Proud To Be A Hater Now That I Can Get Some Publicity Out Of It.

Brian brownshit


“I readily and proudly plead guilty to the ‘crime’ of not supporting [the HRC’s] desire to redefine marriage. I have had the nerve to express that view not only here in America, but when invited to speak in other countries. Hence, in the distorted world of the campaign, I am an extremist and ‘export hate.’ I am proud to have played some small role in this emerging global movement. One of the few things the Human Rights Campaign correctly notes is that I have spoken to conferences around the world. However, these speeches focused not on ‘hate’ or ‘division’ but on the importance of individuals of different faiths, nationalities, cultures and political creeds uniting together in a shared defense of the truth of marriage and family. Working together with men and women dedicated to protecting the family is not the definition of hate, but love.”

National Organization for Marriage Hate Group President and grifter extraordinaire Brian Brownshirt who is now proud to be a hater that  HRC has finally gotten off their over-paid asses and  done something that directly fights back against the anti-gay right  after decades of ignoring them and evolving into an organization that annoys their customers and has  A-Gay 1 percent Galas.


John Oliver - Gaywatch International Edition

Via Mediate

Daily Show guest host John Oliver tonight took on the social progress (or lack thereof) towards gay marriage rights in the United States and around the world. Between mocking Pat Robertson‘s odd phrasing and the rumors of a “gay lobby” at the Vatican, Oliver saved his sharpest barbs for the violent anti-gay protestors taking to the streets in France, marching in gaudy pink garb, leading Oliver to ask, “How is it that France’s anti-gay protests look so much gayer than our pro-gay protests?”

Truly fucking hysterical!

French Anti-Gay Maniacs Vow to Target Tour de France

France anti-gay Tour De Ferance

France’s hateful and violent anti-gay marriage activists are vowing not to surrender and they have announced they  will be targeting the Tour de France to show their hate.

The Local reports

“From June 29th to July 21st, we will have an incredible global visibility   to show our fight against the law,” read a statement on a new Facebook page created to inspire protesters to line  the 3,360-kilometre route.

And while the first stage of the race  will get rolling on the island of Corsica, the remaining 20 stages will cover  well near every corner of mainland France, offering protestors across the  country the chance to snatch a bit of prime-time coverage.

Their  Facebook page implored would-be demonstrators to send private messages with  points on the route they would consider protesting at, giving the impression  that the ‘Tour Pour Tous’ (Tour for all) will try to organize as wide a coverage  of the famous event as possible. The page also launched the hashtag  #tourpourtous to prompt users on the social media site Twitter to rally to the  protesters’ defense.  By Wednesday, proponents and opponents alike had begun using the keyword to trade jibes.

Odd isn’t it that one of the first countries to adopt true democracy and with the  national motto of “liberty, equality, fraternity” is still dealing with assholes like this who want second-class citizenship for others.

After all, it’s why they beheaded their aristocracy.  *knitting needles clicking*

NOM Associated Manif Pour Tous Gay Haters Mail Bullets To French Openly Gay Mayor

French Mayor mailed bullets

In what seems to be an escalation of threats and assaults on LGBT men, women, and gay friendly politicians in France the openly gay mayor of the French town of Sigolsheim was mailed bullets this week in yet another death threat about same-sex marriage Earlier this month the head of the French Assembly was mailed gunpowder and two Socialist legislators were sent letters containing threats to murder them and their families which we can only believe came from members of the National Organization for Marriage’s associated French anti-gay hate group Manif Pour Tous.

“Speitel, who is gay himself, said he was “shocked” by the incident and described the act as “odious”. The threat comes after Speitel gave a recent interview to the local newspaper Derniers Nouvelles d’Alsace in which he talked about the probability he would marry his partner and the prospect of them adopting children. He also slammed the homophobic incidents that have taken place in France over recent months, that have been blamed on the poisonous atmosphere created by some of the more extreme opponents of gay marriage. Along with the bullets, Speitel, a practicing Catholic, was sent a copy of his newspaper interview, which contained scrawled handwritten homophobic insults.”

God’s kind and gentle “christians”, once again mailing bullets and gunpowder because someone doesn’t believe in the same warped bigoted outlook of religion that they do.

This is what happens when you’ve only got fear and not logic or reason behind you.


France Becomes 14th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage, Vive La France and Fuck You NOM!

Gay Marriage Passes In Paris

Despite months of division in the country, marked by violence and  protests from anti-gay bigots and thugs France has became the ninth county in Europe and the 14th nation overall to legalize  same-sex marriage.

Paris police stepped up security ahead of a final parliamentary vote. Police had legions of officers and a small battery of water cannons at the ready at France’s National Assembly on Tuesday to prevent a repeat of previous street violence.  A spokesman for the police union UNSA, Christophe Crepin, said the extraordinary security was in place to protect the city’s gay community. In recent weeks, attacks against gay couples have spiked and some legislators have received threats, including one who got a gunpowder-filled envelope.

The bill passed the lower house of the National Assembly where the  ruling Socialist Party and its allies voted 331-225 to give same-sex couples  the  legal right to marry and adopt children.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira immediately hailed the adoption of the bill as a “historic” moment in French history.

“It grants new rights, stands firmly against discrimination (and) testifies to our country’s respect for the institution of marriage,” she said in a statement shortly after the vote. “This law… brightens the horizons of many of our citizens who were deprived of these rights,” she said.

Meanwhile opponents vow to continue their protests and anti gay marriage bigots will hold a protest tonight at 7pm

The bill now has to be signed by President Francois Hollande, who gave his  formal approval last November.

The National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown has been silent since the passage of same-sex marriage in France but shortly before the vote this morning he posted the following message on the NOM website:

“It appears that France’s socialist government is on the verge of succeeding in their ill-conceived quest to redefine marriage, despite massive grassroots opposition from the citizenry. We urge all French citizens to contact lawmakers to express their strong opposition to this policy. We also call on all citizens to conduct themselves honorably and peacefully. Even though the same-sex marriage policy being foisted on an unwilling public is profoundly unwise and anti-family, no citizen should ever express their disapproval through violent means. We condemn in the strongest possible terms violence by anyone on either side of this debate.

If the government of France does succeed with this vote to redefine marriage, it will not be the end of the debate. It will be time to hold the government accountable and to act to restore marriage to its rightful place as a good and honorable institution that brings husbands and wives together to provide children with both a mother and a father. NOM will continue to work with our friends in France to defend marriage as our most important social institution.

Anyone know how to say “fucking loser” in French?

Straight French Members of Parliament Kiss To Show Solidarity For Gay Marriage

Straight French MPs kiss

With the French National Assembly beginning its debate on same-sex marriage equality today wo straight French members of parliament took matters into their own hands and lips to show that they are strongly behind gay marriage.

From Gay Star News:

Two straight French members of parliament decided to show their solidarity with gay rights advocates in their own way – they kissed. Socialist MPs Yann Galut and Nicolas Bays joined the ‘Marriage for All’ protests on Sunday (27 January), where a reported quarter of a million people marched across the country.  Galut said: ‘We’re both straight, we’re both married with children. But today with the kiss of solidarity, it meant we, as parliamentary members who start fighting for same-sex marriage legislation in two days, we stand in solidarity with homosexuals. ‘We stand in solidarity with their demands.’

Sometimes, it is the simplest of acts that symbolize the most.
 Chris Kluwe really needs to start doing this and I volunteer to help him.   Pretty please.

BUSTED! – French Anti-Gay Website Built By NOM To Agitate Bigots Over Gay Marriage In France

BUSTEDWhile France is edging ever closer to same-sex marriage and the vatican and Catholic church are pushing homophobes to fight back the French website “Laissez-Nous Voter” (Let Us Vote) popped up of Friday demanding that French citizens get to vote on a gay couple’s civil marriage right and and  be treated as a public referendum:

The intrepid Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You has discovered that the website  “Laissez-Nous Voter” was not created by the French opposition to gay marriage but was created by none other     than Texan Colton Brugger, the OPUSFidelis tech guy who does all of the National Organization For Marriage’s web work.

Yesterday we reported that NOM’s President Brian Brownshirt has traveled to Paris, France to spew hateful lies and propaganda as organizers, mostly Catholics who believe in “traditional marriage” had planned three huge protests this weekend.

Colton Brugger, Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage starring in Les Doucherables!