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FLORIDA -  Teacher Fires Back After Being Investigated For Showing Disney Movie. Students To Be "Interrogated".

FLORIDA – Teacher Fires Back After Being Investigated For Showing Disney Movie. Students To Be “Interrogated”.

“I’m not pushing anything, just being accepting.” – Jenna Barbee

Jenna Barbee a teacher at Winding Waters School in Hernando County, Florida is being accused and investigated of “indoctrination.” Under the Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law under which Florida educators are forbidden from teaching about gender and sexual orientation in the classroom from kindergarten through high school.

Her crime? She showed her 5th. graders (8 and 9-year-olds) a Disney movie “Strange World.” While being aware of one harmless gay character. who has a crush on another male character.

Barbie went so far as to get signed parent permission slips from all of her students’ parents allowing her to show the children a PG-rated film and there were “no objections to specific content”.

Barbee was reported by the child of a school board member who she said is “on a rampage to get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.”

Barbee was reported by the child of a school board member who she said is “on a rampage to get rid of every form of representation out of our schools.”

“She even spent days this past week going to all the high schools to get rid of anything that had to do with representation whatsoever,” Barbee said. “She even had admin escort her to a teacher’s classroom that had a sticker of a black hand and a white hand, holding hands, and the white hand had a different colored fingernail for every finger.”

Barbee later found out she was being accused of “indoctrination”. 

Per CNN, a statement given to parents from the school district said, “Yesterday, the Disney movie Strange World was shown in your child’s classroom. While not the main plot of the movie, parts of the story involve a male character having and expressing feelings for another male character. In the future, this movie will not be shown. The school administration and the district’s Professional Standards Dept. are currently reviewing the matter to see if further corrective action is required.”

Barbee said none of her students “cared or batted an eye” and now they are going to be interrogated individually, which she says is going to cause them undue “trauma.”

Snitches? Interrogations?

Welcome to Florida! Just like 1942 Berlin, Germany but with worse nightclubs.

INDIANA - GOP Governor Signs "Don't Say Gay" Bill Into Law.

INDIANA – GOP Governor Signs “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Into Law.

Many in the LGBTQ+ Community are under the very wrong impression that these laws only affect the trans community. But in truth “sexual orientation” pertains to us all.

On May 5th, 2023, the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, signed into law a controversial bill dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This bill prohibits public school teachers from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity with their students, except when such discussions are directly related to the curriculum. The bill has drawn fierce criticism from LGBTQ+ activists, who say it will further marginalize LGBTQ+ students and deprive them of critical support and resources.

The bill, which was introduced by Republican lawmakers, passed both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly earlier this year. Its supporters argue that it is necessary to protect children from exposure to controversial topics that are best discussed by parents or guardians. They also claim that discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity are not age-appropriate for young students.

However, opponents of the bill say that it sends a harmful message to LGBTQ+ students, who may already feel isolated and unsupported in school. Many argue that discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity are crucial to promoting acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals, and that banning such discussions will only exacerbate existing prejudices and discrimination.

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill has been compared to similar legislation in other states, such as Tennessee’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which was signed into law in 2011. That law prohibited public school teachers from discussing homosexuality in any context, including when responding to questions from students. It was eventually repealed in 2019, after years of protests and legal challenges.

Governor Holcomb, however, has defended his decision to sign the bill, saying that it is consistent with his conservative values and his belief in parental rights. In a statement released after signing the bill, Holcomb said, “This legislation is about protecting the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. It is not about discriminating against any individual or group.”

While supporters of the bill argue that it is necessary to protect children from exposure to controversial topics, opponents say that discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity are crucial to promoting acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals.

This is not just a “trans” problem.

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

Disney Sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis For “Targeted Govt Retaliation”

And its about damn time Mickey!

The yearlong fight over “Don’t Say Gay| has strained what had long been a cozy relationship between Florida’s government and the state’s best-known employer and attraction of tourist dollars Disneyworld.

The fight between Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and the Walt Disney Company is headed to court. On Wednesday, a board appointed by Mr. DeSantis to oversee government services at Disney World voted to nullify two agreements that gave Disney vast control over expansion at the 25,000-acre resort complex. Within minutes, Disney sued Mr. DeSantis, the five-member board and other state officials in federal court, claiming “a targeted campaign of government retaliation.”
Last year, under pressure from its employees, Disney criticized a Florida education law labeled “Don’t Say Gay” by opponents and halted political donations in the state — and landed in the cross hairs of Mr. DeSantis, who put a plan in motion to revoke Disney World’s self-governing privileges. Disney’s lawsuit accused Mr. DeSantis of a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power against Disney in retaliation for expressing a political viewpoint.”
Via The NY Times
We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again: Revisiting The Anita Bryant Florida Orange Juice Boycott of 1977

#BoycottFlorida – We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again: Revisiting The Anita Bryant Florida Orange Juice Boycott of 1977.

As Ron DeSantis and Florida backside 45 years for the love of Goddess #Boycott Florida

In 1977, the Florida Citrus Commission launched a new advertising campaign that featured a spokeswoman named Anita Bryant. The campaign’s slogan was “Orange Juice: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore,” and it was designed to boost sales of Florida orange juice. However, the campaign quickly became controversial when Bryant, a well-known singer and beauty queen, became an outspoken opponent of gay rights.

Bryant, who was a devout Christian, had previously been involved in anti-gay activism in her home state of Oklahoma. In 1977, she launched a campaign in Miami, Florida, to repeal a recently-passed anti-discrimination ordinance that protected gay people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Bryant argued that the ordinance threatened the safety and well-being of children, and she claimed that gay people were more likely to be child molesters.

Bryant’s campaign dubbed “Save The Children” received widespread media attention, and she became the face of the anti-gay movement in the United States. She organized rallies, appeared on talk shows, and even wrote a book called “The Anita Bryant Story: The Survival of Our Nation’s Families and the Threat of Militant Homosexuality.” The book argued that homosexuality was a sin and a disease that could be cured through prayer and therapy.

As Bryant’s campaign gained momentum, gay rights activists began to organize a boycott of Florida orange juice. The boycott was launched by the San Francisco-based group Gay Activists Alliance, which sent out a press release calling on people to “dump the juice” in protest of Bryant’s anti-gay views. The boycott quickly spread across the country, with activists staging protests outside grocery stores, distributing leaflets, and convincing consumers to boycott orange juice produced in Florida.

The boycott was a significant challenge for the Florida citrus industry, which relied heavily on sales of orange juice. The industry responded by launching a counter-campaign that emphasized the economic importance of orange juice to the state of Florida. The campaign featured slogans like “Florida Orange Juice: You Can’t Keep America Running Without It” and “Take a Stand for America: Drink Florida Orange Juice.”

Despite these efforts, the boycott continued to grow in strength, with many celebrities and public figures joining the cause. The campaign received support from politicians like Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to public office in California, and musicians like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who released a song called “John Sinclair” that included the lyrics, “We will boycott Florida citrus fruits until the prisoners are free.”

The boycott eventually had a significant impact on the Florida citrus industry, with sales of orange juice dropping by an estimated 25%. The industry responded by launching a new advertising campaign that emphasized the health benefits of orange juice and featured a new spokesperson, singer and actor Dionne Warwick.

Meanwhile, Bryant’s anti-gay campaign suffered a setback when the Dade County Commission voted to uphold the anti-discrimination ordinance. Bryant responded by launching a campaign to recall the commissioners who had voted in favor of the ordinance, but the effort failed to gather enough signatures to force a recall election.

The Florida Orange Juice boycott of 1977 was a significant moment in the history of the gay rights movement. It demonstrated the power of boycotts as a tool for social change, and it brought national attention to the issue of discrimination against gay people. The boycott also had a lasting impact on the Florida citrus industry, which was forced to confront the economic consequences of supporting anti-gay views. Today, the boycott serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for equality and justice, even in the face of powerful opposition.

We did do it before and we can do it again.

So the question is: Why aren’t we?

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Ally. BOYCOTT FLORIDA TOURISM!


We cannot let this happen again.

KENTUCKY Legislature Overrides Governor's VETO. Makes Don't Day Gay/Anti Trans Bills Laws.

KENTUCKY Legislature Overrides Governor’s VETO. Makes Don’t Day Gay/Anti Trans Bills Laws.

Today on Wednesday, the second to last day of the General Assembly. The Kentucky legislature has overridden Democratic Governor’s Andy Beshear’s veto and has passed into law the most heinous Don’t Say Gay/Anti-Trans laws in the country.

The Senate passed the measure first 29-8. It then went straight to the House, where protesters disrupted chambers by breaking out in chants.

The legislation in Kentucky is part of a national movement, with Republican state lawmakers approving extensive measures that restrict the rights of LGBT+ people this year — from bills targeting trans athletes and drag performers to measures limiting gender-affirming care and saying the word “gay”. . At least nine states have enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming care for minor.

Republican Sen. Robby Mills said he supported the bill because of his belief that “puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, when administered to youth under 18 for the purpose of altering their appearance, is dangerous for the health of that child.”

Transgender medical treatments have long been available in the United States and are endorsed by major medical associations.

Wilton Manors in Florida Sets Protest Against Anti-LGBT State Laws.

Wilton Manors in Florida Sets Protest Against Anti-LGBT State Laws.

Well it took a couple of months but its nice to see some LGBT’s in Florida finally standing up against Florida’s heinous and oppressive anti-LGBT laws.

According to the 2010 Census, Wilton Manors is the country’s “Second Gayest City” – at least in terms of couples. It has about 140 per 1,000, putting it second only to Provincetown, Mass

Via ABC affiliate Local 10.com:

The LGBTQ community in Wilton Manors is preparing to march Sunday against new measures that Republicans in Florida are pushing forward. Christ Caputo, a Wilton Manors commissioner, said it’s time for the community to stand against “discriminatory” Florida bills Caputo said he is especially concerned about House Bill 1011 and Senate Bill 668, which set limits to flags at governmental agencies. “A new bill that came out, a House bill, essentially bans pride flags from flying in government property,” Caputo said. “Crazy enough, there was an amendment to it where it would have been OK to fly a Confederate flag but not to fly a Pride flag. I mean that’s unbelievable.”

The protest march “in heels” means no white plumber’s boots.

KENTUCKY: Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear VETOES KY's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

KENTUCKY: Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear VETOES KY’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Kentucky’s Democratic governor Andy Beshear, issued an election-year veto Friday of a Republican bill aimed at not allowing schools to discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with students of any age and regulating the lives of transgender young people, including banning access to gender-affirming health care and restricting the bathrooms they can use.

Kentucky’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill is arguably the worst in the nation.

Beshear said in his veto message that the bill would “Tears away the freedom from parents to make important and difficult medical decisions for their kids,” and turn educators and administrators into “investigators that must listen in on student conversations and then knock on doors to confront and question parents and families about how students behave and/or refer to themselves or others.”

The governor added, “My faith teaches me that all children are children of God and Senate Bill 150 will endanger the children of Kentucky.”

The bill easily passed the GOP-led legislature with veto-proof margins, and lawmakers will reconvene next week for the final two days of this year’s session, when they could vote to override the veto.

Stay tuned.

KENTUCKY GOP Led Sate Legislature Passes "Don't Say Gay /Anti-Trans Bill" The Worst in the Nation"

KENTUCKY GOP Led State Legislature Passes “Don’t Say Gay /Anti-Trans Bill” The Worst in the Nation”

Well at least the ban on drag shows failed. For now.

A GOP led Kentucky House committee advanced a bill last minute that stuffed an anti-trans/drag bill into another hateful piece of legislation, the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” or “parental rights” bill.

Senate Bill 150, sponsored by Sen. Max Wise, which The bill requires school districts to form bathroom policies based on biological sex, limits the discussion of LGBT issues in K-12 sexual education classes and blocks a Kentucky Department of Education recommendation that teachers refer to children by their preferred pronouns, was quickly brought up on the last day before the veto period and passed 16-5. Then HB 470 elements, like banning gender-affirming care to anyone under age 18.was added to it, It then quickly went to the full House where after two hours of debate, it passed 75-22.

The final Senate vote was 30-7. When the bill passed, people in the gallery yelled at legislators and were removed. “Jesus was wearing drag,” one said. Another cried: “You’re all murderers.”

After Thursday’s vote Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates, said “the genesis of this measure springs from a national agenda of fearmongering.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky quickly condemned SB150 as the “worst anti-trans/Don’t Say Gay bill in the nation.”

“This dangerous bill and others like it across the country are nothing more than a desperate attempt to score political points by targeting people who simply want to live their lives,” Amber Duke, interim executive director of the ACLU of Kentucky, said in a statement. “True democracy requires meaningful and informed debate and engagement from the public. The shameful process on display in the Kentucky House undermines the public trust in government.”

Gov. Andy Beshear addressed HB 470 during his regular Thursday Team Kentucky update. He said, “All decisions for transgender children should be made by the families, not big government. And these bills harm children, lead to suicide, and we should not be doing this right now out of respect for Karen Berg and her loss.”

The veto period begins on Friday and lasts 10 days.

The GOP controlled Sate House has enough votes to override Beshear’s VETO.

FLORIDA: GOP Advances Bill Allowing Doctors To Refuse Treatment To LGBT's

FLORIDA: GOP State Legislature Advances Bill To Make “Don’t Say Gay” Law Even More Hateful

“Among many other things this new bill would ban Sex Ed in school after the 8th grade, which is quite frankly fucking insane.” – Will Kohler

Via Fox News Service: The Republican-controlled House Choice & Innovation Subcommittee voted 14-4 along almost-straight party lines to approve the proposal (HB 1223), after numerous LGBTQ advocates slammed the bill as harmful to vulnerable youths. Rep. Lisa Dunkley, D-Sunrise, voted with Republicans for the measure. The 2022 law, which drew national attention and federal court challenges, prohibited instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and required it to be “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate” in higher grades. The new bill would extend the prohibition through eighth grade — reigniting a legislative debate about the 2022 law, which was formally titled the “Parental Rights in Education” bill but was derided by opponents as the “don’t say gay” bill.

The Tallahassee Taiban is doubling down on the hate. Pretty soon Florida will extend it to all universities then to workplaces then to any public spaces. All thanks to Oberführer (Ron DeSantas.

I’d like to end this with a personal message to the LGBT’s who call Florida home. Move out of the state that hates you. Or get your asses off the keyboards, out of the bars, off the beaches and actually do something. You know like maybe I don’t know. Protest maybe? If you don’t fight against wrong you are just as culpable and deserve everything you get.

Just some sage advice from an old front lines gay rights activist.

DEAD: Georgia's “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Dies In Senate Committee

DEAD: Georgia’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Dies In Senate Committee

Via The Georgia Reporter:

A watered-down version of a bill opponents called Georgia’s version of “Don’t Say Gay” legislation appears dead in the water after failing in a crucial Senate committee Wednesday. The first version of the bill would have restricted schools, camp counselors and other authority figures from answering children’s questions about gender identity or sexual orientation. The latest version would have required all local boards of education to develop a policy for dealing with parental involvement and child privacy related to issues of gender identity..

All but one senator on the majority-Republican Senate Education and Youth Committee voted to table the measure, leaving LGBTQ advocates stunned.