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Anti-Gay Hate Crime Convicted British Jihadist ‘blows himself up in ISIS suicide mission in Iraq’

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The Daily Mail is reporting that British man convicted of anti-gay hate crimes and then left England to become a radical jihadist with ISIS in Syria has ‘blown himself up in an ISIS suicide mission’ in Iraq, according to reports on social media.

Kabir Ahmed, 30, is understood to have killed a prominent Shia leader in the blast in the northern Iraqi city of Baiji yesterday. The married father-of-one, known as Abu Sumayah al-Britani, was twice convicted of gay hate crimes in Derby.

In February 2012, Ahmed became one of the first citizens in the UK to be given a 15-month sentence for distributing homophobic leaflets.

Ahmed was also part of a 30-strong mob of Muslim protesters who carried anti-homosexual placards during the Derby’s Gay Pride parade in August 2011.

The hate-filled placards had slogans saying: ‘Homosexuality = A crime against God.’

The protesters also reportedly told spectators that ‘gays will go to hell’ and that ‘we hope you die of AIDS.’

Ahmed was eventually found guilty of being part of a group of five Muslims who handed out leaflets depicting a mannequin being hung by a noose, calling on homosexuals to be given the death penalty.

The leaflets claimed that ‘Allah permits the destruction’ of gay people and that ‘the only question is how it should be carried out.’

Another leaflet, entitled ‘Turn or Burn’, called homosexuality ‘the root of all problems’ and showed a figure burning in a lake of fire.

In court, Ahmed commented that he thought gay people should be ‘shunned’ from society and ‘if we don’t stop it something like a tsunami will happen here, something on that scale.’

Ahmeds presence in Syria came to light  after an interview with the BBC, when he claimed ‘everyone’s got their name on the (suicide bombing mission) list and everyone is asking the Emir (leader) to push their name up. Everyone wants to fight for the sake of Allah.’

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Iraq and are looking into them.’