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Looking for that Perfect Halloween Costume? NYC Artist Can Turn You Into A Tom of Finland Drawing – Video

New York-based artist Michael Mejia can help you with that Halloween costume problem this year by turning you into a Tom of Finland guy that jumps right off of the page and into a party!

Mejia was featured on season 3 of “Skin Wars” and is now taking bookings — to make your fantasy come to life.

He’ll bring the paint.

You bring the body.


What will you be for Halloween? Tag someone that would get body painted! Now taking bookings! Email mejiamichael@live.com 100% #tomoffinland body paint by yours truly on #megastuds @anthony.mcdonough and @christopher.glebatsas Behind the scenes with legendary @mikeruizone Who wants to be a Tom of Finland drawing for Halloween?!?!?! special thanks to @nicklujanmua @auralisflores @bryangriffinphotography @stevensalvadorjr #tomoffinland #cop #leatherstud #jock #muscle #lqd @tomoffinlandfoundation #michaelmejia #bodyart #makeup #MUA #transformation #drawing #painting #art #artist #artoftheday #fashion #transformationtuesday #dream #daddy #leather #halloween #model #fitness #kiss #gay #gaymen #gayart #transmutation

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WOOF! – Studly LGBT Straight Ally Ben Cohen Was Hoping For Male Partner “Strictly Come Dancing”

Ben Cohen gay sex

Super hot rugby stud and straight LGBT rights ally Ben Cohen in an interview with the UK’s Daily Mirror said that he would have loved to be part of Strictly Come Dancing, the UK’s version of Dancing With The Stars first same-sex dancing couple and was hoping to be paired up with gay Latin and Ballroom dance pro Robin Windsor.

UK’s Mirror reports:

“I’ve no qualms dancing with a woman or a man. Kristina will be easier to pick up though…I like to break down stereotypes.”

Said Windsor: “He kept saying to me, ‘I hope they put me with you’ … He’s amazing, the things he has done for the gay ­community. I adore him.”

We ALL adore Ben.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a very cold shower.

Ben Cohen stud


“Santa Claus Conquers The Homophobes” On Sale Now At Amazon.com – REALLY!

From Amazon.com’s Description page verbatim:

Santa Claus is back. And flying beside him is Wendy, his freshly minted stepdaughter, who can peer into the future of selected children and offer them glimpses of the wonders ahead. But with that power come horrific visions of the turmoil and trouble the less fortunate among them are fated to suffer. Can Wendy and her stepfather prevent the suicide of Jamie Stratton in his teen years, as he grows up gay in a homophobic household and community? God the Father grants them three Thanksgiving visits to Jamie’s tormentors, in hopes of bringing about a change of heart in them and eliminating their ingrained prejudices. Beyond the challenge of rescuing one precious child lies the far more daunting task of expunging entirely this brand of bigotry from the human race, as Santa and Wendy strive to remake the world in compassion and generosity. Along the way, they enlist the aid of the Easter Bunny, a highly persuasive fellow indeed. But the Tooth Fairy and her loathsome imps are hell-bent on doing all they can to stop Santa and Wendy-nay, to heighten mortal fear and hatred of anyone whose orientation strays even the slightest from the norm.

Average Customer Review: 4.5 Stars

Robert Deveruex is a fantasy and horror fiction writer who has a well-deserved reputation as an author who pushes every envelope, though he would claim, with a stage actor’s assurance, that as long as one’s writing illuminates characters in all their kinks, quirks, kindnesses, and extremes, the imagination must be free to explore nasty places as well as nice, or what’s the point? 
Santa Steps Out,  is the sequel to “Santa Claus Conquers The Homophobes” in which Santa Claus’s gradual recall of his prior existence as Pan leads to an affair with the Tooth Fairy, while a voyeuristic Easter Bunny tries to twitch and wiggle his way into Mrs. Claus’s good graces. Santa Steps Out, which won much praise for its mythological underpinnings and  also had the honor of being banned in that cultural backwater of intolerance and censoriousness known as Cincinnati.
Take that “I’m Not Gay Just A Sissy Calendar!”
Check out and /or purchase Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes here.

Viv’la France! Drunken French Salior Puts On Free Strip Show In Downtown Victoria, BC Canada………TWICE

Victoria police reported few problems as 5,000 visiting sailors partied it up in the city last weekend during celebrations to mark the centennial of the Canadian navy, one officer revealed that an intoxicated French sailor stripped in public twice, once in front of the captain of his ship.
Officers were called when the mariner slipped out of his uniform in the lobby of a local hotel, according to deputy police chief John Ducker in a blog post about the incident,

Evidently, the sailor’s aversion to his uniform won out — or as Ducker put it, “as a testament to the beautiful weather we enjoyed over the weekend of this International Fleet Review” — because he stripped again in the queue to return to his ship. Unfortunately for the sailor, the captain of his ship was behind him in line