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Man Charged In Anti-Gay Assault Of Delta Flight Attendant

Man Charged In Anti-Gay Assault Of Delta Flight Attendant

Via The Daily Beast:

A first-class passenger flying home from Atlanta became enraged with a flight attendant who refused to continue serving the man alcohol, calling him a “fag” and a “queer” before throwing a glass of ice at him and hitting him with an onboard telephone, according to an FBI affidavit obtained first by The Daily Beast. Christopher Alexander Morgan was arrested when Delta Air Lines flight 2908 touched down April 22 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, states the affidavit, which was unsealed Monday. He is facing charges of interference with flight crew members or attendants, a felony which carries up to 20 years in prison,

Morgan said the flight attendant was “homosexual and that this made him uncomfortable,” according to the affidavit. Morgan said that he is homophobic and that it is possible he could have been intimidating to the flight attendants.

Remember: First class only offers better service. NOT a better class of customers.