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Only In Philadelphia – Councilman Defamed With Outrageous False Gay Claim. Jury Finds That Defendant Did So "Without Malice"

This makes absolutely no sense.

A jury yesterday found that an angry voter defamed City Councilman Jack Kelly with false claims about “voting with the homosexual lobby” to “promote sodomy to our youth” in a 2007 flier but did so without malice.  (Okay, I’ll play.  What did he do it with love and support?)

The Defendant, Paul Corbett, targeted Kelly because the councilman had voted to force the local Boy Scouts chapter to pay $200,000 per year or move from its headquarters on city-owned land if the group continued to ban participation by gay people.

Corbett acknowledged that some claims in his flier were inaccurate but said he had a right to express his opinion on Kelly.

“It was done in anger,” Corbett said of the 5,000 fliers he and his family stuck on cars parked in churches in Northeast Philadelphia before the 2007 election. “It was done with hyperbole.”

Kelly won that race by just 123 votes and blamed the flier for the slim margin. He was seeking damages, including $27,000 he spent on legal and public-relations fees during a ballot recount.

Kelly said he was disappointed with the verdict, calling the flier “vicious, hateful and malicious.”

“I think people should be held responsible for their actions,” Kelly said of Corbett.

In plain language that jury was dumb as dirt, or bigoted themselves if they believe if the actions of Corbert was done “without malice”.

How about a statement from GLAAD please?  (But they probably don’t even know about it)

Only in Philadelphia kids, only in Philly.