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FINALLY! - Human Rights Campaign President Chad "Rosa Parks" Griffin Steps Down

Where’s Rosa? – HRC’s Chad Griffin Stumps For Childhood Friend Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Chad Hunter Griffin and HRC


If anyone was wondering where HRC’s Chad Hunter Griffin was this weekend while LGBT anti-semitic protests happened at the Creating Change Conference in Chicago and while Washington, DC was getting buried in snow. Griffin just happened top be in Iowa stumping for his ex-boss’s wife Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa. (Yes! Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin was a member of Bill Clinton’s White House staff. You mean you didn’t know?)

“She doesn’t just voice her support, or vote her support for our community, she has been our partner in this fight and always willing to go to battle when we need her,” said HRC President Chad Griffin conviently forgetting that she stood side-by-side with her husband after he signed DOMA and DADT into law and then had the nerve to campaign for a second term using that as an accomplishment tenant.

“She has the experience and the determination and the skills that will allow her to make meaningful change from the moment she walks into the Oval Office.”

Griffin who grew up in Hope, Arkansas when introducing the Hillary Clinton to an HRC crowd last year, showed slides of himself as a teenager in Arkansas alongside the state’s first lady, joking that “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time, like a really long time — like a really, really long time.”

So ask yourself honestly. Did Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley ever really stand a chance for the HRC endorsement?

If your answers is yes. I have a multi-million dollar, non-profit piece of real estate to sell you in Washington, DC

BREAKING: Fred Sainz OUT As Senior VP of Communications At HRC, Obama Aide IN.

Fred Sainz

Micheal Petrelis of the longtime LGBT activist blog  The Petrelis Files is reporting that Fred Sainz, Vice President of Communications at the Human Rights Campaign is finally cashing in chips and leaving the organization and that FLOTUS aide Olivia Alair Dalton will be soon replacing him.

Via The Petrelis Files:

I received this auto-reply from Fred Sainz, one of the five top executives under Chad Griffin, who was in charge of communication, is on his way out:

“Thank you for your email. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be transitioning out from the Human Rights Campaign. I will no longer be actively checking this account. It’s been my great honor to work for this organization that I admire deeply.”

Sainz is gone and here’s who has replaced him, according to a July 14 release:

“Olivia Alair Dalton, who was senior VP for SKDKnickerbocker and spokesperson for First Lady Michelle Obama, has joined the Human Rights Campaign as senior VP-communications & marketing. […] At SKDKnick, she worked with HRC to help manage a communications “war room” in support of the Respect for Marriage Coalition. […] The new HRC staffer also served as spokesperson for former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Joe Biden.”

From Dalton’s perch as an aide to FLOTUS and the Veep, not to mention collecting a paycheck from the powerhouse lobbying and PR firm where Hilary Rosen, former HRC board of directors president, is a longtime managing director of political affairs, we’re witnessing Democrats rearranging the pieces on their political chessboard.

Mighty small 1% of the LGBT elites from HRC to SKDKnickerbocker on over to the DNC still running the show for themselves, and ordinary LGBT folks are barely on the radar. These moneyed queers are looking out for themselves first and foremost.

Petrelis also goes on to mention that there have been rumors that Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin might also be looking for greener pastures. (But at over $400k a year, one has to think how much greener this welp can actually get on talent and not bullshit.)

As to another rumor circulating — that, with marriage done, Griffin is readying to leave the organization — he laughed. ‘I did not come here to this organization for marriage,” Griffin said. “I have my dream job. I have never had a job that I’ve loved and enjoyed more than this one.'”

Remaining or leaving, expect Griffin to put all of his skills toward (re)electing Clinton to the White House where he worked during Billary’s first Oval Office stint and where he probably wants to find himself again employed.

Sainz leaving is definately a start.  After all this is the man who said that he thought the whole “Duck Dynasty” debacle was a GOOD thing.  But even if Griffin does let the door hit is flat ass on his way out after Sainz,  HRC will not be cured until there is a full overhaul of its board of directors and it gets itself off it’s high horse and becomes a more “inclusive” organization which cares more about the members of the community and less about “galas” and “starfucking”.



Despite Backpeddling HRC Continues To Praise and Support The Current Dangerous Version ENDA

Gay Inc

Despite the fact that  Human Rights Campaign President Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin has said publicly that HRC will push for fully inclusive and comprehensive protection bill for LGBT’s in 2015.  They are STILL backing and pushing the very dangerous version of ENDA that currently sits in the House that they have signed off on that allows for a religious exemption that would actually write LGBT discrimination law.  A move that in the end would be nearly impossible to reverse.


WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest civil rights organization advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights, issued the following statement today thanking Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives for their efforts to advance the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

“We appreciate the leadership of Leader Pelosi and Congressman Polis in seeking every possible avenue to advance ENDA in the House this year, “said David Stacy, HRC’s Government Affairs Director.  “No American should be denied a job opportunity, fired, or discriminated against just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. With an overwhelming two-thirds of American voters, including a strong majority of Republicans, supporting a federal law that protects LGBT people from workplace discrimination, this is clearly an issue lawmakers from both parties can support.  Speaker Boehner should bring ENDA to the floor for a vote.”

ENDA would provide millions of LGBT people in all 50 states explicit, reliable protections from discrimination in the workplace. According to a September 2013 poll by Republican pollster Alex Lundry, supermajorities of Republicans and Democrats back a federal law protecting LGBT Americans from workplace discrimination. More than 100 major businesses and Fortune 500 companies in HRC’s Business Coalition for Workplace Equality support ENDA. In November of 2013, the Senate passed ENDA with strong bipartisan support in a vote of 64 to 32..

Because you know,  HRC just can’t admit that they were wrong and that this version of ENDA that they support and love so dearly is nothing more than a dangerous dog that will come back to bite us on the ass if ever passed.

CORRECTION: HRC’s Chad Griffin Only Makes An Obscene $429,410.00 A Year, Not An Obscene $507,000.00

Chad Griffin$


Last week we reported with Todd Swindell and longtime gay activist and San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Candidate Michael Petrelis of The Petrelis Files this week revealed Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin’s 2013  has climbed to the outrageously astronomical sum of over half-a-million dollars a year ($507,000.00 to be exact)    Well that was not exactly right.  There was some confusion in reading HRC’s 990’s

On the 990’s the compensation on the HRC c4 990’s is TOTAL COMPENSATION for all of the employees listed on there so that actually made Chad’s compensation $429,410. a year.  The mistake happened when numbers from the HRC Foundation  c3 990 listed for Griffin was ADDED into his salary when in actuality its the amount that the Foundation gives to HRC c4 to help cover his $429,410.00 a year salary.

Now doesn’t it make you feel better knowing that Chad Griffin ONLY makes only $232.00 an hour instead of $274.00 an hour!

Other HRC employees salaries are corrected and noted below:

2013 HRC 990


Chad Griffin$$$SSS-vert


Our apologizes in the delay of posting this updated information.

*Based on a 37.5 hour work week/50 weeks a year 


HRC Prez Chad Giffin’s 2013 Salary $507,000.00, Stealing Credit and Rewriting History Sure Pays Well!

Todd Swindell and longtime gay activist and San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Candidate Michael Petrelis of The Petrelis Files this week revealed Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin’s 2013  has climbed to the outrageously astronomical sum of over half-a-million dollars a year ($507,000.00 to be exact) + benefits 

Rounding out the other top 7 employee’s of HRC’s payfest we have:

James Rinefierd, treasurer

Cathy Nelson, vice president

Suzanne Salkind, vice president

Fred Sainz, vice president (Who should have been fired ages ago.)

Robert Falk, secretary

Allison Herwitt, legislative director

Marty Rouse, national field director (Who as an old time grassroots activist should be ashamed for copping out and cashing in)

Which brings the total of just salary alone for just these 8 people including Griffin to $2,347,473.00 of the LGBT community’s hard earned donation money.

According to OpenSecrets.org the Human Rights Campaign only spent $650,000.00 on lobbying political issues in 2013.  Only 1/4 of the amount of its top 8 salaried workers

In 2013 HRC received an estimated $56,000,000.00 in donations.

Obscene and disgusting.


UPDATED: 09/04/2014 –  CORRECTION: HRC’s Chad Griffin Only Makes An Obscene $429,41.00 A Year, Not An Obscene 507,000.00: