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Fox News Channel says it has hired Caitlyn Jenner as a contributor, with her first appearance set for Thursday on Sean Hannity's program. Jenner

#CPAC2021 – Fellow CONservatives Hound Caitlyn Jenner at CPAC. Deadnames Her, Calls Her “Tra**y” [VIDEO]

On Saturday at CPAC, Caitlyn Jenner in a statement said she was surprised at the media’s “fair” coverage of her campaign since announcing her run for governor of California against Gavin Newsome in April. 

 Jenner told Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that she was unsure at the start of her campaign how the media would cover her but described it as “much better” than she thought. 

What hasn’t been better is Jenner’s treatment by her own ilk. No more than 2 hours after her statement above Jenner was hounded by fellow “Republicans” who chased after her calling her “Bruce”, “Tranny”, and her stance on teaching LGBT history in schools.

Jenner is a train wreck, a fame whore, and a delusional republican and we have at this website have no sympathy or respect for her. Especially since it’s obvious she has no respect for herself or the LGBT community as a whole.

Kim Davis From Jail: Cockadoodie! Today’s Marriage Licenses Are Invalid Without My Signature! [VIDEO]

Bigot is thre New Black

Using her shyster lawyer and hate group leader Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, as her mouthpiece, Kim Davis has declared from her jail cell that the marriage licenses issued today to same-sex couples in Rowan County, KY are invalid without her signature.

Yahoo reports:

A jailed Kentucky clerk asserted that marriage licenses issued without her authority Friday to gay couples in Rowan County are void and “not worth the paper they are written on” because she didn’t authorize them, her attorney said. Kim Davis now wears an orange jumpsuit and “has already been doing Bible studies with herself” in jail, her attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel told reporters after meeting with her behind bars. He said Davis is in very good spirits, and is prepared to stay as long as it takes to uphold her religious freedoms. “She’s not going to resign, she’s not going to sacrifice her conscience, so she’s doing what Martin Luther King Jr. wrote about in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, which is to pay the consequences for her decision,” Staver said. Meanwhile, Staver said he’s preparing to appeal U.S. District Judge David Bunning’s contempt finding as one of several legal challenges on her behalf.

This is just another telling example that her agenda is not about her personal religious beliefs of wanting “reasonable accommodation” and simply that she is a homophobic bigot and she feels it is her right to prevent gays from marrying.

Earlier this morning Davis’ 4th husband/uncle/cousin, Joe Davis, said his wife was in good spirits after her first night in jail. while holding a sign that says “Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Ah. KKK-hristian love.

AFA Hate Group’s Don Wildmon Makes Insane Predictions for Year 2060: Christians Are DOOMED!


“What will religion look like in the year 2060? Conservative Christians will be treated as second class citizens, much like African Americans were prior to civil rights legislation in the 1960s. Family as we know it will be drastically changed with the state taking charge of the children beginning at birth.  Marriage will include two, three, four or any number of participants. Marriage will not be important, with individuals moving in and out of a ‘family’ group at will. Churchbuildings will be little used, with many sold to secular buyers and the money received going to the government. Churches will not be allowed to discuss any political issues, even if it affects the church directly. Tax credit given to churches and non-profit organizations will cease.

“Christian broadcasting will be declared illegal based on the separation of church and state. The airwaves belong to the government, therefore they cannot be used for any religious purpose. We will have, or have had, a Muslim president. Cities with a name from the Bible such as St. Petersburg, Bethlehem, etc. will be forced to change their name due to separation of church and state. Groups connected to any religious affiliation will be forced out of health care. Health centers get tax money from the state, making it a violation of church and state. Get involved! Sign THE STATEMENT.” – Hate group leader Donald Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association.

Lots of great ideas there Don!  Oh and by the way, St. Petersburg IS NOT mentioned in the Bible.

Oh “Conservative Christians”  I  can’t wait for 2060!

Tax ’em,  prosecute ’em, and then lets get mean.

Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council Memo: We Must Go On Offensive, Indoctrinate and Astroturf

Not unlike the discovery of the infamous National Organization for Marriages “race-baiting” documents,  Jeremy Hooper at Good As You has discovered a strategy memo from Tony Perkin’s officially recognized hate group the Family Research Council detailing its future spending and strategy plans on how to move ahead spreading their anti-gay and religious extremist agenda.

Here are a few highlights:

GO ON OFFENSE: FRC has consistently played great defense. But at this “moment of critical mass” for this and the next generation, we must go on the offense to advance the Christian worldview as America’s only hope. We must double our impact!

GENERATE BIASED RESEARCH: Society listens to academic research, so we must use the language the secular world understands to prove that marriage and worship are foundational to a healthy society and economy. The left has many large institutes manufacturing faulty research to support their anti-family agenda, pro-family conservatives need a social science research powerhouse.

TARGET YOUNG PEOPLE: We have an aggressive plan to engage high school and college students, equip young leaders, and find new ways to communicate truth to the internet generation… we must flood the public debate with fresh, new pro-family activists. FRC must expand our development of materials and video curriculum to equip pastors and laypeople to effectively engage the culture… To expand our reach, we must expand our team that works directly with pastors and their congregations.

FUND ASTROTURF MOVEMENT: Many battles happen on the state and local level where grassroots activists need FRC’s expertise, and where it is easier to be proactive… we can do unlimited lobbying and more political activity through our affiliated 501(c)(4), FRC Action.

The FRC intends to spend 35 million dollars on this OFFENSIVE project.

You can read the entire outline over at Jeremy’s site by CLICKING HERE.