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The Conservative Women Of 2011 Calendar Otherwise Known As "The Frigid Bitches of the Right Calendar" Is Now Available!

I know that you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for this.  The Great American Conservative Women Of 2011 calendar otherwise known as “The Friged Bitches of the Right Calendar”  is now available for your dart playing pleasure  Yes for only $25.00 + S&H you can be graced with the Medusa like visions of Wingnut blogger Michelle Malkin and horse faced Ann Coulter and even Michelle “I’m a Craaaaaazy BITCH” Bachman every month for a year!  (And if that doesn’t make you queer nothing will.)

Better hurry they are going fast.  After all John Boehner and Mitch McConnell need something to jerkoff to!

What’s "Too Gay" Today?: Sexy Columbian Golfer Camillio Villegas NAKED, Christina Agulara Like the Big "V", GLEE De-Gayed In Chili, James Franco as Mapplethorpe?, Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra?, Laura Bush As A Bitch!, and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Get "Gaybies". BFD!

Fuck Tiger Woods.  Colombian golfer Camilo Villegas brings sexy back to Golf.  Wait was it ever sexy? Anyway Camillo poses nude for ‘body issue’ of ESPN magazine. Erotic? Weird? You decide

*  Chile’s Channel 13/Canal 13, where Glee airs, is known also by its full corporate name, Corporación de Televisión de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and is heavily influenced by the Church and so it has DEGAYED “GLEE”!  (Actually the Church OWNS the Network, which it is selling now,  Were they afraid of Sue Sylvester? ) I know that you think that means the episodes would be only 20 seconds long.  So far the biggest change is “Rachel doesn’t speak about her “dads.” She speaks ins Spanish about her “dad.” This channel is totally anti-gay rights. So Glee is in part giving this channel lots of ratings and credibility”  Hmmmm whats going to happen when they catch up to the episodes with Brittany and Santana’s scissoring?

James Cameron and Angelina Jolie rumored to bring their version of Cleopatra to the big screen..  What the hell is this the white version of “Dreamgirls”?  Cleo was only 21 when she meat Julius Caesar.  Angies adopted kids are almost that old now. 

Laura Bush says that “Supporting Marriage Equality was not her responsibility”.  But supporting a lying, inept,  law breaking, sack of shit President was I suppose.  Just keep telling yourself that Laura.  (I always hated you anyway BITCH)

A woman claims that she was propositioned by Christina Aguilera at a popular gay bar in LA. Back in May, Aguilera told Out Magazine that, while she finds women attractive, there’s one thing she can’t live without: “My husband knows that I get into girls. I think it’s fun to be open and play. The line is real to me. My husband and I check in with each other, but I definitely love women. I think they’re more attractive to the naked eye. I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman…And you know, I love dick. To be honest, that I cannot live without.”

James Franco to play Robert Mapplethorpe?  James you told me you were STR8!

*  Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Welcome Twins!  BIG SHIT.  I like Neil alot but the over saturation is beginning to hit it.  Besides more “gaybies”?  Please.  This headline would ahve been better if it read. “Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Buy Well Hung Sex Slaves!” 

WANTED FOR MURDER: "Mission America" President Linda Harvey

“In some young lives come the bullies. They are a part of life, especially for boys. But for the young person with same-sex attractions, this is the final straw where they feel totally trapped, with internal feelings they have been carefully taught ‘cannot be changed’ on the one hand, and harsh peer rejection on the other. Yes, it looks hopeless indeed.

“But there’s a solution. First and foremost, kids should be told the truth that no one is born gay. Despite any budding feelings he or she may have, many people who felt similarly at that age went on to change both their feelings and behavior, and to be well-adjusted adult heterosexuals, some married with children. The gay lobbyists actively prevent kids from knowing this option. Why can’t they be ‘pro-choice’ regarding homosexuality?” – Mission America president Linda Harvey, in a World Net Daily column titled Is ‘Gay’ Agenda To Blame For Teen Suicides?

Here we have another Christomaniac Bully and Murderer, Linda Harvey of Mission America.  Harvey is a despicable human being who goes out of her way to use anything that she can to bash the gay community.  Going so far as once using  the Tel Aviv shootings as another opportunity to bash the gay community.

Harvey wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to her and bitch-slapped her so hard it made her twat jiggle.

So, Linda, how are you planning on washing that blood off your hands?  Because hear is some news for you Lady Macbeth, it doesn’t come off.

 To contact Linda Harvey, please call (614) 442-7998 or use the Mission America Contact Form

Mexican Singer Paquita La Del Barrio:"I’d Rather a Child Die Than Be Adopted By a Gay Couple" (Thats Okay By Me You Ugly BITCH.) – (Video)

Paquita La Del Barrio, a popular Mexican singer known for her strong stance against “the sexist male culture” is making headlines today by openly spewing some homophobic hatred in an interview in which she said that she would rather see a child die of hunger in the street than be adopted by a gay couple. (What a cunt.)

The bitch added that if she had a son she would never be at peace if he was with a gay couple — a child needs to be with someone who deserves him.

Video below with translation from Andres Duques at Blabbeando

Tea Party Candidate – "Rosa Parks Did Not Move To The Front Of The Bus To Support Sodomy"

Wingnut and Shew Barb Davis White

Last week, Minnesota held its first ever marriage equality hearings when the state’s House Civil Justice committee began considering three same sex unions bills. None are expected to pass, but that didn’t stop Barb Davis White, Teabagger and candidate for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, from offering up some hatefuligoted bile at the hearing.

Rosa Parks did not move to the front of the bus to support sodomy. There is no difference between a black person and a white person other than their skin color when there’s a tremendous difference between a man and a woman. Allowing a black woman and a white man to marry does not change the definition of marriage. However, allowing two men or two women to marry would fundamentally change that definition

If Rosa Parks were alive today, she would tear Barb Davis White’s hair off her scalp.

White doesn’t deserve the civil rights that we all have fought for her to have. If that’s her take on ’sodomy,’ then she should go back to living as a second-class citizen in order to known what it’s like to be treated differently. Once she’s tired of leading her life as a second-class citizen, then maybe she will have the sufficient empathy in her heart to realize that it’s not up to the public to grant/deny civil rights, because those rights exist despite the public’s opinion.

So I am going to call this evil cunts statement and raise her a statement by one true America civil rights leader: Coretta Scott King:

“Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity, and their personhood.”

Oh and by the way Barb you ignorant big fat hiefer.  Rosa Parks DID NOT move to the front of the bus. She was in the back of the bus and refused to give up her seat when the front got too full for all the white people.

Learn your own Equal Rights history you BITCH!