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Walmart Shopper In Florida Calls Boy Toddler A “Fucking Faggot,” For Wearing Girls Headband


Thirty-one year-old Katie Vyktoriah, a stay-at-home mom and blogger at AMotherThing.com recently took a shopping trip a Walmart in Davenport, Florida with her two-year-old son, Dexter, who wanted to wear a girls lace flower headband on the excursion.

“He rocked that headband,” Vyktoriah said.

But what happened after they got to WalMart and started shopping is disgusting as it is unbelievable:

“Out of nowhere a big booming voice rang out. “THAT’S a BOY?!” The man was overly large with a bushy beard and a camouflage shirt with the arms cut off. He had tattered shorts and lace-up work boots with no laces. I could smell the fug of cigarette smoke surrounding him, and there was a definite pong of beer on him.”

According to Vyktoriah the redneck then stepped forward, grabbed the lace headband from Dexter’s head, and “cuffed Dexter around the side of his head.”

Dexter screamed and reached out and yelling “NO!” while the man said “You’ll thank me later, little man.”

After  Vyktoriah screamed at the man to stop says he  “looked at Dexter with disgust”and said to his mother “Your son is a fucking faggot. He’ll get shot for it one day!”

Not one shopper in the store intervened or said anything.

GetOffMyInternets is claiming the story is a hoax and Vyktoriah’s “creative writing” certainly does not help her the validity story, but you never know.   It does allegedly take place in a rural WalMart  in Florida.

We have seen this happen before and unfortunately we will probably see this happen again if nothing else this “story” has opened a greatly needed conversation about gender identity and acceptance.

In the meantime Vyktoriah has said that she has been advised “not to say any more about the situation” after filing a report with The Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy