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AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: Only God Fearing “Christians” Can Claim First Amendment Rights!

Bryan Fischer  2

Well  American Family Association’s resident  spokesdouche Bryan Fischer, is at it again writing for the AFA’s website that after dog years of pondering that he believes that the First Amendment of the Constitution is only for right-wing extremist “Christians.”  (Sorry all my Church of Back2Stonewall followers.)

“I have contended for years that the First Amendment, as given by the Founders, provides religious liberty protections for Christianity only. Most attorney types, befuddled by years of untethered Supreme Court activism, think it covers any and all religions you can name. The results of this expansive but badly misguided understanding of the First Amendment have not been too costly to this point. But with Islam growing in America like a noxious weed, some of the more troublesome aspects of this distorted view of religious liberty are becoming evident, when it comes to things like school curricula, halal food, and Christian evangelism at Muslim street fairs. These problems have been brought into stark relief now by Satanists, who are pressing for exactly the same kind of religious liberty protections the Supreme Court just recognized for Hobby Lobby.” 

Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law, respecting establishment of religion. . . .”

Tell me, Mr. Batshit Bryan Fischer, what part of that don’t you understand?

I think its time for a new term for these radical crazy religious loons.

I shall hence call them.  Christapo™.


Judas Priest’ Rob Halford Thinks Chick-Fil-A Debate Is About Free Speech…It Isn’t

Singer for the Rock Group Judas Priest recently spoke out about the public controversy of Chick Fil A seeing the debate as a freedom ideas (NO). Halford starts off by saying “Before I get into this, I just want to say that I love America. I love the American Constitution and the First Amendment,” And all citizens should be treated fairly and equally, right Rob? But he doesn’t stop there.

Further, Rob feels that if you look at the basis of the debate and “if you really get into the heart and soul of this great country, it’s all about the constitution and the First Amendment and freedom of speech.” But this isn’t just about free speech Rob.

Halford, who is openly gay, feels that despite our opinion for wanting equal rights, protection, and safety that “the people at Chick-fil-A have the absolute right to say and do what they want. It doesn’t matter that all of these people disagree with their opinion.” The fact that you as a gay man thinks this is just about free speech is ridiculous Rob.

Rob thinks the controversy and strong opinions on both sides as “it’s great. That’s our right here. What you’re seeing here are the elements of the American Constitution in all of their glory. It’s a wonderful thing to see happening and talk about and the fact that everyone is discussing the gay rights issue is great.” 

Okay Rob, you say it’s about the Freedom of Speech and The Constitution so how how about LGBTQ men and women should be treated equally, which we aren’t. So now do you see that marriage equality is not the ONLY reason why we are against them. And while they have every right to say whatever they feel we sure as hell have every right to disagree with their “beliefs”.

Also, a brief mention to the writer of the article who believes the company doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation. This is also untrue, as Chick-Fil-A has been sued over a dozen times for discrimination.

Rob…here’s a question for you: did you read anything about the issue or just brush through it? I don’t understand how as a gay man Rob you can completely miss the entire poiint of this argument. As a free loving flip flop wearing hippie I understand wanting to be respectful but it is so much more then that.

I am so irritated musicians, actors, celebrities, and anyone else that continually gets this wrong after all of this coverage. This is NOT just about marriage equality. Rob and anyone who hasn’t yet, please read up on what Chick-Fil-A really stands for. They support hate groups that aim to setback the LGBTQ community while treating us like second class citizens or worse. Basically, know ALL points to an argument before giving such a laid back and misguided opinion.

NAACP Announces Full Support Of Same Sex Marriage, 2 Board Members Vote Against It.

The  NAACP, the “nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization,” has stepped  forward to endorse same sex marriage equality through resolution after a historic board meeting this afternoon. The move comes 10 days after President Obama

The resolution states: “We support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

The Board at a at a leadership retreat in Miami passed the resolution endorsing same-sex marriage to oppose any efforts “to codify discrimination or hatred into the law.”

NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous, said “civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law.”

All but two of the organization’s board members, (whose names have been witheld) voted against the resolution  according to sources within the NAACP.