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Today In Infighting Is Funny: Trump vs. Cruz at the GOP Debate ““This guy will say anything!” – Video

Trump v Cruz

I love the smell of GOP cannibalism in the morning and thanks to last night’s GOP debate this morning stinks of it thanks to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Trump and Cruz got into such a shouting match that provoked the moderator threatened, “Gentleman, I’m going to turn this car around.” Because both men went off on feeding frenzy of each other.

After Ted Cruz went after Donald Trump at tonight’s debate for being a fake conservative who’s held plenty of liberal positions in the past, Trump exploded. Cruz claimed that Trump supports federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Trump shot back, “You are the single biggest liar!” Trump said that he lied about Ben Carson in the much-debated Iowa fracas and is spreading false claims about him in South Carolina. He cried, “This guy will say anything! Nasty guy! Now I know why he doesn’t have one endorsement from any of his colleagues.”

The saddest part of the while argument?  Trump is actually the occasional voice of reason on the Republican side when it comes to some issues like Planned Parenthood.

Pass the popcorn please.


Statement Regarding Transgender Identity Watch Exposed’s Slanderous Post Regarding The “Drop the T” Petition


Last night a trans -activist named Melissa Savage who obviously has too much time on her hands and hatred in her heart against gay men wrongly accused me of being the author of the “Drop the T” petition that has been posted on Change.org.

The author of this petition is a seasoned gay rights blogger who identifies as left-wing, but with racist, misogynistic, and transphobic views that line him up with the neo-reactionary TERF movement quite well. His name is Will Kohler, a gay rights activist in Covington, KY, United States. He owns a blog known as Back2Stonewall. (Facebook Page.)

Ms. Savage attacks myself. My website, and my integrity by twisting circumstantial evidence in her delusional mind to justify her hatred and anger.

That being said I am not the author of the petition and many of my readers and friends in the LGBT activist community know that and will stand by my side and support me.

While I am angry at this unsubstantiated and unwarranted accusations I am also sad that Ms. Savage has so much hate in her heart to gay men.

If anyone is responsible for a backlash against the trans-community it is Ms. Savage and trans-activist like her that give her community a bad name.

Will Kohler

Teabaggin Tennessee State Rep Tells County Clerks: Do not give marriage licenses to the gays!”

Rick Womick

Tennessee State Rep. Rick Womick, R-Rockvale has gone rouge. 

The anti-gay politician has sent a letter to all 95 county clerks in Tennessee urging them to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and also claiming that the governor and attorney general are “bullying” county clerks into issue the licenses.

Womick is adamant the high court overstepped its legal bound.

Only Congress and state legislators have that power to create law. We will not be controlled by an oligarchy of five individuals in black robes,” Womick said. “If you really have a problem with that, you five justices, then come down to Tennessee and try to enforce your ruling.”

Womick is working with fellow crazed tea bagger bigot U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais to impeach those five Supreme Court Justiced and also co-sponsored TN HBHRJ0071, which “Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Tennessee recognizing that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior.” He also co-sponsored TN HB0615, which would have deemed The Holy Bible as the official state book of Tennessee

Womick sent his letter out by mail last Wednesday. So far, he has not received a response from any clerks indicating they would ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling.