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Juvenile Congressmen Whore Themselves On Reddit To Win “Facebook Likes Contest”

Despite the fact that he’s both a Democrat and gay, I have never been a big fan of Colorado Congressional Rep Jared Polis and for some very good reasons.

He’s a mixed bag at best.   He co-signs and backs many pro LGBT bills but he never really pushes forward hard on them.  And while he did vote against SOPA, he also voted for tax cuts for the rich.  He’s a pampered and spoiled and now it seems shallow to boot.

But now with Congress in a stalled, and in a backed up mess and with just months to go I find Polis “pimping” himself on Reddit to win the “Congressional Facebook Like Contest”. 

From Reddit – Posted by Representative Jared Polis (D)

So yes, we members of Congress actually have contests among ourselves when we’re not busy destroying internets. We’re having this this contest to see who gets the most new facebook likes and twitter followers over the next week (before Friday 7/27). So if u wanna help me and give me more internet glory and karma among members of Congress, please upvote this post and most importantly like my facebook page and follow my twitter @jaredpolis

That’s all!


I’ll be around checking this post too so happy to reply to stuff below. Isn’t it cute we have contests like this in Congress?

Likes from anywhere in the world will do, and other planets too! Also alternative universes.

Edit: here is the link to my old AMA

Edit: This kinda became a new AMA, that’s cool, as long as I WIN THIS CONTEST. off to bed for a few but I’ll check in before work and answer whatever else I can… in the mean time if you like me literally, then take a moment and like my facebook page so I can tell the rest of ’em about the POWER of REDDIT.

When I read the entire thread it actually wasn’t all that bad in at least one way.  Polis answers questions from the members of Reddit almost like a cyber-town hall.  And that in itself  is not a bad thing.  What is a bad thing though is that he’s only doing it to win a “Congressional Facebook Like” contest and not as just reaching out to the citizens of the United States.

Seriously now.  Is this what Congress does? Sees who can get more Facebook likes and Twitter followers.  What are they 12 years old?

We vote them in to be  in charge to work and improve this country and they waste time and effort with a stupid internet popularity contest?

The LGBT community are under attack and second class citizens, the poor are dying, the middle class is  out of work, and the world economy is collapsing.

Polis and this Congress are part of the least liked and least effective Congress ever.  If the lot of them actually did thier job and stopped playing political pissing games then they wouldn’t have to whore themselves on Reddit and social media sites to get Facebook likes.  They’ll come naturally.

Till then.  No Facebook like from me.  Just a kick in the ass.

Now get back to work.

Live Health Care Summit Clusterf**k Action! (Now With Hash Tags!)

The White House has its official Health Care Summit Twitter hash tag. And the video is streaming for those of you who are the type that can’t look away from car wrecks on the highway.

Republicans demanded the public, on-camera summit, and then they dismissed it as political theater. (It was a refreshingly honest self-assessment of their strategy, actually.) Republicans also demanded that Barack Obama post his compromise bill online before the summit, and then they blasted him for posting a bill online before the summit. (Nothing as moronic as a Republicn politican is there?)

Okay so lets be real here and not mince words or get caught in spin.  This whole summit thing is a waste of time. It’s only purpose is to embarrass Republicans (and rightfuully so the DO deserve it) and give political cover to House Democrats to vote for this thing that they’re terrified of voting for, even though they already did and its turned into something that was well meaning in the beginning but has turned into something other than actual reform and a bill that would help those too poor for insurance. After all it used to be a health care plan, actually. It is now the Senate Health Insurance Reform bill.

This just really shows how dysfuntional our Goverment is.  And if you want proof at how crazy and insane Republicans are in todays session Republican Tom Coburn  blamed diabetes and obesity on food stamps.

This fucking thing is a nightmare.