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MN GOP Rep. Tony Cornish Responds To Complaints Over Anti-Gay Marriage Vote: "Give It A Rest!!!"

As you can see above it seems that Republican Minnesota Rep. Tony Cornish has a small problem replying to constituents who don’t agree with his facist homophobic vote against Gay Marriage in Minnesota as seen by the 4 word reply that he sent to “Stephanie” who took the time to do what every American citizen has a right to do.  Contact her Representative

Because of this I just thought I’d  send my own 3 WORD message to Cornish. One thats straight to the point and comes from the heart.

Please feel free to send your own few word message to Rep. Tony Cornish – rep.tony.cornish@house.mn

Watch The National Organization For Marriage’s Attack Ad Against The 14 Senators Who Voted Against DOMA In 1996

Louis Marinelli  who was the bus drive for NOM’s Summer of HATE tour has started on his own anti-gay marriage hate site called oneman-onewoman.org  (Not to mean that he’s not a NOM member anymore or that “his” site isn’t NOM run)

Louis has  out by making a cheezt, cheap, smear commerial agains the 14 HEROE Senators who voted against DOMA in 1996. 

So why is dumb as a brick Louis going back to 1996 to trash people over DOMA?  Because 2 of them are up fopr re-election this year