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Video – First Fosters, Then Miller, Now Guiness Airs Commercial Focusing On Straight Men With Gay Insecurities


FYI…..Guinness whch is brewed in Ireland is owned by British multinational Diageo (who also own Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, Seagrams etc). Diageo also own Red Stripe lager – the Jamaican brewed beer. And Diageo got into hot water some years ago from gay groups because of its sponsorship of a Jamaican music festival which featured homophobic dancehall acts.

Video – GLAAD Media Award Nominee Miller Brewing Company Airs Homophobic Commercial.

GLAAD has nominated  the Miller Brewing Company for a Media Advertising Award this year for its Miller Lite brand making the case once again that there is no reason for GLAAD to exist and they are woefully out of touch, off base, and in it for the money. 

If not how could they nominate Miller for an award while the company is responsible for this commercial.

GLAAD you are an embarrassment.

Video – Foster’s Beer "Man Tan" Commercial – Homophobic or Funny? You Decide

Foster’s beer advice gurus Brad and Dan answer an urgent question from a caller: “Can I rub sunscreen lotion on my mate’s back ?”

Now I have read a few comments on other sites that they think this commerical is highly homophobic.  On the other hand Fosters is also going out of its way to make the title characters Brad and Dan come off as some Boozy, Aussie slacker,  beach bum boys and the guy who’s calling the line as a uber straight uptight clueless asshole.

Just HOW PC is TOO PC?

Homophobic or funny?  You decide

Stop8.org Releases Video Exposing the Lies In The national organization For Marriages Latest Attack Ad On The "Activist" Judges Of Iowa (Video)

Stop8.org has released a video taking down the many lie sof  the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)  ad in support of the right-wing campaign to replace three Iowa Supreme Court justices that they released last week.

Stop8.org’s video are rational and in my opinion GREAT.  I wish that someone would help them get more money to up the production value alittle, re-do them and actually air them in the television markets in Iowa that NOM is airing thier’s as a counterpoint.

What Happens If You Let 100 Cats Loose In An IKEA At Night? Watch This Video And Find Out

After all the DADT News and responses today time for a small break and maybe some would consider a life affirming event. (Unless you are a dog person, of course)

Watch as nn English IKEA decided to release 100 live house cats overnight to see what happens.

Why?  Why not?

Hillary Clinton For President 2012 Commercial (Video)

Even though HillaryClinton, who has said she won’t run for president 2012. (For now)  But that hasn’t stopped Chicago dentist William DeJean from launching Hilllary’s 2012 presidential campaign by running a pro-Hillary ad on television . The 30-second spot, says Clinton has “more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents” and is “one of the most admired women” in America’s history. “Let’s make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 will be on the ballot in 2012,”  (Sopunds good to me and probably the only way I will vote at all).

The $5,000 advertisement has run in New Orleans and may soon hit Washington, New York, and Los Angeles.

Hillary has not commented on the ad

NBC and MSNBC Will Not Air MoveOn.org’s "Boycott Target’ Ad Citing "Controversial Issue Advertising Policy" And Has Absolutely Nothiong To Do With Biting The Hand That Feeds Them. (Video)

MSNBC and its parent, General Electric, has released a statement refusing to air MoveOn.org’s ad calling for a boycott of Target, stating the spot doesn’t ‘comply with NBC’s ‘Controversial Issue Advertising policy”

MoveOn.org had purchased a week of airtime in Minneapolis and nationally on MSNBC and Tten Parent MSNBC pulled the ad “because the ad is a direct attack on an individual business.’ While in fact, the ad referenced ‘Target and other corporations.

I am sure that NBC’s decison has nothing to do with th fact that TARGET spends MILLIONS of dollars a year in advertising on its stations.  Besides NBC’s commercial time is all filled up with BP propaganda commercials. 

Way to show Integrity NBC!  Maybe Rachel maddow and Keith Obermnan should do a story on this?