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"Boycott Fox News!" Is The New Rallying Cry For Haters After Discovery of LGBT+ Support and “Subsidizing Glory Holes”.

“Boycott Fox News!” Is The New Rallying Cry For Haters After Discovery of LGBT+ Support and “Subsidizing Glory Holes”.

Your monster. Your problem.

The Daily Wire’s hirsute madman Matt Walsh is on the hunt for FOX NEWS now following the revelation that showed FOX encouraged its employees to donate and support LGBT+ causes.

Matt Walsh obtained internal documents from Fox News employees showing that Fox Corp. encourages employees to support radical LGBTQ organizations and has deployed “woke AI” that tracks people’s commitment to DEI principles. A screenshot of a Fox employee portal shared by Walsh showed that the company encourages employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center.

The Fox employee portal pushes employees to the Trevor Project, an organization that Walsh said “hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with ‘LGBT’ adults.” The Ali Forney Center supports injecting children with cross-sex hormones, and Fox praises the organization for helping “homeless LGBT youth.” The Daily Wire host wondered how a news organization that has positioned itself as a conservative platform could allow LGBTQ principles to take over.

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 *Walsh has called a suicide prevention hotline a “sexually explicit chat room.” His 24-post Twitter thread went viral overnight. Walsh has called the rainbow flag a “symbol of hate” and said that he’d rather be dead that have a trans child. Earlier this year he called for executing doctors who treat trans children.

Meanwhile Charlie Kirk who proves anyone can have a podcast was shocked that FOX Is “Subsidizing Glory Holes”

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk looked up “glory hole” on his laptop during a show on Thursday after expressing confusion over what the term meant.

In a viral social media thread on Thursday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh claimed he had obtained internal documents which showed Fox Corp “celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about “glory holes’” in a transgender memoir that was recommended to staff.

Kirk reacted to Walsh’s post on his show Thoughtcrime with Jack Posobiec and questioned, “What is a glory hole?” Kirk, still puzzled by Walsh’s Twitter thread, said, “I don’t understand. Wait, so then why is Fox… they’re subsidizing glory holes for their employees?”


Think of it this way, Charlie Kirk: Unlike you, Glory Holes provide a service to the community. And it’s probably the only way your ugly mug will ever get laid.

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