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Video – Bill Maher on Chelsea Lately: “Rick Santorum Is More Backed Up Than The 405”

Bill Maher was the spotlight guest on Chelsea Lately last night and Maher took on gay sex obsessed Rick Santorum, religious confusilated Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and talked about his new book The New, New Rules.

Video – Chelsea Handler To Have Her Sitcom: ‘Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea’

Chelsea Handler, the straight talking, gay friendly, hard drinking star of “E” networks talk show “Late Night With Chelsea Handler” (which my STR8 Twitter crush the extremely talented and funny Jeff Wild aka @jiffywild on Twitter is a writer and round table guest on) will have her own NBC sitcom based on her memoir “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,”

NBC has released a long teaser trailer, (posted above) and interestingly Laura Preppon of “That 70’s Show” will be playing “younger” Chelsea and Handler will be playing the role of her pregnant born-again Christian sister Sloane.

“Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,” isn’t on the NBC line-up yet for next fall.  But expect it if not in September then at least as a mid-season replacement.

Video – ‘Chelsea Lately’ Takes On Bristol Palin’s Gay Jab at Margaret Cho

Chelsea Handler and her roundtable panelist last night took on the Margaret Choi v. Bristol Palin smackdown that’s currently happening.

For those who don;t remember this all started when Margaret  blogged that fellow ex-‘Dancing With the Stars’ competitor Bristol appeared on the dance-competition show only for her mother’s political gain.

Bristol then fired back with a lengthy blog post on Facebook. Which was OBVIOUSLY NOT written by her with her High School drop out, unwed mother eduction.

The panelists on ‘Chelsea Lately’ seemed genuinely impressed shocked by the essay’s eloquence but took issue with the odd gay joke (jab? insult?) Bristol tacked on the end.

As Ross Mathews put it. “You were on ‘Dancing With the Stars’! It took a village of gays to make you look how you looked on that show. It’s not smart to mess with us. We are here, we are queer, and we do your hair, Bristol!”

Homo Say What?: Part Duex – Johnny Weir Talks To Chelsea Handler About Evan Lysacek’s "Ex Girlfriend" (Video)

Kettle One Vodka Godess Chelsea Handler interviewed Johnny Wier last night on her show “Chelsea Lately” and the subject of how Johnny and “The Dark Prince” Lysacek doesn’t get alongt get along came up. Johnny also discussed Lysacek’s “ex-girlfriend” with Chelsea Handler with a big ole wink.