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John Luguizamo Cries Cultural Appropriation While Fidel Castro's Daughter Approves of the Casting of James Franco

John Leguizamo Cries Cultural Appropriation While Fidel Castro’s Daughter Approves of the Casting of James Franco

On Saturday actor John Leguizamo has slammed the decision to cast James Franco as former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in ‘Alina of Cuba.’

“How is this still going on? How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well? Leguizamo posted. “No more appropriation Hollywood and streamers! Plus seriously difficult story to tell without aggrandizement which would b wrong! I don’t got a prob with Franco but he ain’t Latino!

Leguziamo then went one step further and asked supporters to not put any support behind this movie by taking the decision to boycott the film.

But not everyone feels that way including Castro’s daughter Alina Fernández, who told Deadline she supports Franco playing her father in “Alina of Cuba. “James Franco has an obvious physical resemblance with Fidel Castro, besides his skills and charisma,” she told the publication, “I find the selection of the cast amazing.”

As for Leguziamo all he had to do was look at Wikipedia to see that Franco’s father was of Portuguese (from Madeira) and Swedish ancestry, And while he is there John can look himself up and see that he has played drag queens, gay men. and a French midget in Moulin Rouge.

Cultural appropriation that Mr. Lugiziamo.

Pope Francis & Anti-Gay Russian Orthodox Church Issue Joint Denouncement Of Gay Marriage

Pope Sex Pic

Because you know he is the gay friendly, kinder and gentler Pope.

Yesterday in Cuba Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church had the first meeting between the heads of their churches in over 1000 years. So naturally the first thing they did was issue a joint written denouncement of gay marriage.

The New York Times reports:

As he approached the Russian patriarch amid the clicking of news cameras, Francis was overheard to say, “Brother.” A moment later, he added, “Finally.” The two men embraced, kissing each other twice on the cheeks and clasping hands before taking seats. “Now things are easier,” Patriarch Kirill said. Francis responded, “It is clear now that this is the will of God.”

The meeting was richly symbolic: Francis, leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, stood with Patriarch Kirill, leader of the largest church in the Eastern Orthodox world, with an estimated 150 million followers. But it was also about geopolitics, rivalries among Orthodox leaders and, analysts say, the maneuverings of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia — who is closely aligned with the conservative Russian church.

For Francis, the meeting was an ecumenical and diplomatic coup that eluded his predecessors but that also opened him to criticism that his embrace of the Russian patriarch would indirectly give a boost to Mr. Putin as he wages a war in Syria and continues to meddle in Ukraine.

The Vatican has published the full text of their joint statement HERE.

 Here is the anti-gay portion:

The family is the natural centre of human life and society. We are concerned about the crisis in the family in many countries. Orthodox and Catholics share the same conception of the family, and are called to witness that it is a path of holiness, testifying to the faithfulness of the spouses in their mutual interaction, to their openness to the procreation and rearing of their children, to solidarity between the generations and to respect for the weakest.

The family is based on marriage, an act of freely given and faithful love between a man and a woman. It is love that seals their union and teaches them to accept one another as a gift. Marriage is a school of love and faithfulness. We regret that other forms of cohabitation have been placed on the same level as this union, while the concept, consecrated in the biblical tradition, of paternity and maternity as the distinct vocation of man and woman in marriage is being banished from the public conscience.

Very rich coming from the heads of two of the largest pedophilia rings in the world.

Cuba’s Eighth Annual March Against Homophobia and Transphobia Organized by Mariela Castro Draws Thousands – Video

Mariela Castro


Yesterday at a yearly event  organized by President Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro; The Eighth Annual March against Homophobia and Transphobia, well over 1000  LGBT Cubans marched through the streets of Havana to protest against LGBT discrimination and call for same-sex marriage to be allowed in the ever evolving country,

Although same-sex marriage remains illegal, dozens of couples took part in symbolic gay weddings presided over by religious leaders from Cuba and the US.

“Same sex marriage is already legal in Argentina and Uruguay and in Mexico City. And we’ve always celebrated their achievements,” said Mariela Castro, who is head of Cuba’s Sexual Health Institute.

“So we’re not interested in being the first. For us, it’s just about achieving it in the first place,” she added.

Two years ago, Cuba did something that the United States has not been able to achieve and enacted a law banning workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Cuba once sent gays to labor camps in the early years after the 1959 revolution have made great strides in recent years with help from Mariela Castro, the daughter of current President Raul Castro and niece of Fidel.


Fidel Castro’s Niece To Host International LGBT Convention In Cuba Next Week

gay history

Next week Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban president Raul Castro and Fidel Castro’s niece will be hosting Cuba’s first LGBT International LGBT Rights Convention.

While homosexuality is legal in Cuba, no LGBT rights legislation exists officially. In 2010 Fidel Castro publicly apologized for the treatment of LGBT people during his regime, calling it a “great injustice.”  Thousands of gay people were rounded up and placed in internment camps while he was in power. At the height of the AIDS crisis, HIV+ Cubans were quarantined. Today Cuba produces generic HIV drugs and provides them free of charge.

Via The Washington Blade reports:

The sixth International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ILGALAC) Regional Conference will take place in the beach resort of Varadero. A number of parties and other events are scheduled to take place in nearby Havana, the Cuban capital, during the gathering. “As the host country for the sixth ILGALAC Regional Conference, Cuba is not exempt from the problems of the region’s LGBTI communities,” states the organization. “The humanistic nature of the Cuban Revolution has focused on the human being in his teleological purposes since its beginning. Although the Cuban LGBTI movement does not have the organization of other international movements, the fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the country is now evident with more impact and achievements.”

US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) spoke out against the conference saying: “Hosting a conference on LGBT rights is just another farcical attempt by the Cuban regime to pretend they care about anyone’s rightsThe sad reality is that the Cuban people are harassed, beaten and bullied for having a point of view that differs from the regime’s. This desperate move to seem tolerant does not even come close to obscuring the repressive reality on the island.”

“Harassed, beaten and bullied” Funny Ileana sounds a lot like Florida in some places.

Cuba Beats America By Installing Workplace Protections for LGBT’s While ENDA Is Dead In The Water


The Cuban parliament has just passed an historic change to the island’s labor codes and have expanded the codes with language that explicitly protects the LGBT community and bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and received support from Christian and intellectual parliamentary leaders.

Blogger Francisco Rodriguez who is better known by his nom de plume Paquito El De Cuba broke the news on Friday evening with a series of tweets in Spanish that read as follows:

“Experienced a countless number of emotions today at the Parliament. We now have the 1st law that protects gays, in this case at the workplace. The intense parliamentary debate left it almost for certain that the labor law will also ban discrimination based on gender identity. [President Raul Castro‘s daughter] Mariela Castro proposed banning discrimination based on gender identity and obtained the support of Christian and intellectual parliamentary leaders.”

riting before the vote took place blogger Camilo Garcia – better known as k1000g – wrote that, if passed, it would “be the first time in the history of Cuba when there is a bill explicitly protecting the rights –specifically at their working environment– of the people who have decided to live openly in contrast with heterosexual norms” (“On the eve of a significant step“).

Camilo ends by writing the following:

It also constitutes a valuable step, because it was the citizenship participation that brought this issue to the legislation. It happened without any public action, because –as expected– the national media did not say a word about it during the numerous press reports they have published in the last few months during this process… Something like this makes us think in two things: It may be a demonstration that the perception of the Cuban people about sexual orientation is changing, slightly for good, and that people have lost their fear to talk about it and to defend openly their rights openly. Then we are also talking about an important step against patriarchal power in Cuba… It will also be an action of historic fairness ¿How many people we know that haven’t had access to a job, or have left their profession, due to homophobic actions? ¿How many we know who has suffered in silence all their lives, or have taken more radical decisions –emigration or even suicide– as a result of homophobia? It is clear that this step brings more challenges. Among them, the necessary changes in regulations not to leave the new Working Code to fall on deaf ears. The subject of “gender identity” is still pending because –although people don’t understand it– trans people may not be homosexuals… and they still remain excluded from this piece of legislation. Besides, there’s still an urgent need of a wide and effective education campaign among the general population that addresses respect to sexual rights. In May 2013 the ILGA map recognized that 66 countries have adopted explicit protection rules over these peoples. Cuba might be number 67 and keep taking new significant steps… because it is important to work out on policies that protect the rights of all people – and including sexual orientation as it was done at the 2012 Party Conference – but it is more important to make those commitments real by making them the law.

Meanwhile the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would protect America’s LGBT workers in one form or another hasn’t been able to be pass and be signed into law since 1974.

H/T Blabbeando

Fidel Castro’s Neice, Mariela Castro Leads Hundreds Through The Streets Of Cuba For LGBT Rights

Mariela Castro, a noted gay rights advocate and head of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education,  led a colorful march of over 400 hundred LGBT and straight allies and advocates through the sweltering streets of the capital for LGBT equality.  The event is linked to the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17

Mariela, niece of Fidel Castro and daughter to the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro earlier this weel praised Barack Obama on the final stage of his “evolution” to supporting same sex marraige:

The U.S. president delivered a message that was humane, understanding, in which he even recognizes that he too has been changing his opinion in favor of marriage, the free union of same-sex couples,” said Mariela. “Hopefully his words will be taken seriously in the political and legislative decisions made in different states and in the whole world.”

Mariella Castro has predicted for years that Cuba’s parliament was on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, but it has yet to happen. She said she hopes legislators would finally follow through when they next meet in July.

Gay Families to Gain Recognition in Cuba?

So Latin America, a staunchly Catholic part of the World, is making more progress on LGBT equality than the “Land of the Free”? Good times. From Edge on the Net:

Cuba’s detractors point to the island nation’s socialist government and declare that Cubans live under freedom-killing tyranny. But gay and lesbian families there may be on the brink of achieving a kind of freedom that not all of their American counterparts enjoy: Legal recognition, and with it better means to protect and provide for their families.

CNN reported in a July 29 article that the Cuban government, spurred on by efforts by Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela, who has tirelessly worked for reform in Cuba for the sake of GLBTs there, is contemplating civil unions.

Son Of Cuban Exiles GOP/Tea Party Sen. Marco Rubio Stands Against LGBT Freedom and Equality

“I want to thank Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership for taking action to defend this critical law that was enacted by a bipartisan majority in Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton. It is unfortunate that President Obama decided to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. While much of the debate in Washington is focused on creating jobs and growing our economy, we should not sit by while this administration makes profound and regrettable decisions based more upon the politics of the day than the words of our Founding Fathers. This law protects one of our most sacred institutions and because of the House’s actions today, it will be defended.”
Senator Marco Antonio Rubio the junior GOP/Tea PartyUnited States Senator from Florida, who also just happens to be son and third child of Cuban exiles who came to America for individual rights and freedom.  Has the nerve and gall to defend DOMA and stand against LGBT Equality.

This just goes to prove that Homophobia, hypocrisy and stupidity comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Fidel Castro Takes Full Responsibility For Cuba’s Persecution Of Gays

Fidel Castro thas old a Mexican newspaper La Jornada that he accepts responsibility for Cuba’s persecution of its  persecution of thousands homosexuals in Cuba in the 1960s, calling their internment in forced-labor camps “a great injustice.”

Castro said that the revolutionary government’s actions represented “a great injustice – a great injustice! – whoever committed it. If we committed it, we committed it. I am trying to limit my responsibility in all that because, of course, personally I don’t have that type of prejudice.” The interviewer paraphrases him as saying that “everything came about as a spontaneous reaction in the revolutionary ranks that came from the nation’s traditions. In the old Cuba, blacks were not the only ones discriminated against; there was discrimination against women and, of course, homosexuals.” Was the Communist Party to blame, the interviewer asks. “No,” Castro responds. “If anyone is responsible, I am. True, at that time I couldn’t concern myself with the subject. I was deeply and mainly involved in the October Crisis, the war, the political issues. But in the end, if responsibility must be assumed, I assume mine. I’m not going to blame others,” Castro says.

Mariela Castro, Fidels niece, is also a gay rights activist and daughter of current President Raul Castro which might have some bearing on Castro’s change of heart.

I am happy for the Cubans. This is a tiny step forward, maybe a very big step forward considering in what high regard many Cubans still hold Castro. But I wonder what the late Reinaldo Arenas would have to say in response?

Fidel Castro’s Niece Leads A Crowd Of Hundreds On A LGBT Rights March Through The Streets Of Cuba

Mariela Castro yesterday lead a parade of hundreds of Cubans through the streets of Havana as part of the International Day Against Homophobia. Last year Mariela’s father, Raul Castro, replaced Fidel Castro as president of Cuba.  Cuba has come a long way in accepting homosexuality. In the 1960s, shortly after the revolution, homosexuals were fired from state jobs and many were imprisoned or sent to work camps. Others fled into exile. But that began to change in the 1980s, in large part to the work of Mariela Castro’s center. Recently, the government has even agreed to include sex change operations for transsexuals under its free national health system, another project championed by the center.  Mariela has also been campaigning for marriage equality in Cuba as well, although that movement has seen little advancement.

It’s a great thing that Mariella Castro is doing.