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What Fuckery Will SCOTUS Be Up To In It's Next Session? Affirmative Action and Gay Rights Of Course.

What Fuckery Will SCOTUS Be Up To In It’s Next Session? Affirmative Action and Gay Rights Of Course.

When its next nine-month term begins in October the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on the use of race in college admissions and the intersection and the use of free speech and gay rights.

The 2022-2023 court term includes several cases that will test the court’s commitment to precedent.:

GAY RIGHTS- SCOTUS will hear an appeal from Lorie Smith, a Colorado resident, is challenging a state law that prohibits businesses from discriminating on a variety of factors, including sexual orientation.  Smith refused to start creating pages for same-sex weddings because doing so would be at odds with her faith.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: SCOTUS will hear an appeal from a special interest group called Students for Fair Admissions accused Harvard of favoring Black and Hispanic applicants over Asian Americans. Lawrence Bacow, Harvard’s president, has said eliminating race as a factor would make it more challenging for the school to create a diverse student body. In the North Carolina case, the Supreme Court took the rare step of intervening before a trial judge’s decision made it to the appellate level.

It looks like it might be a rough Fall.

For $10,000 Focus on the Family Will Teach Your Kids That Gays Aren’t Like Blacks

For just under $10,000 dollar’s  your high school and college age child child can attend Focus on the Family’s Focus Leadership Institute is an eight week course partnered with  partner with the Colorado Christian University which “exists to sharpen leaders from the inside out by engaging students in a semester of rigorous academic exploration and intense Christian community” will inductronate you children into becoming the next generation of Christomaniac haters!

And just to prove that you are and your kids are cut from the same evil cloth (polyester, of course.) to be selected, you must sign a pledge which includes the below policy statement.  Which among other things states that gays aren’t like blacks and latino’s because they are better educated!

Homosexuals are entitled to the same basic rights as other citizens. Focus on the Family stands against any movement to rob them of those rights, persecute them, deprive them of employment or housing, or harass them in any way. Nevertheless, Focus does take strong exception to the activist movement that seeks to gain special privileges and protected minority status for the homosexual community. There is no evidence that homosexuals, as a class, are discriminated against in the present society. They are not like African-Americans, Hispanics or other historically disadvantaged groups, for they have a far higher average income than most Americans, a higher level of education than most Americans and significant political influence. Focus on the Family also opposes the efforts of radical homosexual “social reformers” who wish to redefine the family, permit homosexual “marriages,” be able to adopt children and recruit the young.

I always wonder why if we’re so smart, rich, and well-connected how is it we’re still so damned oppressed?  

But they were semi-right right about one thing. 

“They are not like African-Americans, Hispanics or other historically disadvantaged groups.” 
I can’t remember the last time I heard of an African-American or Latino being disowned by his/her family for revealing he/she was indeed a an African-American or a Latino.

Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Perkins Has Proven Ties To The Ku Klux Klan

This isn’t exactly “new” news.  But it has been forgotten over the years that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins does have ties to white supremacists. a  This information must brought to light again and again. 

In 1996, Tony Perkins paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke $82,000 for use of his mailing list.(Both Perkins and Duke are from Louisiana)  At the time, Perkins was campaign manager for Louis E. “Woody” Jenkins, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana. The Federal Election Commission fined the Jenkins campaign $3,000 for attempting to hide the money paid to Duke. The Family Research Council has always claimed that Perkins was unaware of David Dukes involvement with the KKK even though it was well known at the time.  Of course, if Perkins had been unaware of Duke’s connection to this list and the Klan then why did they try to hide the money paid to David Duke?

But that’s not all…..

In 2001, Perkins addressed the Council of Conservative Citizens (successor organization to the anti-integration White Citizens Council) – a known racist group with an agenda of white supremacy. CCC members focus on issues like interracial marriage, which the group calls “mongrelization of the races”; black-on-white violence; and the demise of white Southern pride and culture, best exemplified in the debate about the Confederate flag. Additionally, in its heightened rhetoric about the expropriation of states’ rights by the federal government and by an impending “New World Order,”  Perkins refuses to answer questions about his affiliation with this White Supremacist organization  Associates of the CCC include Mark Cotterill, Chris Temple, Jared Taylor, Paul Fromm and once again David Duke.

So in 1996 Perkins he didn’t know Duke had “KKK” white supremacist/Klan connections but 5 years later in 2001 Perkins speaks at a white supremacist hate group meeting that had associations to David Duke and the “KKK”?

BIG coincidence.

In 2002, Perkins embarked on a campaign to run for the US Senate Perkins was dogged with questions about his involvement with David Duke. Perkins issued a flat denial that he had ever had anything to do with Duke, and he denounced him for good measure. Fortunately for us, Perkins’s signature was on the document authorizing the purchase of Duke’s list.”

To this day Perkins refuses to talk about this and respond to questions in hopes that it will go away.  And it seems to be working until now.  And I for one WILL NOT let this information fade into the woodwork.

Perkins is an anti-gay racist who makes his money off hate.  Pure and simple.  That this man…..no this THING can make money off the noxious evil hate he spreads is unthinkable.  And whats even more unthinkable that right wing GOP politicians look to him for advice and follow him.

THIS is the kind of information that needs to be kept alive and told, and retold and shouted to expose this racist anti-gay hate mongering charlatan for the evil fucking human being  that he is and should be used to destroy him.

AFA Hate Group: "Children Will Be Required To Participate In Mock Gay Wedding On Harvey Milk Day"

The nationally recognized hate group the American Family Association is really shoveling on the shit when it comes to Harvey Milk Day this year.

“Though the Golden State’s “Harvey Milk Day” falls on a Sunday this year, pro-family activists are still concerned about the curriculum and activities that will involve children. Teachers and school officials may commemorate the late San Francisco activist in public school classrooms, assemblies or announcements, without the consent of parents…. Children will be required to participate in exercises that honor Milk, which *could* include mock homosexual “weddings” and cross-dressing contests, as well as writing or reading activities.”

What a bunch of maniacs.  But you know whats even sadder and scarier is that these lunatics actually have followers that believe their bullshit. 

Perhaps also the activities for Harvey Milk Day *could* also include human sacrifices of homophobic, Christomaniac, self-important assholes as well. Now that would make for a festive holiday!

Just saying……

Matt Barber’s Anti-Gay Liberty Counsel Connected To Kidnapping Of Nine Year Old Child Lisa Miller

 In 2009  “ex-gay” mother Lisa Miller vanished with her daughter in 2009 after courts awarded custody of the child to Janet Jenkins, her former partner. Miller had been legally assisted by Matt Barber’s anti-gay Liberty Counsel at the time and when Miller failed to surrender Isabella Jenkins-Miller disappeared with the child police issued a warrant for parental kidnapping.

On April 18th   the FBI arrested Timothy David Miller in Alexandria on charges that he aided in the international parental kidnapping of Isabella Miller-Jenkins

According to the FBI affidavit, the ”Lynchburg Christian Academy Payroll Account” provided ”multiple payroll checks to Lisa Miller.” The Academy is an affiliate of the late Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church which Matt Barber’s Liberty Counsel is also affiliated with by way of Falwell’s Liberty University

FBI documents indicate agents believe Lisa Miller was going by the name Sarah, and that her daughter was being referred to as Lydia.

Last year Jenkins’s attorney, Sarah Star, received a phone call from an unnamed individual who said that Miller and her daughter were staying at a vacation rental house in Nicaragua owned by Philip Zodhiates, who was described by the caller as a “Liberty leader,” Kaegel said.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Zodhiates heads the Christian direct-mail firm Response Unlimited. His daughter, Victoria Hyden, is Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver’s administrative assistant and was asked by her father to “to get Lisa Miller supplies.”

Right Wing Watch has also confirmed that the FBI affidavit reveals that Lisa Miller and her daughter have been living in a Nicaragua house owned by the Zodhaiates and that Miller’s Liberty Counsel attorney  Rena M. Lindevaldsen is also named in the FBI’s affidavit.

Upon the news of the FBI’s arrest of Timothy David Miller  Victoria Hyden’s bio was taken down from the Liberty website

The Christian Mafia.

No stone should be left unturned in cracking this criminal conspiracy wide open, and leave no law unexamined in charging absolutely everyone who is responsible and the Liberty Council for covering this up.

My heart breaks for that poor little girl and my blood boils at these Christomaniac lunatics who think they are above the law and can do whatever they please.

Matt Barber to "Porno" Pete LaBarbera: The Anti-Christ Gay Activist Are Threatening My Life!

Today “Porno” Pete LaBarbera interviewed Matt Barber (which is like Mussolini interviewing Hitler) of The Liberty Council who earlier this week said in a taped interview that “gay kids are committing suicide because they know its immoral”

Now Barber is whining about how there have been “a lot of hate mail; calls for my assassination” from these ‘anti-Christ’ activists “

LaBarberra and barber are a match made in HELL if ever there was one. Both are delusional, hateful, “Christomaniacs” who make a very nice living spreading hate and perverting the word of God.

I am going to post the entire interview below just so LaBarbera’s disgusting  American’s For Truth About Homosexuality website does not benefit from any extra Internet traffic.  Just click READ MORE below

Oh and also PLEASE feel free to contact LaBarbera and Barber on TWITTER at –  @PeterLaBarbera and @jmattbarber and let them know what you think of them.

From: AFTHA Website by “Porno” Pete” LaBarbera

Folks, please read the interview I recently did with Matt Barber, Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action and AFTAH board member. This helps to underscore why now, more than ever, the Americans for Truth Academies are an indispensable tool to help freedom-loving, morality-supporting Americans become equipped to push back against the homosexualist juggernaut. Click here to learn how you can join us this Friday and Saturday (April 1 and 2) in Columbus, OH for the next Truth Academy. ~ Peter LaBarbera

Matt Barber in the ring

PL: In the past couple of days you’ve been under tremendous assault from homosexual activists and other liberals for some comments you made on Liberty Counsel’s Faith & Freedom talk radio program about bullying, the tragedy of teen suicide and homosexual sin. Tell our readers about that.

MB: Yeah, this has given us a teachable moment. You know, scripture says ‘woe to those who call evil good and good evil.’ When homosexual activists and other ‘progressives’ in the pro-sin movement are exposed to biblical truth, their reaction is invariably visceral and loud. There’s ‘nothing new under the sun.’ This ‘kill the messenger’ strategy is age-old and knee-jerk. These folks, as a matter of course, call evil good and good evil. Of course their gripe isn’t with me. I’m nothing. I’m nobody. Their problem is with their Creator, the natural order and the fallen state of mankind. They’re just lost.

PL: What specifically did you say to bring down such hate?

MB:  I merely repeated what God’s objective truth about sexual sin has always held: That heterosexual fornication, to include adultery, is sin and that homosexual behavior is always immoral and unnatural. Scripture is unequivocal on these points throughout both the Old and New Testaments. So, essentially I said nothing new.

Here’s where they lost their collective noodle: I also pointed out how the pro-sin movement is cynically manipulating the very real problem of childhood and teen bullying – something anyone with a heart is opposed to – in order to push, with a ‘Trojan horse strategy,’ a radical pro-homosexual, anti-Christian agenda. On this, there’s no debate. This is evil. When you shine light on evil those who love darkness will scurry for the shadows and blindly shoot arrows into the light.

These ‘anti-Christ’ activists seek segregationist legislation that exploits bullying, which can and unfortunately sometimes does occur against kids who self-identify as ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.’ They promote these propagandist ‘LGBT’ laws to the exclusion and detriment of other classes of kids who are perhaps even more frequently bullied and in larger numbers: Overweight kids and racial minorities come to mind. This blatant discrimination betrays the true agenda: pro-homosexual indoctrination, pure and simple.

Regrettably, there’s no way to catch and stop all bullying. But what we need – and largely have – is general, inclusive bullying protections for all kids, to include those who may struggle with sexual confusion. What we must not have is legislation that discriminates against children in order to push a radical sexual relativist agenda. It’s really disgusting to watch homosexual activists hijack the issue of bullying and the tragedy of teen suicide to push their own selfish, decidedly immoral political agenda.

PL: On the topic of teen suicide. You had comments there as well?

MB:  Right, as you know I’ve never been one to mince words or sugarcoat things. That’s how God hardwired me. I also shared my opinion that many of those caught-up in the homosexual lifestyle intuitively know that such conduct is sin – that it’s both immoral and unnatural behavior. Objective truth is objective truth. God has written His laws on the hearts of every man, woman and child. We’re all spiritual beings created in the image of our sovereign Lord. We are also all sinners. Scripture says that not one of us is righteous. When we sin, we create separation between ourselves and God.

God’s word also says that when we sin sexually, it’s particularly egregious because our bodies are the temple of Christ. This separation from God – a natural result of sexual sin – can lead to depression and even despair. It’s a no brainer. I pointed out that such despair and inner conflict can logically be one factor that might contribute to teen suicide. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to witness, but it’s a very painful reality.

Scripture warns that ‘the wages of sin is death.’ Homosexual behavior is demonstrably destructive physically, emotionally and spiritually. The answer is never to take one’s own life. Life is God’s alone to give and to take away. The answer is to repent, make every effort to stop sinning and to find Life. Christ is the ‘way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Him.’

I know this firsthand. When I was a young man I was caught-up in a lifestyle of sexual sin. I thought, as did many young men, that it was somehow cool to womanize. This sexual sin, of course, created separation between me and the Lord. The longer it continued, the deeper the separation. Believe me; this can lead to severe depression. Thankfully, I surrendered to Jesus and my life has never been the same. Am I still a sinner? Absolutely, we all are. But we can all be redeemed through Him. There’s no greater freedom and joy. That’s it. That’s the answer.

PL: Tell us about the hate-mail and death threats.

MB: Yeah, there’s been quite a bit of that too – a lot of hate mail; calls for my assassination; people saying they hope my children die, etc. Listen, this stuff is par for the course with the ever-‘tolerant’ secular-left. Of course the death threats have to be taken seriously, but with the rest of it; you just have to let it roll-off like water off a duck’s back. I don’t take it personally because I’m not really the target. They’re not so much angry with me. Really, they’re just angry at God.

Scripture tells us, paraphrasing; that they will hate us because they first hated Christ. These folks need prayer and I pray for them regularly as we’re commanded to do. Seriously, their violent reaction to God’s word should be treated as little more than background noise. That’s how I treat it. It’s the predictable clamor of rebellion against God.

We just need to press ahead, faithful and bold, speaking God’s truth in love. I can think of nothing less compassionate than affirming and encouraging sexual sin and pigeonholing kids into a ‘gay’ identity. This leads sexually confused kids into a lifestyle that, according to the CDC, promises boys, for instance, a one-in-five chance of contracting HIV/AIDS. This isn’t love. This is a kind of false ‘love’ – devoid of God’s truth. It’s deceptive. It’s evil. It’s the worse kind of hate

Video – Mike Huckabee Declares Jihad On American and LGBT’s – Calls Upon Spiritual Warriors To "Rise Up"

Mike Huckabee is nothing more than the Osama Bin Laden of modern day “Christomaniacs”.  America is NOT a theocracy, nor is it a “Christian” nation.

Don;t be folled. Huckabee and his lemmings are dangerous, (And getting very fat again it seems)  They are willing to risk everything to get thier way.

It’s time to get back to our Stonewall and Gay Liberation Front roots After all these years we should know by now that asking politely for rights from bigots are willing to fight to their last breath to keep them from us will never work.

Lobbying for rights from politicians who care less about the poor than they do millionaires and who will march into war and sacrifice thousands upon thousands of lives is foolish and a waste of time, money and resources.

We must stand up and look these homophobic fake Christians in the eye and demand our rights and bring their righteous Ivory towers down in the process.

The HRC Generation is DEAD.  Long live the NEW Gay Liberation Movement!