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FOX News Reporter Steven Crowder Goads Union Workers Into A Fight In Michigan – Video

Yesterday after  the Republican-dominated Michigan Legislature approved sweeping, statewide changes to the way both state and private sector unions will be financed, substantially reducing their power in that state, thousands of incensed union members filled the Capitol rotunda and poured out onto its lawn chanting “shame, shame, shame”

Enter Fox News “reporter”  Steven Crowder who purposely went into the pro-union crowd and purposely goaded the union members into  an altercation and then posted the below video in which he is punched several times by a pro-union protester outside the Michigan capitol building

The clip below full of jump-cuts shows angry Union members telling Crowder repeatedly to get “out of their face” before the altercation begins and even commenters on the right-wing sites are wondering what came before the edits.

Crowder, a Detroit-born, Quebec-raise conservative comedian, who was hired by FOX News and is banned from coming returning to Canada because of his past behavior set this up purposely and himself should eb arrested for inciting a riot.  Note the self-satisfied smirk as the clip ends.)

Also many witnesses state that the right-wing tea party organization Americans for Prosperity were provoking  union members to violence, and witnesses reportedly saw AFP people loosening the ropes on the tents so they would come down. And in spite of the fact the place was crawling with cops (shipped in from around the state) who didn’t do see anything amiss.”

While I am not a fan of violence.  Steven Crowder got exactly what he deserved.

Who knows maybe we’ll really luck out and he’ll have to have his jaw wired shut.


While the right-wing website are going insane over this, Crowder doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously.  Crowder is giving an “ultimatum” to the man who punched him in the face: come forward and face jail time or face him in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match.

What journalistic professionalism!