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FLORIDA Panther's "Christian" Hockey Player Brothers Refuse to Wear PRIDE Jerseys

FLORIDA Panther’s “Christian” Hockey Player Brothers Refuse to Wear PRIDE Jerseys

If this keeps up the NHL will have to change its name to the National Homophobe League. – WK

Another day and more homophobes in professional hockey are exposed. This time it’s the Benham Stall brothers; Eric and Marc who play together for the Florida Panthers — refused to wear a rainbow Pride jersey for the team’s warm-ups. (Just the warm-ups mind you. Not the game.)

The “Christian” brothers released the following statement:

“After many thoughts, prayers and discussions we have chosen not to wear a pride jersey tonight. We carry no judgement on how people choose to live their lives, and believe that all people should be welcome in all aspects of the game of hockey. Having said that, we feel that by us wearing a pride jersey it goes against our Christian beliefs. We hope you can respect this statement, we will not be speaking any further on this matter and would like to continue to focus on the game and helping the Florida Panthers with the Stanley Cup.”

Respect? For your blatant homophobia and public-relations bullshit about judgement and acceptance?

It is time for the NHL to put it’s foot down. It’s a job. A really overpaid one at that. Wear the jersey’s or be fined or benched. Thats should be the bottom line for all the hateful “Christian” and homophobic Russian players who can’t wear a jersey with a rainbow on it for 10 minutes.