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Cabinet of Deplorables: Anti-Gay Virginia Foxx Who Called Matthew Shepard’s Murder A “Hoax” To Head Education Committee


Anti-Gay Virginia Foxx Who Called Matthew Shepard's Murder A "Hoax" To Head Education Committee

Anti-gay Republican Virginia Foxx on April 29, 2009, in a speech on the House floor claimed that Matthew Shepard’s death was merely the result of a robbery gone bad despite the fact that his killers Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson  admitted they knew his sexual orientation and even pretended they were gay to lure him away from the bar he was in at the time.  Now Foxx who has been named to head the House Education Committee says her main plan is undo every advance achieved by the Obama administration. Via Politico:

Virginia Foxx pulled herself up by her own bootstraps and wants every American child to be able to do the same. As the 73-year-old GOP lawmaker and former community college president is poised to assume the leadership of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, she plans to help deliver on that idea — or at least, erase what she regards as Barack Obama’s wrongheaded approach.

Foxx, who boasts she was “tea party before the tea party started,” is blunt about her agenda: She says she will do everything possible to expunge most of Obama’s education legacy. She is a strong supporter of school choice as President-elect Donald Trump rolls out his $20 billion school choice plan emphasizing vouchers — and she expects to have an ally in Trump’s pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

“I’m going to push to diminish the role of the federal government in everything it’s in that isn’t in the Constitution,” Foxx said in an interview in her district. “That’s education, health care. All the things that the federal government does that it should not be doing. I’m happy to diminish its role.”

She wants to re-examine the role of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, which conservatives revile for its focus on issues such as campus sexual assault and bathroom access for transgender students. “The office deserves some scrutiny, let me just put it that way,” Foxx said.

Foxx has a long history of opposing every LGBT issue that has come across her desk, hate crimes, ENDA – you name it.  She  also says The Affordable Care Act  is literally “worse than terrorism.”