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FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: I Am Sure That Will Issue An Anti-LGBT Executive Order On “Religious Liberty”

FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: I Am Sure That Will Issue An Anti-LGBT Executive Order On “Religious Liberty”


CNBC reports:

A prominent conservative Christian leader on Tuesday expressed confidence that President Donald Trump will still take executive action to uphold “religious liberty” despite a White House statement that the president will uphold existing protections against “anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination” by federal contractors. “I think this is going to be addressed,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. Proponents of “religious liberty” argue that religiously oriented workplaces should be allowed to consider a person’s sexual orientation in doing business.

Perkins said the statement does not preclude a new executive order protecting religious organizations from “having to change their views on human sexuality and marriage” while holding contracts with the federal government. Though he notes that he hasn’t “gotten complete clarity,” he said, “I have every confidence” that President Trump will act along the lines of a proposal offered previously by Republican Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma to exempt “any religious corporation, religious association, religious education institution or religious society” with a federal contract from Obama’s directive.

We all do expect Trump to pull some sort of religious liberty bullshit and we should be concerned.

We should also be concerned that CNBC calls Tony Perkins “a prominent conservative Christian leader” as well

Video – Suze Orman Talks About The Economic Hardships That Denying Same Sex Marriage Has On LGBT Couples

Oh her Friday show.  Financial guru and out lesbian dedicated an entire episode on her nationally televised CNBC show on the economic impact and hardships that marriage inequality has on LGBT couples and the problems that we face with such issues as estate  taxes, adoption rights, health insurance pensions, and social security.

Said Orman to her audience:

“I am asking all of you to join in on this fight, so to speak, that we have.  Marriage equality, the ability to get married—should  be a right for every single person in America regardless of sexual orientation.”

YOU GO GIRL! As soon as the FULL episode is available I’ll post it.