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Dan Choi Defends Attending CPAC To Michelangelo Singorile… MASSIVE FAIL!

Dan Choi appeared on The Gist hosted by Michelangelo Signorelli today to defend attending the Conservative Political Action Conference with GoProud, the waaaaaay far right fringe Republican gay group it’s President the ab obsessed Chris R. Barron who seems to happily bash the gay left. “The American Taliban” as he calls them and whose group stands against many gay rights issues.such as the fact that Barron and GOProud stand with the the GOP saying that gay marriage should be up to individual states only . GOProud also opposes ENDA. GOProud opposes the DOMA repeal. GOProud opposes partnership inclusion in UAFA.  That a really good gay rights agenda there so it just makes sense Choi would defend them, right?

You can listen to Choi’s excuses by clicking HERE

Personally I think they are all bullshit.  I was actually holding judgement until I heard this interview and I will go on record as calling Choi a media whore right now.  Not even he could be so naive to believe that his presence will “change” anyone there.  And so everyone knows just to be fair I also have feel the same way about Choi going to receive an award from “The Task Force” aka NGLTF which had to rebrand because people were beginning to realize that Rea Carey and NGLTF do jack shit and messed up our entire fight for rights during Obama’s first two years in office by kissing ass and doing nothing.

For Dan Choi, who I once though was a LGBT hero to attend CPAC with a gay group that seems hell bent on hurting us and to accept an award from a group that at one time called him dangerous to cause is an insult to those of us who once believed in him and proves that the INTEGRITY that he once had is gone.

So fucking pathetic.