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Colorado LGBT Rights Organization Kills Activists Push For 2012 Same Sex Marriage Ballot Initiiative

Mark Olmstead, a 19 year old activist in Colorado decided to do something worthwhile for his community and because of the high-profile gay rights advances and increasing popular support for gay marriage he wanted to get an  initiative on the ballot in Colorado that would repeal the state’s ban on same sex marriage

There was an outpouring of individuals who said they’d help collect the 100,000 signatures by January 2012 but not one Colorado LGBT organization stepped forward with to help.

The reason?  MONEY.

Colorado’s largest gay rights organization One Colorado which backed a failed  civil unions bill that in this year’s legislative session said that a ballot initiative was just too expensive.

Olmstead has said One Colorado contacted him after being cleared by the state to collect signatures in July asked him to withdraw his initiative after because it would conflict with its push for civil unions, but spokeswoman Jessica Cook Woodrum said that isn’t the case.

“We didn’t ask Mr. Olmstead to withdraw the initiative,” she said. “We met with him and had a frank conversation about the difficulties of any ballot initiative, but we didn’t ask him to withdraw.”

Cook Woodrum said One Colorado applauds Olmstead and supports the spirit of the proposal, but cautions now is not the time to ask the LGBT community to finance what would most likely be a multi-million dollar campaign.

Obviously same sex marriage is not worth the expense to One Colorado and Civil Unions through the legislature is the (cheap) way to go. (Here’s a hint One Colorado to succeed you should be doing be supporting BOTH ballot and legislature methods.  Stop being so cheap and lazy)

The two Colorado democrats  have vowed to reintroduce the failed civil unions legislation in 2012.  Which One Colorado will undoubtedly back.  After all.  It’s a bargain!

With LGBT Organizations like this running the show is it any wonder that we get nowhere fast and that grassroots activist and advocates get disillusioned. 

Mark Olmstead Back2Stonewall.com applauds your effort.  PLEASE don’t let Gay Inc. stop your passion for equality.

Civil Unions.  How very 2001 of them.