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WARNING: Anti-Vax Covidiot Truckers Plan Convoy From California To DC

WARNING: Anti-Vax Covidiot Truckers Plan Convoy From California To DC

Plans for a demonstration by truckers in the United States similar to the one in Canada (by many American truckers) appear to be gaining momentum announced Brian Brase, a trucker who is organizing the American effort with no concern on how this will affect American families

Brase appeared on FRC hater Tony Perkins’ show last week. The next night, he was hosted by Tucker Carlson.

The projected route may start in Sacramento, Calif., and end in Washington, D.C., but Brase declined to comment on details of the convoy until an official announcement was made.

The real question is with a “supposed” trucker shortage in the U.S. already complicating the supply chain, these people will give up their income, risk losing their jobs and livelihoods to make a statement? .WHO exactly is financing these truck drivers? and convoys. It must cost a small fortune to use one of these vehicles for these endeavors..

Follow the money.

ACT UP to Hold 25th Anniversary Demonstration Tomorrow In NYC – TAX WALL STREET, STOP AIDS!

Tomorrow morning (4/25/2012)  at 11 am ACT-UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) will celebrate its 25th Anniversary by marching on Wall Street demanding an end to the global crisis that began 30 years ago and decimated almost an entire generation of hay men in the 1980’s.

Hundreds of AIDS activists will gather outside City Hall to hear brief speeches on current topics of concern on HIV/AIDS issues, with specific demands, including the need for a Financial Speculative Tax to be funneled to health care.  The demonstration will leave City Hall and go down Broadway, with a couple of other stops at key locations, ending at Trinity Church with a personal commemoration of loved ones lost to AIDS. ACT-UP chapters and supporters are busing into New York from Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington and other cities to participate with the New York groups.  A number of supportive national and local organizations and individuals will join ACT-UP in the demonstration, including Housing Works, National Nurses United, and Occupy Wall Street, among many others.

25 years ago ACT UP members demonstrated at Wall Street and Broadway to demand greater access to experimental AIDS drugs and for a coordinated national policy to fight the disease.

Seventeen ACT UP members were arrested during this civil disobedience.[

The demonstration will start  at  11am Wed., April 25th starting at City Hall at the corner of Murray and Broadway. An American Sign Language Interpreter will be provided.


Gay Rights Activist Roughed Up and Arrested During "FLASH" Pride Event In St. Petersburg, Russia (Video)

At least five gay rights activists were roughly arrested and taken to a police car in St. Petersburg, Russia Saturday for holding a banned rally outside the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. Protestors had hoped to outwit authorities by only revealing the site at the last minute.

About 30 protestors had gathered outside the famous Hermitage museum on Palace Square, shouting slogans such as “Equality without compromise,” “Homophobia is an illness,” “Homophobia – the country’s shame” and “Marriage rights without compromises.  Activists had kept the location of Saturday’s rally a secret until the last minute in an attempt to prevent the arrests. Organizers said it was only their “military planning” that prevented further arrests at that rally.

A small group of anti-gay activists also showed up, attempting to attack the protesters. At least four of them were also detained.

Moscow’s Mayor Yury Luzhkov has described gay pride parades as “satanic” and gay rights activists have condemned the Russian authorities’ refusal to allow gay rights demonstrations.

As we celebrate gay pride today in many places in America please let us remember our oppressed brothers and sisters in Russia and other parts of the world.