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Chris R Barron Of GOProud" "Why The Left Hates Me" ( Maybe Megalomania Has Something To Do With It)

Written on Chris R. Barron’s blog site today “REDBarron”.

“Let’s be honest, the left doesn’t hate me because I am mean or brash or too aggressive – the same label can be applied to many of my critics. No, the left hates me because I have the audacity to stand up to them. They hate me because I am a conservative who happens to be gay. They hate me because I won’t be bullied by them. They hate me because I have dared to wander off the liberal plantation, because I refuse to play the victim card, and because I have rejected their failed big government agenda. So if the left is looking for an apology for things I say on twitter or the things I write on my blog or for statements I make on TV, they won’t get one. Indeed, they can expect more of the same.”


This is why Chris “The Bad Situation” Barron thinks we hate him?

Might it not be because GOProud, a suppossedly “527 organization representing conservative gays, lesbians, transgendered people, and their allies” really only represents thier own members wallets?

Because LETS BE HONEST.  How can you represent the LGBT community when you take NO position on LGBT Equality Measures and when you do you stand against them like The Mathhew Shepard Hate Crimes Act and you support and endorse GOP candidates like  Carly Fiorina, Mark Kirk, Sean Bielat, and other GOP’s who stand against LGBT equality and who would rather shove us back in the closet and in some cases even cause us harm.

Maybe that’s the reason Chrissy.

Personally I don’t hate you.  I just think you are a douchebag.

But since you’ve brought it up and have  why you think the Left hates you. Maybe now can you explain to us why you hate yourself.

Auntie Tom GOProud President Christopher Barron Can’t Wait For CPAC To Party Like Its 1899

GOProud’s TWEET loving muscle head Christopher Barron was interviewed on Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about the CPAC conference and the conservatives boycotting it. 

GOProud which really is not a Gay Republican group but more a group of delusional gays who happen to be Republican because of their personal wealth and have done absolutely NOTHING to further a gay rights agenda, quite the opposite actually because as you’ll see Barron and GOProud state that they are in favor of state, and not federal marriage rights. Obviously Barron doesn’t know that residency and citizenship are decided on the federal level which are things fundamentally linked to marriage when one of those getting married is not a US citizen. And lets also not forget those 1000+ Federally recognized tax breaks and benefits available to only married hetro couples. This is something that often gets forgotten in the debate and by those cowards who can’t take a stand and demand equal rights for everyone and opt instead to use that tired old line that it is something that should be decided by the states.

In a nutshell Barron is nothing more than a rich fag and fame whore who wants to keep every cent of money so he’s selling out the LGBT Community to feed his greed and make a name for himself. 

Barron is a shill and a butt-boy for the GOP.  There is nothing more repugnant than a gay man wanting to be let in to a political party that doesn’t want him for purely selfish reasons because really how can you be a gay political group if you don;t support Gay Marriage, Hate Crimes Laws, and ENDA?  All you really are is a self loathing homo who’ll bend over and let Mitch NcConnell and John Boehner fuck you for a buck.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake Actor R. Lee Ermey Calls On Marines To "Rise Up" Against Obama’s "Socialism"

Geico’s “Namby Pamby Therapist” pitchman  R. Lee Ermey who’s probably best known for the horrid The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes in which he played Sherriff Hoyt has proved that it was probably typecasting since he is as sstrak raving mad as his character 

Ermey appeared before thousands of Marines at a Toys For Tots event to call on them to “rise up” against the president’s plan to “impose socialism” on the country.

What a jackwagon.  Perhaps someone should remind him that the War which he mongers currently costs the USA 5 Billion a week.

Rosanne Cash Tweets John Boehner As An "Asshat"

Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter is pissed about this stump speech quote from Day-Glo “allegedy” alcholiic Speaker-Elect John Boehner: “Remember when Ronald Reagan was president? We had Bob Hope. We had Johnny Cash. Think about where we are today. We have got President Obama. But we have no hope and we have no cash.”  (What a HOLE he is)  So, Roseanne took to Twitter, and tweeted the twat Boehner and rightfuly so.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who’s The MOST STUPID Teabagger Of All? It’s Christine O"Donnell Who Asks "’Where in the Constitution is the Separation of Church and State?’" – We Have VIDEO!!!

When you run with a  group of Republican Teabagger Candidates the likes of Ron Paul, Sharon Angle, Carly Florina, and Carl Paladino the bar is set extremely low to come off as the most stupid.  But today Christine O’Donnell managed to lower the bar to a new standard when in a debate when at Widener Law School  this morning against her Democratic opponent Chris Coons Delaware Teabagger O’Donnell inspired gasps and laughter from the audience as she appeared not to know that the First Amendment calls for barring the government from establishing religion and that it calls for a separation of church and state.

Coons said private and parochial schools are free to teach creationism but that “religious doctrine doesn’t belong in our public schools.”

“Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” O’Donnell asked him.

When Coons responded that the First Amendment bars Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion, O’Donnell asked: “You’re telling me that’s in the First Amendment?”

And lucky us!  People were filming the debate!

What a stupid bitch.  (And I don’t mean it in a “Sassy Gay Friend” way)  One things sure I’m sure she doesn’t want to appeal the 21st amendment… ..the one that gives her the constitutional right to drink a fifth of Smirnoff  before a debate

Watch below on what is sure to become one of the BIGGEST election jokes in HISTORY.

Ann Coulter To GOProud Republican Gays At HomoCon 2010 "Marriage Is Not A Civil Right, You’re Not BLACK!"

Well those IDIOT Gay Republicans who invited and made such a BFD about getting Ann Coulter to speak at their “HomoCon 2010” got more than they could handle when Coulter who received a heft fee to speak, bit the gay hand that was feeding her and made offensive remarks that went far beyond telling the crowd that they didn’t deserve civil rights.

Talking Points Memo reporter Megan Carpentier was at HomoCon last night and reported:

First, she ran down the stereotypical stand-up comedian’s list of reasons, including that lacking the legal right to marriage allows the less-committed partner to weasel out of it. But in a more serious note, she parroted the losing arguments of the lawyers supporting California’s Prop 8 and told the crowd that the reason she opposes (and they should oppose) same sex marriage is that it is strictly for procreation. In one of a series of racially insensitive remarks that pervaded her speech, Coulter added, “Marriage is not a civil right. You’re not black.” It was part of a larger argument on which she later elaborated, telling the crowd that the 14th Amendment only applies to African-Americans and that it does not, in fact, apply to women, LGBT people or other minorities.

Coulter also made a forceful case against sex education in schools, accusing liberals of attempting to teach kindergartners about “fisting” (which garnered her a heckler, who shouted out “What’s wrong with fisting?”) and told the crowd that most parents didn’t want their children learning about the “homosexual lifestyle” instead of reading and writing. Several attendees, who requested anonymity, were also startled by her racially-tinged humor: in addition to her comments about civil rights, she also accused single parents of breeding muggers and blamed the decline in marriage in the African-American community on welfare, “the subsidization of single parenting” and overly liberal child support laws

Carpenter also reports that MANY of last night’s Homocon attendees were pissed  with Coulter’s speech and GOProud’s founding “stupid bitch” Chris R. Baron tweeting for cover this morning.

Spoken like the true obnoxious bottom bitch you are Chris.

Gay Republicans.  That’s as oxyMORONic and African American Klan members or Jewish Nazis.