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Erik “Ponch” Estrada Stars In The Liberty Counsel Hate Group Movie “Uncommon” – Video

Mat Staver Uncommon

So where do all the 80’s washed up actors go other than the Tea Party?  Well it seems that they are starting to make movies for anti-gay right-wing religious extremist hate groups as proven by Erik “I couldn”t get a job since C.H.I.P.S and the The Love Boat was cancelled” Estrada.

Hot on the tail of Rick Santorum’s critically panned flop “The Christmas Candle”,  the nationally recognized hate group the Liberty Counsel which was named in a RICO Act lawsuit which alleges that they conspired to kidnap the daughter of Janet Jenkins, a lesbian whose estranged partner went “ex-gay” and vanished to Central America has decided to try their hands at  brainwashing filmmaking with the release of a feature film called “Uncommon”.

Estrada will star as a principled janitor who helps the students put together the Bible-based production.

“Religious liberty in public school is certainly a fitting topic for our first feature film,” said Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman. “Many of the calls Liberty Counsel receives are from parents and students whose speech and religious viewpoints are being censored in the public schools.”

The “climatic ending” of the movie will feature Staver pontificating arguing in court on behalf of the students.  (Gee, I wonder if they win?.) 

The movie will open January 14th and will close January 15th.

If it were to be released a  month earlier, it would be eligible for Oscar nominations.    I…. I just don’t understand….