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Mike Signorile Takes On Duck Dynasty-gate: There Is Too Much Defense of This Crap As Free Speech

Mike Signorelli

“The Duck Dynasty controversy has become so ugly so fast. It’s time to just call it what it is. Religious zealots like Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are using the Bible to defame a group of people and excuse horrible actions against that group in the name of their Bible, refusing responsibility for the hate their words condone and inspire. And much of the media seems to be going along with it because the Robertsons, a Louisiana family with a reality TV show on A&E, are home-spun country people whom everyone seems to love. I’m seeing way too much defense of this crap as free speech — as if every corporation is forced to allow its employees to spew vile and offensive defamation against people. Try telling your boss that he or she is like a pig-fucker and see how long you keep your job. Just tell him or her it’s in the Bible, and see if that keeps you from getting shown the door immediately without collecting your stuff.” – Michelangelo Signorile, writing for the Huffington Post.”

The whole Duck Dynasty debacle is nothing more than bigotry hiding behind the cross.  Jesus should smite them all.


Another Boy Scout Leader Fired Because He’s Gay

Another leader in the Boy Scouts of America was forced to resign because he’s gay. Greg Bourke, father of two was a scout leader for both the Boys and Girl Scouts for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church until his dismissal. Bourke had been a volunteer for five years and an assistant troop leader for three years.

Bourke says he was forced to resign while executive of Bourke’s troop group Barry G. Oxley claims that Bourke “disclosed he did not meet Scouting’s membership standards” which led to him being asked to resign. Originally Bourke refused to quit his position until he was told by the pastor of his church that the troop would lose funding if he didn’t resign. Oxley also stated that Bourke can still be involved as a parent and that “our members to treat those with different opinions with courtesy and respect at all times and to adamantly oppose the mistreatment of others based on any perceived difference.”. But is this not mistreatment forcing a man that has excelled at volunteering and others within the troop showing their support?

In July,  Bob Mazzuca, executive of the Boy Scouts, released a statement on the orgaanization’s policy on homosexuality:

“vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting.”

This statement coincides with a prior statement made on the organization’s website after the Supreme Court ruling in 2000 that reaffirmed their right to refuse and dismiss openly gay members because they have the right under the First Amendment to express themselves freely in private or public:

 ”must have the right to establish its own standards of membership if it is to continue to instill the values of the Scout oath and law in boys. Thanks to our legal victories, our standards of membership have been sustained. We believe an avowed homosexual is not a role model for the values espoused in the Scout oath and law.”

Bourke says that he fears for the Scouts that come out as gay and are rejected from the close minded orgnaization commenting, “What kind of organization does that?”

The Boy Scouts and their refusal to accept LGBT has made several headlines and media coverage. Last month, Tim Griffin, leader at a Boy Scout camp, was fired after he disclosed that he’s gay. Griffin is currently seeking his job back after he delivered a petition to Boy Scout executives with over 70000 signatures. Also in April, Den Mother Jennifer Tyrell was also forced to resign after the organization discovered that she’s a lesbian.

Again I ask, with this mode of thought, are parents that have children who are gay supposed to keep their children at home? Isn’t the Boy Scouts supposed to teach you how to live within the environment and acceptance and leadership? What do executives and other Boy Scout officials think they’re teaching by saying LGBT aren’t welcome? I’m not saying the Scouts have to teach sexuality but I definitely think they should teach acceptance and this mindset is not that.


Hateful Wingnut Maggie Gallagher Attempts To Seperate NOM From Hateful Wingnuts At Westboro Baptist Church and FAILS!

Westboro sign (left) – NOM Rally sign (right)

The quote below comes from Maggie “I never met a porkchop I didn’t like” Gallagher in a lame attempt to seperate her virulant anti-gay hate group from the crazxy anti-gay hate group that started it all The Westboro Baptist Church and its recent Supreme Court win over First Admendment right to hate speech.

The fringe cult calling itself Westboro Baptist (a small congregation consisting of close, and possibly incestuous, relatives of Fred Phelps, who calls himself a pastor) first became famous by protesting gay rights events with revolting signs suggesting that God hates gay people. (They used another offensive terms as well). These ugly signs proved irresistible to reporters from the New York Times etc., who like to pretend this sentiment captures religious conservatives’ views generally.

Only Justice Sam Alito had the common sense to recognize that somewhere in our great Constitution, there has to be a way to let people bury their dead, without becoming the objects of other people’s monomaniacal desire to disrupt their grieving for publicity purposes.”Maggie Gallagher

A rose is a rose is a rose…

MASSIVE FAIL Moooooo-gie. You cannot pretend that your “kinder gentler” homophobic bigotry is less repulsive than that of Fred Phelps


Los Angeles City College Student Jonathan Lopez Loses Lawsuit Against College For Stopping His Anti-Gay Hate Speech

Los Angeles City College “christian” student Jonathan Lopez won the right to sue Los Angeles City College for violating his First Amendment rights after Lopez claimed that his public speaking professor John Matteson  stopped him in the middle of an Amti-Gay Marriage speech and according to the CHRISTOMANIACS at the Alliance Defense Fund, alleged that the professor called him a “fascist bastard” and told him to “ask God what your grade is.”  and that Matteson told Lopez that he would make sure he’d be expelled from school. (Drama Queens?, Liars? Both?)

On Friday the Ninth Circuit Court reversed the decision that gave Lopez the right to sue.,  The three-judge panel unanimously overturned the  lower court decision and  Jonathan Lopez’s lawsuit cannot go forward.

So inothers words Lopez got OWNED. And now, of course CHRISTOMANIACS out there are screaming that his case is yet another example of Christian (HATE) speech being stifled, 

“Lopez, a self-described Christian, claimed a professor stopped him mid-speech, deeming his words sexual harassment under the Los Angeles Community College District’s code of conduct. He sued the district in February 2009 in Los Angeles federal court, claiming the code was so broad that it limited his right to free speech. U.S. Circuit Court Judge Sandra S. Ikuta wrote in the opinion handed down today that Lopez, “failed to make a clear showing that his intended speech on religious topics gave rise to a specific and credible threat of adverse action from college officials under the college’s sexual harassment policy.