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Wingnuters Go Wild Over SNL’s Djesus Uncrossed Skit – Fischer, Hannity, and World Nut Daily

Bryan Fischer DJesus Uncrossed

World Nut Net Daily movie critic Drew Zahn:

“Its subject matter can only be described with one word: blasphemous. If anything in our PC culture should be considered obviously offensive, this is it. Can you imagine the uproar that would occur if SNL made a parody, ‘Muhammad Unleashed?’ People at NBC would be losing their jobs. The ‘sensitivity police’ would be out in full force. It would cause international outcry. I just have to believe that if God gifted these actors and writers with such a gift for humor and wit, that He intended it for nobler purposes than mocking His Son.”

American Family Association:

WARNING!!!   This NBC video contains offensive material!!!Advertisers sponsor vicious anti-Christian skit. Probably the most anti-Christian skit in the history of television!  Decide for yourself.  Watch the ENTIRE video!  Click here. This e-mail will reach NBC:  nbcolympicsfeedback@nbcuni.com. Companies which sponsor the on-line version of this video include: JC Penny – Penny is blocking our e-mails. Try sending an e-mail directly from your e-mail to jcpcorpcomm@jcpenny.com. K-Mart and Sears – owned by the same company.  Send your email to help@customerservice.kmart.com. Target  – Call 1.800.591.3869. You can also call your local store and ask for the manager. Get involved today! Help stop the anti-Christian bias in the media. Join with 50,000 other pastors!  SIGN THE STATEMENT!Be part of the solution, not the problem. If you have already signed, please forward this to fellow pastors

And it wouldn’t be REAL right wingnut outrage without Sean Hannity of FOX-News weighing in with bible  thumping Fox News radio host Todd Starnes

I’m not sure why Bryan Fischer and all these other crackpots would be so offended by the Saturday Night Live skit.  I would think they’d get off on imagining his Jesus as being a gun-toting, sword bearing executioner of all those who don’t share his beliefs. After all that’s exactly the god they and other lunatic extremists have created