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Leprosy Outbreak Hits FLORIDA, 1/5 of Cases in US Came From State.

Leprosy Outbreak Hits FLORIDA, 1/5 of Cases in US Came From State.

To add to the Malaria warning, giant meningitis spreading snails, and all around HATE now Florida has LEPORSY!

Florida is at the forefront of the outbreak, with nearly one-fifth of all leprosy cases in the US originating from the state, the CDC says.

The disease is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae, which can attack the nerves, causing a loss of sensation in the affected areas. Untreated, leprosy can also cause blindness, ulcers, disfigurements, and more.

According to a report from dermatologists Aashni Bhukhan, DO, Charles Dunn, MD, and Rajiv Nathoo, MD, the number of reported leprosy cases across the country has doubled over the past decade.

The absence of traditional risk factors in many recent cases of leprosy in Florida, coupled with the high proportion of residents, like our patient, who spend a great deal of time outdoors, supports the investigation into environmental reservoirs as a potential source of transmission,” the CDC said.

Leprosy is a curable disease. The currently recommended treatment regimen consists of three drugs: dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine. The combination is referred to as multi-drug therapy (MDT). The duration of treatment is six months for PB and 12 months for MB cases.

It’s as if there was a reason for all this. Why, it’s almost like Biblical plagues.” – Seth Bogdanove

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis’ Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

Recruits and leaders are already quitting Desantis’s new State Guard since they thought they were signing up for disaster relief efforts, only to learn they are being trained as the Governor’s private army.

One volunteer, a disabled retired Marine Corps captain, called the local sheriff’s office to report he was battered by Florida National Guard instructors when they forcibly shoved him into a van after he questioned the program and its leadership.

Over 30 days in June, teenagers out of high school and retired military veterans came to Camp Blanding, the National Guard base near Jacksonville. Many were told they would volunteer for a revived State Guard with a nonmilitary mission: help Floridians in times of need or disaster.

Instead, the state’s National Guard trained the volunteers for combat. Khakis and polos were replaced by camouflaged uniforms. Volunteers assured they could keep their facial hair were ordered to shave. And they were drilled on how to rappel with ropes, navigate through the woods and respond to incidents under military command.

According to records reviewed by the Times/Herald and interviews with program volunteers, some recruits quit after the first training class last month because they feared it was becoming too militaristic.

orlando sentinel

Next story: “DeSantis sues volunteers who quit his Kristallnacht Squad”

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

SURVEY: 92% Say Life For LGBT’s Will Be Worse Under DeSantis Presidency.

8% of Americans are fucking idiots and/or want us dead.

In a survey of 1,500 adult citizens conducted between Sunday and Tuesday, just 8% of respondents say lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people would be better off under DeSantis. The poll reveals a gender gap. While 12% of men believe DeSantis would benefit LGBTQ+ people as President, only 4% of women feel the same way.

Meanwhile, 40% of respondents believe LGBTQ+ people would be worse off, with 24% saying things would be no different and 28% saying they aren’t sure.

Republicans, conservatives and people who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 were less convinced DeSantis would be bad for LGBTQ+ people. The poll found 13% of Republicans and 14% of conservatives and Trump voters said they would be better off, against 17% of Republicans, 16% of conservatives and 15% of Trump voters who said the opposite.

Florida politics
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Well you are off to a helluva start DeSatan!

Everything that’s functionally broken in our government today is due to what Reagan did.

Florida’s Governor is looking to a former California Governor as an antecedent for his current presidential run. During an interview on Wisconsin’s Mark Belling Show, Ron DeSantis suggested his candidacy could be the modern version of the 1980 election that saw Ronald Reagan defeat Democrat Jimmy Carter.

“What I would just tell folks out there listening is Biden is kind of like Jimmy Carter. When Reagan came on the scene, the country lost confidence in Carter. They were willing to go in a different direction. I think we’re in the same place with Biden,” DeSantis contended.

Florida Politics

DeSantis: ‘I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.”

Dead, after a long run of dementia?

Okay. Get on with i then!

FLORIDA: Tourism Officials Report Canceled Conventions, Giant Meningitis-Laden Snails and a Malaria Warning.

FLORIDA: Tourism Officials Report Canceled Conventions, Giant Meningitis-Laden Snails and a Malaria Warning.

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon
You come and go, you come and go..
But please keep it coming.

The group Visit Lauderdale works with organizations across the country to bring conventions to Broward County. The group’s president and CEO, Stacy Ritter, said there is a clear pattern when it comes to recent cancellations.

Broward County has lost more than a half-dozen conventions as their organizers cite the divisive political climate as their reason to stay out of Florida. The list was compiled by Visit Lauderdale, formerly known as the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Broward’s tourism arm said the lost conventions could have brought hotel stays to Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding cities, which also meant money spent on restaurants and attractions.

“We lost this program due to political climate,” according to a Visit Lauderdale spreadsheet listing the decision of the Supreme Council of America Inc., Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Masons to cancel their convention — and 855 rooms — in August 2024.

The South Florida Sun

According to @alltherooms, the Orlando DMA for Air BnB is down 35% from May 2022 to May 2023. Per @VisitOrlando: rentals in Orange County, occupancy year-to-date so far 60.9%, down 10% from 2022. The average daily rate through May 2023 is $175, a 7% increase from 2022.

In other Florida news: Health officials have confirmed two new cases of malaria have been contracted in Southwest Florida as a statewide health advisory for the mosquito-borne illness remains in effect. Health officials confirmed finding three mosquitoes carrying the parasite in Sarasota County in early June.

Per the CDC, these malaria cases are the first “locally acquired” cases reported in the US since 2003.

And finally the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and its Division of Plant Industry announced that a quarantine and treatment area has been established in specific areas of Broward County in response to previously detected giant African land snails. The snails also pose a serious health risk to humans by carrying parasite rat lungworm, known to cause meningitis in humans.

Please avoid Florida.

KEY WEST: Judge Rules Gay Men's Clothing Optional Can't Ban Women.

KEY WEST: Judge Rules Gay Men’s Clothing Optional Resort Can’t Ban Women.

Done vindictively and out of spite because Amina Chaudhry  doesn’t believe gay men don’t deserve safe spaces.

A Florida judge has ruled that a gay men’s “clothing-optional” resort in Key West should not be allowed to restrict women from staying there or accessing all areas of the resort where guests typically disrobe.

Amina Chaudhry who states she is a member of the extended LGBT+ community filed a complaint with Florida’s Human Rights Commission when New Orleans House “engaged in unlawful discrimination” when it prohibited Amina Chaudhry from making a reservation in July 2022.  The Commission found “no reasonable cause” exists to believe the resort violated Florida’s civil rights law. Chaudhry subsequently appealed that ruling,

The New Orleans House’s policy requires guests to be “adult males 18 years of age or over only.”

Chaudhry who seems to like to create trouble for gay men has also filed a discrimination complaint with the commission against Island House Key West, another all-male, clothing-optional resort after she attended a Pride kickoff cocktail party that was opened up to the public, but was told she wouldn’t be able to stay inside the main complex overnight. 

Island House is the longest gay owned and operated all-male guest house in the world. Island House has been open since 1976. 

Chaudhry says she does not intend to stay at Island House or New Orleans House — having only challenged the resort’s guest policy out of principle — but feels “completely vindicated” by the judge’s findings.

While Judge Finkbeiner’s ruling is not binding, the Human Rights Commission must consider the findings before issuing a final decision on both cases.

No word on what Pearl’s and other lesbian owned and operated female only resorts think of the ruling.

UPDATE: 3:39 pm.

We reached out to Ms. Chaundry via Facebook about the lawsuits, the destruction of safe places in the community, her place within the community and why she proceeded.

Thank you! 😊 That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard today. I also love that you, a stranger, has decided that you know my own experience better than I do and that you feel like you can deny my experience of being queer, that’s so toxically masculine of you. Also claiming that I hate gay men when literally all of my best friends are gay men, adorable. Sweetie, you’re fighting on the same side as women-hating, gender-policing, trans-hating right wingers and you don’t even realize it. It must be blissful to be that ignorant

A) there are no women-only places of public accommodation in Key West or anywhere else in FL to my knowledge; if there were I would file civil rights complaints against them too. A place of public accommodation if you’re not aware is any hotel, restaurant, bar, movie theater, or other establishment that serves the public. These places are specifically named in civil rights legislation b/c they are the types of establishments that engaged in Jim Crow era segregation; the same type of segregation that you seem to be in support of in relation to gender. B) I don’t support “women-only” or “men-only” anything. In addition to being illegal b/c of federal and state civil rights laws, they enforce an outdated binary view of gender that excludes trans, non-binary, gender queer, and gender nonconforming ppl. I have several close friends who identify as non-binary; where do they go in this gender segregated world that you think should exist? Should they never be allowed to go to bars and parties with their cis-gendered friends? Should I never be allowed to hang out in public spaces with my cis-gendered male friends? C) as far as my own sexual orientation/sexual identity, I don’t owe you any type of explanation or label. You should know that forcing someone to come out to you if they don’t proactively choose to is a violation of a person’s boundaries. Quite frankly, it’s none of your business who I choose to sleep with or feel attraction towards. If you absolutely must know (which seems to be a thing for ppl of your generation) I typically identify as pan, bi, or just queer. Also, fyi, there are no “parts” of the community, it’s a spectrum not a pizza”

Amina Chaudhry

And that’s all she wrote.

Now she can go back to her job as the most hated woman in Key West.

FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis' "Mamas For DeSantis" Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis’ “Mamas For DeSantis” Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

Casey DeSantis, wife of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is relaunching a group focused on portraying her husband as a friend to “mamas” everywhere.

She first launched “Mamas for DeSantis” — which appears to be a Moms for Liberty knockoff — to aid her husband’s gubernatorial re-election bid in 2022.

Florida’s First Lady is kicking off the presidential campaign’s iteration of “Mamas for DeSantis” with a new video highlighting the Governor’s stances against drag queens, masks and Anthony Fauci. The video, which runs slightly more than two minutes, juxtaposes stern narration against a visual backdrop of a parade of horribles for DeSantis and his supporters.

“When you come after our kids, we fight back. There’s nothing we won’t do to protect our children. They’re not yours,” the voiceover contends, juxtaposing Biden against “fighter” Ron DeSantis. The video’s roll out is aptly timed. Mrs. DeSantis is in Iowa Thursday, where she will appear with Gov. Kim Reynolds to launch a “Mamas for DeSantis” group.

Florida Politics

As for “protecting the rights of parents,” that apparently excludes immigrant parents, parents fighting to prevent gun violence in schools, parents who want their children to have a truthful understanding of U.S. history, parents of transgender kids seeking gender-affirming care, parents who want their kids to become more empathetic and understanding of their own emotions — and the list goes on and on.

FLORIDA - Couple Kept 5-Year-Old Bound In Cage. Punched, Kicked, Beat With Mop Handel.

FLORIDA – Couple Kept 5-Year-Old Bound In Cage. Punched, Kicked, Beat With Mop Handel.

Not a drag queen. Not LGBT’s. Just your plain ole’ Florida White Trash.

Taylor B. Schaefer, called deputies after getting a “gut feeling” that her boyfriend, 32-year-old Shawn M. Stone, was abusing her 5-year-old child.

She was right. But she already knew.

Surveillance videos’ which caught the abuse, showed instances of the 5-year-old victim being beaten and bound with his hands behind his back for hours in the days leading up to the 911 call.

Initially arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse, but as detectives investigated the situation, they learned that the abuse was much worse than they initially thought.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said Stone punched, kicked, and beat the child with a mop handle for having an accident and also kept the child in a cage.

“Ultimately, the investigation revealed multiple recordings of the victim receiving beatings while Schaefer was present in the house, as well as several instances where he was visibly injured and limping in her presence, but received no care or medical attention,” the sheriff’s office said.

The child was taken to a hospital for treatment, doctors and nurses discovered that the 5-year-old suffered 46 visible injuries, internal injuries, and a fractured skull.

Detectives said they also learned that an older child was “forced to drink boiling water, sprayed with boiling water, and beaten with several household objects.” This child also was said to be a witness to the “brutal abuse” heaped upon the 5-year-old.

After concluding their investigation, the sheriff’s office said they charged Stone with an additional 23 charges for “repeated acts of abuse and neglect.” Taylor Schaefer also faces 25 charges for not intervening and reporting the instances of abuse, according to detectives.

Both defendants are registered Republicans.

But please Florida. Go on and abuse law abiding LGBT Americans while this hell happens in your state all the time.

FLORIDA: DeSantis' Pastor Defends Uganda's Death Penalty For Gay People.

FLORIDA – DeSantis’ Pastor Defends Uganda’s Death Penalty For Gay People.

Evil is as evil does.

Florida Baptist pastor Tom Ascol—who delivered the invocation at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ second inauguration—support’s Uganda’s death penalty for being gay.

Ascol took to Twitter the new home of hate and propaganda to respond to Ted Cruz’s criticism of Uganda’s law, which imposes the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality.”

Ascol cited a King James interpretation of an Old Testament verse from Leviticus 20:13:

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

He added:

“Was this law God gave to His old covenant people ‘horrific and wrong’?”

Ascol was also involved in authoring The Dallas Statement, which denounced same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage as against “God’s design.” The statement rejected the acceptance of LGBT+ Christians and dismissed gender fluidity, intersectionality, radical feminism, and critical race theory as inconsistent with biblical teachings.

TALLAHASSEE: Car Repair Shop Posts Hateful Anti-Gay Sign In Public.

TALLAHASSEE: Car Repair Shop Posts Hateful Anti-Gay Sign In Public.

Florida: The HATE state.

A homophobic sign outside Rick’s Auto Repair Shop in Tallahassee, Florida (850) 385-7425 has ignited a backlash in the local community and among social media users.

The sign reads:


Records indicate the auto repair shop is owned by one Rick Hughes. The shop’s sign is known for displaying attention-grabbing, and sometimes controversial messages.

Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow also criticized the business, sharing Peel’s tweet and writing, “I’m not sure the sad, miserable place a person must be in to take the time to put this up, but I do know the majority of folks in Tallahassee reject this hatred and respect the freedom to be who you are, love who you want and support LGBTQ rights every month of the year.”

Jackson Peel, communication director for the Democratic Caucus of the Florida House of Representatives.

“I understand that we are a community with diverse beliefs and opinions, but this crosses the line. It’s offensive, wrong, and meanspirited. Pedophilia and homosexuality are not connected,” Peel told the Democrat. “I think this is wrong and sends the wrong message about our community. We are not this. Implying that LGBTQ people are a danger to our children is an old trick used to justify persecution. Why would the people at a business think this kind of language is ok?”

Perhaps because Ron DeSantis said it was?