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IT'S BACK:  New COVID-19 Subvariant XBB Is Part of a ‘New Class’ of Omicron

REMINDER: COVID Is Not Over! – 12,500 Americans Died Of COVID-19 In July.

Told you so.

Via USA Today: “COVID is over” might trend within social media circles, but weekly U.S. death tolls tell a different story. The pace of COVID-19 deaths has remained relatively steady since May, despite an uptick in July to about 400 a day, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins University data. In July, more than 12,500 Americans died of COVID-19, according to the USA TODAY analysis. “We’re sitting on this horrible plateau,” said Dr. Daniel Griffin, an infectious disease specialist with Pro Health Care in New York and a clinical instructor of medicine at Columbia University. “It’s been this way for the past couple of months, and we’re getting used to it.”

Translation: “We’re done trying to fix the problem, we now are being “groomed” to live around it.” stage of how we handle all problems in this country.

See also: Homelessness, gun violence, poverty, domestic terrorism and the rising tide of Republican fascism among other things.

ALL Major Airlines, Uber, And Amtrak Drop Mask Mandate

ALL Major Airlines, Uber, And Amtrak Drop Mask Mandate


United, American, Delta and Southwest Airlines all announced that mask requirements would be suspended in the U.S., and on select international flights, effective immediately. JetBlue Airways said Monday evening that masks would be optional in the U.S. Face masks are also now optional onboard all Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Uber announced Tuesday that riders and drivers are not required to wear masks, though it stressed that the CDC still recommends them for people with certain risk factors or those living in areas with high transmission levels.

Oh yeah. This is gonna end well. -smh-

Will you continue to wear your mask?

Sound off in the comments below.

ATLANTIS EVENTS Gay Circuit Party Cruises Change Social Media Policy to Ban "Sexually Explicit Pics.

ATLANTIS EVENTS Holds Anniversary Cruise. Crams Over 5000 People On Board During COVID

Get onboard the biggest event of 2022 for Atlantis’ 30th Anniversary! 5500 guys. Superstar performers. Cutting edge productions. Legendary concerts. Mind-blowing parties. And you! All on the world’s largest and most spectacular ship. Sail from Miami on the new Oasis of the Seas with friends from around the world for a superstar-studded festival of endless fun and excitement unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.


At a time when many cruises have been cancelled because of the recent surge in the Omnicron variant of the Coronavirus! But that didn’t stop Atlantis Events from holding their 30th LGBT Anniversary cruise. (aka gay party sex boat) And while many cruise lines capping capacity at 50% to 70%. Atlantis and Royal Caribbean who owns the ship decided that wasn’t needed. I mean it’s not like the Gay and LBT community hasn’t been through a pandemic/plague before.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am at the greed of both Atlantis and RC for packing the ship. There were 712,051 cases of Covid19 reported in the United States yesterday alone. And while the Omincron variant is less severe it is still dangerous to people who have underlying conditions and who are immune deficient. This is not rocket science. But obviously GREED means more than the health and welfare of a community that has already lived through the ravages of one pandemic.

And to make matters worse this cruise literally set sail the day after the expiration of the CDC mandates and as you can see from the pictures above none remained in effect.

Omnicron is 3x’s more communicable than any variant before and this time we cannot protect ourselves with rubbers.

ATLANTIS Events should be ashamed and shunned. And just so they know will be following any cases that develop over the next 2 weeks from the cruise and reporting on them

Lets just hope the next variant isn’t called Homocron.

Greedy fucking bastards.

*Full disclosure: I myself am an avid cruiser and actually cruised in late November. There were only 800 passengers. It was 25% full and there was not one case of coronavirus reported onboard..

Marjorie Taylor Greene Crazy Lunatic

“Isolation Boxes” Proposed For Mask Refusing House Reps All of Whom are Republican

House Democrat, Katherine Clark (D-Mass) the fourth-ranking House Democrat and Assistant Speaker has the sergeant-at-arms to force lawmakers who defy the chamber’s mask mandate to cast votes from enclosures in the gallery above to limit potential spread of COVID-19.

Clark said it’s clear that existing fines are not enough to deter certain lawmakers from repeatedly flouting rules requiring everyone to wear masks in the House chamber. And with the highly contagious omicron variant driving caseloads in the nation’s capital to record levels, Clark argued that pandemic safety rules need to be enforced.

She suggested using plexiglass enclosures in the gallery overlooking the House chamber, which were installed last year so that lawmakers subject to quarantine could still cast votes when proxy voting was temporarily unavailable.

Yahoo news

The House mask mandate was first established in July 2020 because numerous GOP lawmakers refused to wear masks, including one who tested positive for COVID-19 after spending time in the chamber and at committee hearings.

Every Democratic House of Representatives member has been vaccinated and boosted.

Two far-right extremist Republicans, Georgia Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andrew Clyde, have each been fined tens of thousands of dollars for repeatedly ignoring the requirement that everyone in the House chamber wear a mask during the pandemic.

If the House chamber has a rule and you break the rule – for example, you refuse to wear a face mask – why aren’t you barred from entry into the chamber? Totally barred.

The entitlement of the GOP and the the inherent failure of House Rules Committee when the Republicans break rules to take them to task is a massive failure of our Government.

Dr. Fauci and a Majority of Americans Demand Firing Of Fox New's Jesse Watters Over His Call To “Ambush” Fauci With A “Kill Shot” [VIDEO]

Dr. Fauci and a Majority of Americans Demand Firing Of Fox New’s Jesse Watters Over His Call To “Ambush” Fauci With A “Kill Shot” [VIDEO]

“Now you go in with the kill shot – deadly. Because, with an ambush, he doesn’t see it coming.” – FOX NEWS Host Jesse Watters

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, on Tuesday called on Fox News to fire host Jesse Watters for targeting him with violent rhetoric at a conservative conference earlier this week.

“Now you go in for the kill shot. The kill shot? With an ambush? Deadly. Because he doesn’t see it coming,” Watters said.

“That’s awful that he said that. And he’s going to go, very likely, unaccountable,” Fauci told CNN of Watters’ remarks. “I mean, whatever network he’s on is not going to do anything for him. I mean, that’s crazy. The guy should be fired on the spot.”

White House Declares Coronavirus Pandemic Over, Praises Trump's First Term Accomplishment.

White House Declares Coronavirus Pandemic Over, Praises Trump’s First Term Accomplishment.

On Tuesday, the coronavirus’ U.S. fatality toll topped 227,000 Americans dead and the nation averaging more than 70,000 – 90,000 new cases per day.  Ironically also on Tuesday the Trump administration triumphantly declared victory over the COVID-19 pandemic in a new 62-page report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy listing what it claims are the scientific and technological accomplishments during Donald Trump’s first term which includes “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.”

Despite the fact that the pandemic is far from over thanks in no small part to the Trump administration’s mishandled response this new falsified report proves that the Trump administration has not only surrendered to the pandemic but is also trying to to steer public attention away from its failure to control the spread.  

A recent report from Columbia University estimates that the “abject failures” of government agencies under Trump resulted in between 130,000 and 210,000 avoidable deaths attributable to COVID-19. Meanwhile Trump Trump is pushing insane, conspiracy theories that the media is trying to sow fear ahead of the election and that health officials are exaggerating COVID-19 deaths because “doctors get more money and hospitals get more money.”

Trump Calls For More UN-Civil Disobedience With Impending Arrest on Tuesday.

Trump Administration: “We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic”

They surrender. We die.

CNN reports:

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Sunday that the US is “not going to control” the coronavirus pandemic, as cases surge across the country and nearly 225,000 Americans have died from the virus.

“We are not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas,” Meadows told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

Pressed by Tapper on why the US isn’t going to get the pandemic under control, Meadows said: “Because it is a contagious virus just like the flu.” He added that the Trump administration is “making efforts to contain it.

Just unfucking believable. Donald Trump and his whole damn administration should be arrested and charged with murder for every American who ied of the Coronavirus

Shannon Bennett

AIG Insurance Denies Claim Filed By Family of Dead Gay Sheriff’s Deputy Who Contracted COVID-19 In The Line of Duty

Insurance giant AIG has denied the claim filed by the family of Shannon Bennett, a gay Florida Sheriff’s deputy for accidental death in the line of duty last month. Bennett became the first officer to die in Broward County of the coronavirus.

AIG is claiming that Bennett’s death didn’t occur in the line of duty; “rather, it was caused in whole or in part by, or resulted in whole or in part from sickness or disease, specifically excluded under this policy.”

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office joined the family in protesting the claim denial, as the office believes Bennett contracted COVID-19 while on duty. AIG denied also denied the appeal on behalf of the family, which was sent by the BCSF.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony released the following statement:

One of the most difficult tragedies to endure in this profession is a line of duty is death, We are committed to helping the Bennett family. We pay thousands of dollars each year for this insurance, and I’m extremely disappointed that AIG is denying this claim. We will exhaust all appeals. I have directed my command staff to review our contract with AIG. We hope as we have further dialogue with AIG, they recognize the global impact in [the] message that they are sending to our first responders.

AIG has acknowledged that Shannon Bennett did likely contract the virus while in the line of duty, but has held fast to the decision not to honor his benefits.

You all know what to do.

AIG Twitter: https://twitter.com/AIGinsurance

AIG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AIGInsurance/

AIG Corporate Headquarters:

IT'S BACK:  New COVID-19 Subvariant XBB Is Part of a ‘New Class’ of Omicron

Trump Administration Seeks To Block Billions In COVID-19 State Testing, CDC, and Pentagon Pandemic Funds

Via The Washington Post:

The Trump administration is trying to block billions of dollars for states to conduct testing and contact tracing in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill, people involved in the talks said Saturday.

The administration is also trying to block billions of dollars that GOP senators want to allocate for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and billions more for the Pentagon and State Department to address the pandemic at home and abroad, the people said.

The administration’s posture has angered some GOP senators, the officials said, and some lawmakers are trying to push back and ensure that the money stays in the bill. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal confidential deliberations, cautioned that the talks were fluid and the numbers were in flux.

As of this writing over 140,000 Americans have died been murdered due to Donald Trump and his administration’s mishandeling of the coronavirus pandemic since March of this year.

Image may contain: 2 people, closeup, text that says 'Murderers'
Lansing, Michigan Gay Sex Club Closed For Violating COVID-19 Orders

Lansing, Michigan Gay Sex Club Closed For Violating COVID-19 Orders

Club Tabu, a backroom gay sex club in South Lansing, Michigan was closed Friday after police served the business with a cease-and-desist order for violating coronavirus restrictions.

Health officer Linda Vail, who represents Ingham County, told the alt-weekly publication City Pulse that a retail portion of the Fantasies Unlimited complex which sells pornography, lube, poppers had been open in violation of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency COVID-19 order.

Via City Pulse:

Vail said the Ingham County Prosecutor, Carol Siemon, had police serve a cease-and-desist letter a week ago, but the business ignored it. She said it closed after police served a second letter this afternoon. Fantasies is at 3208 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The club to which Vail referred is called Club Tabu, which caters to gay men. According to a customer, who did not want to be identified, patrons pay a fee to be buzzed into a large area with rooms for private encounters with one or more other men and monitors showing explicit sex films. One room features “glory holes,” where men could have oral sex through holes in the wall, he said, while another room has a sling.

“On top of that, there’s a club in the back room which has been opening and there’s a lot of close contact. No way they are 6 feet apart,” Vail said.

The Club Tabu right-wing media, who used the fact that the business remained open as a weapon for attacking Whitmer’s order.

Said right-wing propaganda outlet PJ Media which caught wind of the story and is now using it to attack Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Megan Fox wrote: “Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is by far the worst. That was made clear with the news that a gay swinger’s club with ‘glory holes’ is being allowed to operate under her nose in Lansing while she aims her business-killing death ray on 77-year-old barber Karl Manke for giving haircuts.”

Let’s set an example boys. Let’s keep it in your pants or hands until this is all over.