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Perkins and the Brain: Vatican Invites FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins To Conference On Marriage and Family

Perkins and the Pope


Right Wing Watch reports:

Although he is not listed as a speaker, another prominent American opponent of LGBT equality will also be attending the conference. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said in an interview on Newsmax TV today that he plans to attend the conference in Rome and expects the Catholic Church to “make a very clear statement that pertains to marriage and what the Church views marriage to be” to provide “clarity” to the confusion coming out of the recent synod.

“I don’t see the Catholic Church making a great deviation” on the issue of homosexuality, Perkins said. “They can’t because the scripture is quite clear on the issue.”

And as a special added bonus Tony will be broadcasting LIVE from the Vatican all week!

If there were any doubts that the  Vatican conference officially named: “An International Interreligious Colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman.” was anti-gay marriage.  There are none now.

Why some gay men and women cling to Catholicism is beyond me.

Source:  The Bilerico Project