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Flashback Friday – 1974: Jack Deveau’s Avant-Garde Gay Porn Cult Classic “DRIVE” (1974) – Video



Jack Deveau, whose Hand in Hand Films are generally considered to be some of the finest produced all-male skin flicks in the 1970’s second feature DRIVE was the largest-scale gay porn production of its time and perhaps ever.

The plot concerns Arachne, played by co-writer Christopher Rage (of Hollywood Babylon fame under the psuedonym “Mary Jim Sstunning”) attempting to steal a secret formula that would destroy the sex drives of all men, in an effort to “free all men, liberate them as I am liberated, unshackle them from the bonds of their carnal drive and elevate them to a higher way of life.” (Sounds like some castrating trans-activists we know today.)

It is at once a madcap homage to sci-fi B movies of the 1950s, a vehicle for presenting hardcore sex in novel ways, and a strong statement about repression in the age of sexual liberation. With its colorful graphics, special effects,

Drive featured a cast of over 50 actors, a plot, motorcycles, and gorilla suit and is an an avant-garde gay porn cult classic that must be seen to be believed.



New Belgian Gay Film Stirs Up Controversy

A new Belgian gay film is stirring up a bit of controversy here in the Low Countries of Europe. Mixed Kebab, a new film by Guy Lee Thys delves into the world of being gay and Muslim and all the baggage that comes along with that. Whether it’s racism from the white community or homophobia from the Islamic community. This is a film that is sure to raise some fairly important questions. The director says he got the idea from a newspaper “I read a poll that said that 90% of young Muslims [were] against homosexuality, while 90% of the young Belgians did not [care].”

See the trailer below and please leave your thoughts.

“Mates” — Excerpts from Film by Antonio da Silva

Here’s a short excerpt from the Antonio da Silva film “Mates.”

“Mates” is a home made explicitly sex story about contemporary gay experience.
It is a film a bout “real life”, anonymous bodies using online flirting, spontaneous random brief encounters, pornography, social media, hyperconnectivity, etc.

MATES from Antonio da Silva Films on Vimeo.