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Senator Carl Levin Now Says That The "DADT’ Repeal May Be Stripped from Defense Bill

Here comes the foreshadowing.

Senator Carl Levin is now acknowledging that the ‘DADT’ repeal amendment may have to be separated from the main Defense authorization bill:

“I’m trying to get the bill through Congress. I’m the committee chairman for a 900 page bill. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is two pages of 900 pages. My focus is different from the media focus. I’m just trying to get a bill passed,” Levin told reporters at the Capitol building on Tuesday.

While no final decisions have been made, Levin said one option was to separate the language on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” from the rest of the bill, and then making two separate efforts to pass the both pieces of legislation.

“I’m trying to get both done. And if I can’t get both done, I want to get one of them done,” Levin said.

Who does Levin think he’s fooling? If DADT is stripped from the Defense authorization bill and addressed separately after the military report is issued there will not be enough time and Congress will focus on other lame duck legislature thats “more important” than civil rights. They know what the report contains, and  to wait 2 more weeks until after it is released is ludicrous. This is nothing more than Sen. Levin trying to pass the buck back to Obama since he doesn’t have the backbone to take a stand on this issue either.

And WE need to grow a backbone also.

If the DADT repeal is not passed I wish that every gay man and woman in the military would come out on the same day and then see see what happens to the readiness and morale our military.

John McCains’s BIG GAY Meltdown On The Senate Floor Over D.A.D.T and Hate Crimes (Video)

Grandpa Munster, John McCain had a major hissy fit on the Senate floor yesterday as he obstructed Senator Carl Levin’s (D-MI) attempts to schedule floor debate on the Defense Authorization bill for when the Senate returns from its one month recess,

So why is Mr. Senility pissed?  Because last year The Hate Crmes Act was attached to the Defense Authorization bill and this year D.A.D.T might be attached to Defense Authorization bill.  So mcCain is objcting to us GAYS!

It”s like this guy is the Manchurian Candidtae for the Family Research Council.

The Senate needs Term Limits, a Mandatory Retirement Age, and an Idiot Test,.