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Pentagon Sends Out Part Two Of DADT Repeal Survey And It’s Just As Homophobic, Insensitive and Insulting As Part One

The Pentagon, which it seems is doing everything in it’s power to drag out the Repeal (Which is really a non-repeal compromise) of DADT has sent out the second part to its military survey on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, this time to approximately 150,000 military spouses and it is just as insensative and insulting as part one..

The survey is sent with a letter from Defense Secretary Robert Gates, which read:

““As you know, in his State of the Union address this year, President Obama called upon the Congress to repeal the law commonly known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Following that, I directed the Department of Defense to consider how to best implement a repeal of this law should that occur. This survey is part of that effort. Your responses to this survey will help us assess the impact of a change in the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law and policy on family readiness and recruiting and retention.”

Alexander Nicholson Executive Director of Servicemembers

“This survey of military spouses contains many of the same insulting and derogatory assumptions and insinuations about gays and lesbians that ran throughout the last survey. Answer choices suggest things like the Defense Department possibly distributing flyers in military neighborhoods if, as they say, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is repealed and that the ‘readiness’ of military families might somehow be impacted. Again we stress that neither the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff nor anyone else would ever stand for such insulting questions being asked about any other minority group in the military in this day and age. The Pentagon’s senior leadership should seriously consider Servicemembers United’s offer to meet with them in person to talk about the insensitivity of these surveys and how the poor handling of these surveys might negatively impact implementation.”

One of the most  most devious part of the survey. Under question  #15, “What are the MOST IMPORTANT factors you and your spouse consider when making decisions about his or her future in the military? PLEASE MARK UP TO 3 FACTORS,” optional answers include: “Our children’s well-being.” They might as well have written  “Knowing my children are safe from fags” because that is the intent that is broadcast loud and clear in that question.

If Gates wants to ask about military readiness enlisted families perhaps he should be asking.  “How would it affect your family readiness should your loved one, either the father or mother of your child, be sent to die on foreign soil for a worthless, tiresome, counter-productive war effort that has bankrupted the country that we had no reason to be in in the first place?”

What do you think the response would be then?

At this point why ant Gay or lesbian would even want to serve, let alone live in this discriminating hateful country is beyopnd me.

If I ever get a chance.  I’m outta here!

Servicemembers United has posted the full survey.HERE.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Barney Frank Throws A Hissy Fit, Alexander Skarsgard,’s Face, Gay MASCAR, Cheyenne Jackson, Douchebag Ryan Leslie and MORE!

* Congressman Barney Frank who is roughly worth about $1 Million dollar, scaused a HUGE scene when he was denied a $1 senior citizen discount on his ferry fare to Fire Island.  Hey Barney! Maybe if you caused that much of a scene in The Senate we might get Equal Rights sometime soon! 

*  Only 20 Gay and Lesbian Couples have married in Portugal since the country has leagalized same sex marriage.

*  Alexander Skarsgard is the new face of Hickey Freeman. Hopefully his body will be also. 

Quers4Gears reports that The Phoenix International Raceway will be reaching out to gay NASCAR fans.  HOT DAMN!

*  Only about 10% of the Pentagon’s ‘DADT’ Surveys Have Been Returned.  Maybe , just maybe soldiers have better things to do like, um, maybe fight a war? (Let me add a senseless war.)

*  Cheyenne Jackson (pictured at left) is going to bring both BUTCH and BITCH to “GLEE” next season as he becomes the new vocal coach of  the GLEEK’s rivals Vocal Adrenaline.  Bend over and take it like a man Mr. Schuester!

*The Real World: New Orleans Ryan Leslie has issued an apology via Twitter and to GLAAD for his anti-gay and violent tweet last week. Who cares man you are still a douche.

Dan Choi and Michelangelo Signorile Appear on CNN Newsroom With Dan Lemon (Video)

Dan Choi and Michelangelo Signorile appeared on CNN last night and talked about Choi’s recent discharge, how the movement that has been made on the DADT repeal reently is a direct result of Choi’s involvement in the activism against DADT, how the DADT and the DADT surevey being homophobic biased.

An nteresting watch. It would be nice if network news would do interviews and  stories like this.

It Turns Out That President Harry Truman DID Poll White Servicemen In The 1940’s About Intergrating The Troops. But The DADT Survey IS EVEN MORE Offensive!

Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky headed over to The National Archives and uncovered documents showing that back in the 1940s President Harry S, Truman did indeed survey caucasian soiulders to see if they minded serving along side African Americans and did they ever.with a whopping 85 percent opposed to even having the same Rec Room let alone barracks and  a Gallup poll showed 63 percent of American adults favored segregation in the military.But that still did not deter Turman from issuing his executive order(Learn a lesson there Barack.)

Volsky writes:

“While smaller, these racial polls share some common questions with the DADT survey. In fact, in some instances one can even replace ‘negro’ for ‘gay’ and end up with today’s questionnaire. Both polls ask servicemembers if they objected to working alongside minorities, how they felt serving with minorities, how effective minorities are in combat and if their feelings have changed about the minority after serving with them

Does this give Obama and Mullins a free pass on the survey now since we have found out that Truman did it?  The answer is a resounding NO!    It’s no longer 1945.  It’s 2010 for pitys sake.  And with BOTH the surveys being so alike this actually PROVES how much America HAS NOT evolved in the past 65 years in its prejudices against it’s own citizens.  And what makes Obama’s and Mullins  DADT survey even MORE OFFENSIVE is the fact that we have an African American President who gave it the greenlight the offensive DADT survey even though there was a survey in the 1940’s that was equally offensive to African Americans. 

Pentagon Might Consider Segregation Of Gay and Lesbian Troops If DADT Is Repealed

As the the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell survey, which was distributed to 400,000 members of the Armed Forces this week.has been blasted (and rightfully so)  for everything from its focus on the troops’ supposed feelings about showering with gay and lesbian colleagues to its use of the bias-engendering term “homosexual.” Geoff Morrell, a Pentagon spokesman has now said that teh survey could lead the military to conclude that it would “perhaps need adjustments to facilities themselves,” indicating that it is not outside the realm of possibility that, in order to preserve the privacy and modesty of heterosexual service members in group showers and barracks, the military would consider segregating gay and lesbian service members in some way.

WTF?  The possiblity of Gay and Lesbian segregation coming  from the administration of a black president?  Oh the perverse irony
Sure.  By all means separate bunks for homosexual soldiers. Also, as soldiers may object to sharing rooms with Muslims, separate bunks for Muslims, Hindus, and Catholics. Vegans should not be forced to sleep across the room from Omnivores. Nor Calvinists with Methodists. Southerners should be separated from basically everyone, particularly Coastals. Also, True Bloods from Twihearts. We don’t want any more “incidents” of Harry Potter bashings either: Ravenclaws, keep your hands off the Hufflepuffs!

Fucking bigoted assholes……

Ar times like this I think we should petition the Crown to be readmitted to the UK. Mayhe the American Revolution was a bit rash. We’d be ahead of the game if we’d have stayed put. (And we’d have much better television.)