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NOM’s Maggie Gallagher LOSES Gay Marriage Debate By Nearly A 2 -1 Margin

The National Organization for Marriages Ex President and cover bovine Maggie Gallagher has LOST a week long online marriage equality debate to Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson held online at The Economist.  Wolfson won the debate by nearly a 2-1 voting margin.

The votes are in and though the tally has fluctuated throughout the week, a steady majority of you are convinced that gay marriage should be legal. Congratulations to Evan Wolfson, who passionately defended the motion. He is your winner. Commiserations to Maggie Gallagher, whose losing argument still resonates with many Americans. In the end, our audience was not convinced that gay marriage would have a deleterious effect on society or heterosexual unions. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many of you noted the benefits marriage would bestow on gay couples and their families, while agreeing with Mr Wolfson’s argument that “there is no good reason” for their exclusion. Marriage is as applicable to devoted gay couples as it is to their heterosexual counterparts, you concluded, and it is their right.

Gallagher a professional crusader for “Traditional Marriage” who doesn’t wear a wedding ring, uses her maiden name and is never sen in public with her husband said in her closing statement:

For those of you reading this I would ask of you only one thing: whether you support gay marriage or not, can you at least acknowledge what you are asking of those of us who disagree, who believe our historic marriage tradition is good? … Gay marriage will make it virtually impossible to renew marriage’s central public role, which is not to celebrate private romantic love—hardly any business of government—but to protect children by increasing the likelihood that they will be born to and raised by their own mother and father. Gay marriage makes it impossible to articulate this as a goal of marriage, much less to realise it in real children’s lives.

Perhaps maybe Gallagher would like to ask one of the hundreds of thousands of  LGBT homeless teen (or someone who once was) whose traditional marriage parents threw out like trash.

Someone Call The Whaaaambulance! Maggie Gallagher and Tony Perkins Are PISSED Off! Hahahahahahahaha GOOD! – (Video)

Interestingly though Wolfson seems not to need any help as Rick Sanchez gets all up in Miss Perkins face.  (Love you Rick!)

Evan Wolfson, Rick Sanchez and Miss Tony Perkins

Maggie on the 700 Club
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