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Video – Lady Gaga Confronts Fundamentalist Anti-Gay Protester Outside Concert

On her way to perform a concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, Lady Gaga saw an anti-gay protester holding up a sign protesting outside the venue.  Gaga being Gaga she pulled over and confronted the man who gave her a “Get Out Of Hell Free Card”. (Starts at the 2:20 mark)

Later that night Gaga recounted the incident to the sold-out crowd during her performance – saying that, when the man told her that she was going to hell, she replied with, “Well, if I’m going, I’m taking all of them with me!”

Go Gaga, go Gaga, go Gaga, GO!

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Taylor Lautner Is A Diva!, George Michael Pleads Guilty, John Barrowman Sells His Used Undies? Bristol Palin STFU!, and True Blood’s Layfette Was Better As A Slut.

*  Oh how quickly they grow and become self important.  Taylor Lautner has filed a lawsuit Monday against McMahon’s RV in Los Angeles for “emotional distress,” since the custom trailer (s)he ordered didn’t arrive on time to the set of one of her new movies, “Abduction”.  Well that answers the question everyone has been asking.  Because how  many straight guys sue over “emotional distress“?

George Micheal has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and being in possession of drugs, which will now be called “pulling a George Michael”  Looks like Geoirgie will have his dance card all booked up in the coming months with dates and catching up with Boy george in the slammer so all you “tearoom queens” out there are safe…..for now.

*  John Barrowman holding a two-day “USA garage sale” at his £750,000 ocean view home to “clear out a load of old junk”, he insisted he will remain in Wales.  Everything must go – spread the word,” urged the flyer.  Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who spin-off, was on hand to sign every item on sale for an extra £1 on the ticket price – with a percentage of the proceeds going to local children’s hospice T Hafan.  Bravo Captian Jack!

*  Bristol Palin gets $14,000 as a speaking fee. . So, how much to shut the stupid inbred bitch up?

Nelsan Ellis says he never wanted Lafayette’s romance with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) on True Blood, because he thinks Lafayette works better as a prostitute and a dealer. True dat, bitch!

John McCains’s BIG GAY Meltdown On The Senate Floor Over D.A.D.T and Hate Crimes (Video)

Grandpa Munster, John McCain had a major hissy fit on the Senate floor yesterday as he obstructed Senator Carl Levin’s (D-MI) attempts to schedule floor debate on the Defense Authorization bill for when the Senate returns from its one month recess,

So why is Mr. Senility pissed?  Because last year The Hate Crmes Act was attached to the Defense Authorization bill and this year D.A.D.T might be attached to Defense Authorization bill.  So mcCain is objcting to us GAYS!

It”s like this guy is the Manchurian Candidtae for the Family Research Council.

The Senate needs Term Limits, a Mandatory Retirement Age, and an Idiot Test,.


Brian Brown Speaks At The National Organization For Marriage’s Rochester, MN. MASSIVE FAIL Tour Stop

There were a whopping 18 NOM attendees, 9 NOM staffers/volunteers, and 2 priests who showed up at The National Organization For Marriage’s latest Tour Stop in another deserted parking lot of the middle of nowhere at the New Life Worship Center in Rochester, MN

Arisha of The NOM Tour Tracker caught up with Brian Brown and as his fashion Brian talked out of both siodes of his mouth and actually tried to pull in Dr. Martin Luther King into his argument about religon and the seperation of Chruch and State and when that didn’t work resorted to talking about what if William Wilberforce listened to those telling him not to bring his religion into the public square.  (Because we all know that Wilberforce,  a prominent British abolitionist.has so much to do with “gay marriage” argument}

Brian, when you put a speaker in front of your podium, with your banner draped across it, you are endorsing everything that speaker says. That person is speaking FOR YOUR CAUSE!  Every degrading comment made by those speakers can now be attributed to NOM.

Also as for you’re it’s all about  “protecting or preserving traditional marriage” BULLSHIT about the sactity of marriage” bullshit.  Then why did NOM’s tour divert to South Bend, IN for the city counsil hearings considering an ordinance that would disallow discrimination against gays in the workplace? Isn’t NOM’s white trash, white washed washed agenda simply cover for the complete marginalization of homosexuals?

Just hoe stupid do you think everyone is?

WATCH: The Daily Show Take On Anti-Gay Homophobe Scott Lively Of "Defend The Family" And His Ridiculous "The Nazi’s Were Gay" Theory (Video)

Jason Jones and The Daily Show took on Scott Lively of “Defend The Family” last night and his ridiculous “The Nazi’s Were Homosexual” theory.

Jones was incredible mocking Lively and really stuck it to him after Lively explains that the Nazis murdered homosexuals to cover up the fact that they, too, were secretly gay, Jones then says: “So that which you hate the most, you secretly are?”  To which Lively sits like a deer in the headlights and then says:  “I’m not gay”.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Gay Reichs

Homo Say What? – Ted Haggard Says He Has ‘Over-Repented’ After Gay Sex And Drug Scandal

Oh this is rich…….

Ted Haggard is sending out E-Bulletins comparing himself to Michael Vicks and Tiger Woods saying that he should be doing what hje loves doing, (Taking Meth, getting fucked and fleecing all those born again suckers?) and that he’s “over-repented” about his “crisis (Does that mean he takes it back?)

Ah Ted.  A few I’m sorrys, and a few tears and it’s off to, pass the basket, because you can’t do anything else but preach because  it’s the only way you won’t have to work.

For-profit religion at its finest. If you want to fool others the best way to do it is to fool yourself first.. 

Go ahead and make some money Ted.

There are alot of needy rentboys ouyt there that can use some “christian” assistance.

Homo Say What? – MTV Real World: New Orleans Cast Member Ryan Leslie Threateningly Tweats About Smashing Someones: "Gay Fucking Face In"

Ryan Leslie a current member of MTV’s Real World: New Orleans  recently tweated about gay bashing on his Twitter cccount. And GLAAD isn’t exactly thrilled about it.  And other than the fact that Ryan Leslie is a homophobic doucebag that has some serious closet issues I have to wonder if maybe part of the reason GLAAD might be alittle ticked off is because GLAAD awarded MTV its top spot on it’s recent 4th Annual Network Responsibilty Index for “quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people

Ryan, get some fucking help dude.

As The Senate Judiciary Committee Confirms Elena Kagan, Tony Perkin’s Of The The Family Research Council Has A Cow (No NOT Maggie Gallagher)

Yesterday The Senate Judiciary Committee voted almost along party line and approved Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.  (Interestingly Lindsey “I’m Not Gay” Graham (R-S.C.) voted WITHthe Democrats)

Directly afterward The Family Research Council ‘s President and resident “bitchboy” Tony Perkins got off his knees in the Reststop by his home long enough to say:

“If President Obama can’t have a lifetime term, then he knows the next best thing is nominating Elena Kagan to one. She shares the President’s disgust for traditional morality, free speech, the military, individual liberty, unborn children, constitutional fidelity, and all things religious.

“It was her rabid pro-homosexual views that led her to restrict military recruitment on Harvard Law School’s campus, and, as Solicitor General, to sabotage the defense of our federal marriage law. In both instances, she favored her personal ideology and political calculations over the law. And she may spend 30 more years doing it as a member of America’s most powerful court. Elena Kagan was unfit to be Solicitor General, and she definitely doesn’t deserve a lifetime promotion to the U.S. Supreme Court. Contact your Senators and tell them to vote ‘no’ on Kagan.”

Desperate, scared and in the closet much Tony?  Smell your own unemployment coming?

But you are probably right about one thing.  Kagen probably does “shares the President’s disgust “ but its for YOU!  You and all of your bigoted small minded hateful kind!

So bend over and take it like a man bitch!

Watch Maggie Gallagher Chime In On The "Morally Outrageous And The Intellectual Absurbity" Of Massachusette’s Judge Ruling Of DOMA As Unconstitutional (Video)

Just when you think that Moooo-gie would be out in a field, relaxing ans chewing her cud now that she’s no longer the head of NOM  here she comes again….

Will someone throw a bucket of water on this bitch so we can watch her melt already?

Don’t Feel Left Out. Mel Gibson Hates Us "Fags" Too!

Oh Mel, Mel, Mel. you kiss your mother with that mouth?

“They take it up the ass. [laughs, stands up, bends over, points to anus] This is only for taking a shit.” —to Spanish newspaper El Pais when asked what he thinks of gays, in 1991.

“With this look, who’s going to think I’m gay? I don’t lend myself to that type of confusion. Do I look like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?” —from the El Pais interview.

“I’ll apologize when hell freezes over. They can fuck off.” — to Playboy in 1995, about whether he’d issue an apology to gays and lesbians, as GLAAD recommended.

Bi-polar much?