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RuPaul Demands A “Rupology” From Direct-TV For Dropping LOGO – We’ll Just Say Thank You

Ru Paul is mad as hell that DirectTV has dropped OH-NO LOGO-TV from its current lineup.

DirecTV Group Inc. stopped carrying channels owned by Viacom Inc.this past week because of a contract dispute.

Viacom and DirecTV have had an agreement for seven years, which Viacom says meant that it has been paid below-market rates for the programming. DirecTV, meanwhile, says Viacom is asking for too much money.

Unfortunately Viacom also owns MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central so they also went bye-bye.

Oh Ru, too many years of tucking has obviously cut off the blood to your brain permanently.

Viacom should apologize to us for trying to shake us down for more money after making LOGO unwatchable and absolute shite.  (Also Viacom is being incredibly greedy)   And if you think the loss of LOGO is a good pitch point to use to make people call DirectTV think again girl.

Bitch we all hate fucking LOGO!