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DISGUSTING! – The Human Rights Campaign’s Latest 990’s Show Chad Hunter Griffin’s Obscene Salary at $438,000 A Year

DISGUSTING! - The Human Rights Campaign's Latest 990's Show Chad Hunter Griffin's Obscene Salary at $438,000 A Year

Well its that time of year again and the Human Rights Campaign has released their yearly 990’s and once again Chad Hunter (Rosa Parks) Griffin the man who tried to steal the credit for same-sex marriage obsene salary has been bumped up once again and now stands at $438.000 dollars a year.

Breakdown (Minus weekends and 10 paid holidays a year)

$1745.00 a day.

$218.00 an hour

$3.63 a minute

While the LGBT community has homeless kids sleeping in the streets, members of the community unable to afford food or the basic necessities,  and gay men who cannot afford their AIDS medication Griffin’s salary is not only obscene but a slap in the face to all of us.

Read and get disgusted at HRC’s entire new IRS 990 filing here.

Many thanks to longtime LGBT activist Micheal Petrelis . 



Michelangelo Signorile Blasts The Human Rights Campaign: HRC doesn’t speak for the LGBT community.

HRC Doesn't Stand For me

Long-time LGBT activist, journalist, author and talk radio host Michelangelo Signorile has come out swinging at Chad Griffin and the Human Rights Campaign for their political endorsement of GOP Senator Mark Kirk over Democratic challenger  Tammy Duckworth despite the fact that Duckworth has a higher Equality Index score in  HRC’s own ranking report and  HRC’s ridiculous excuse that the believe the only way to pass any further pro-LGBT legislation is by a bi-partisan vote.  A theory which is not only flawed but dangerous to the LGBT community and will drag the fight for equality out for another 20 years.

The simple truth is that in 2016 in Illinois we don’t need Mark Kirk — he needs us. Kirk is in a deep blue state and he absolutely must support full LGBT equality in order to win. His coming out for the Equality Act is not brave; it’s about his own survival. And the first vote he’ll take upon winning back his seat will be a cowardly one to make the anti-gay McConnell (with an HRC score of 0) the Senate Majority Leader again.

There’s no question that the Democrats’ path to taking back the Senate very much includes defeating Kirk, who is in the bluest state among those where GOP senators are embattled. So HRC’s action does raise questions about how committed the group really is to seeing the Democrats take back the Senate, and if it perhaps has conflicting interests. Daily Kos’s David Nir surmised that HRC’s Kirk endorsement is all about keeping “donations flowing from corporations and wealthy gay Republicans,” and he may be on to something.

If HRC is not answerable to LGBT people, however — and its president, Griffin, rarely even gives interviews to LGBT media, while speaking often in the larger media — exactly to whom and what is it answerable, and what are its true priorities? One thing is clear: HRC doesn’t speak for the LGBT community, and the sooner that politicians and those in the media grasp that, the smarter they will be.

You can read Michelangelo Signorile’s full piece by CLICKING HERE


HRC President Chad Griffin Spins Why They Endorsed GOP Mark Kirk Over Democrat Tammy Duckworth

HRC explains endorsing Mark Kirk


“HRC has always aimed to make LGBT equality a bipartisan issue. That’s why HRC is, and always has been, a bipartisan organization. In fact, we have never in our history won a major legislative battle without bipartisan support. Today, that bipartisan support is all the more important when the threshold for passing anything through the Senate is 60 votes. The truth is we need more cross party cooperation on issues of equality, not less.

So when members of Congress vote the right way and stand up for equality—regardless of party—we must stand with them. We simply cannot ask members of Congress to vote with us, and then turn around and try to kick them out of office.

Senator Kirk has been a strong ally in the Republican Party. He was the first Senate Republican to cosponsor the Equality Act, a critical step towards full federal equality. He was one of fewer than a dozen Congressional Republicans to support marriage equality, and he was also the Republican lead on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). He supported the Matthew Shepard/James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. And, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would never have passed the Senate without the leadership of Republican Senators including Mark Kirk.

Still, some have questioned his imperfect Congressional Scorecard rating. But Senator Kirk’s score from the last Congress does not reflect his current co-sponsorship of the Equality Act. And because bills in the House and Senate have differed, comparing his rating to a House Member’s is apples to oranges.

At a time when many in his party are trying to roll back our rights or shy away from LGBT issues, Senator Kirk has worked to move the GOP toward equality. We must reward that kind of leadership from a Republican in the Senate. I wish we had more of them.

If you are still unconvinced that HRC did the right thing supporting a Republican incumbent Senator who has championed LGBT equality time and again, I will leave you with this thought. After Sen. Kirk suffered a stroke in 2012, he faced months of rehabilitation, and was unable to participate in many votes in the Senate. In November, 2013, he walked up the steps of the Capitol, and his first speech was about the need for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act: “I have been silent for the last two years due to a stroke … I have risen to speak because I believe so passionately about enacting the ENDA statute,” he said. Nine other Republicans eventually voted for the bill, which would not have been possible without his leadership. – Chad (Did you ever think that I would be worse than Joe Solmonese) Griffin

Please notice how there is not one mention of Tammy Duckworth and her better LGBT civil rights record or the fact that Kirk’s support will not mean a damn thing if the Republicans continue to control the Senate and the Equality Act can’t get brought up for a vote.

Once again Chad Hunter Griffin and the Human Rights Campaign can’t and refuses to see the big picture.

HRC Endorses GOP Sen. Mark Kirk Over Dem Challenger Tammy Duckworth With Higher LGBT Rating

HRC Endorses Republican Kirk Over Dem Duckworth

Last week the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Republican Senator Mark Kirk for re-election touting that Kirk was the first Republican Senator to co-sponsor the Equality Act, co-sponsored a bill to help schools combat anti-LGBT bullying and supporting marriage equality,  

The problem is that Kirk’s Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth is not only more progressive on issues like Americans earning a living wage, abortion and gun control.  But Duckworth also has a 100 percent rating by HRC while Mark Kirk only has a 75% HRC rating and his re-election would help the GOP to continue to control the Senate.

Duckworth has taken several actions to push for equality for the LGBT community including:

· Joining 166 members of the House and 44 Senators to write an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing that Americans deserve the freedom to marry.

· Cosponsoring the Respect to Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense for Marriage Act (DOMA), restore the rights of same-sex couples and allow them to receive all the benefits of marriage under federal law.

· Cosponsoring the Restore Honor to Service Members Act, which ensures members of the armed forces who served honorably, but were discharged and given a punitive discharge classification solely because of their sexual orientation have their records corrected to reflect their honorable service.

· Cosponsoring the Student Non-Discrimination Act, which would prohibit public schools from discriminating against any student on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

But STILL Chad Griffin and the Human Rights Campaign endorses he Republican opponent who has a  lesser rating.

Just one more example of “HRC doesn’t stand for me”.

Back2Stonewall proudly endorses Illinois’ 8th District Democrat Tammy Duckworth for United States Senate

FINALLY! - Human Rights Campaign President Chad "Rosa Parks" Griffin Steps Down

Where’s Rosa? – HRC’s Chad Griffin Stumps For Childhood Friend Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Chad Hunter Griffin and HRC


If anyone was wondering where HRC’s Chad Hunter Griffin was this weekend while LGBT anti-semitic protests happened at the Creating Change Conference in Chicago and while Washington, DC was getting buried in snow. Griffin just happened top be in Iowa stumping for his ex-boss’s wife Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa. (Yes! Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin was a member of Bill Clinton’s White House staff. You mean you didn’t know?)

“She doesn’t just voice her support, or vote her support for our community, she has been our partner in this fight and always willing to go to battle when we need her,” said HRC President Chad Griffin conviently forgetting that she stood side-by-side with her husband after he signed DOMA and DADT into law and then had the nerve to campaign for a second term using that as an accomplishment tenant.

“She has the experience and the determination and the skills that will allow her to make meaningful change from the moment she walks into the Oval Office.”

Griffin who grew up in Hope, Arkansas when introducing the Hillary Clinton to an HRC crowd last year, showed slides of himself as a teenager in Arkansas alongside the state’s first lady, joking that “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time, like a really long time — like a really, really long time.”

So ask yourself honestly. Did Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley ever really stand a chance for the HRC endorsement?

If your answers is yes. I have a multi-million dollar, non-profit piece of real estate to sell you in Washington, DC

HRC President Chad Griffin Shows No Integrity – Represents Money Not The LGBT Community


In a recent two-part interview with the pro- Human Rights Campaign newspaper The Washington Blade, HRC President Chad Hunter Griffin came out of his $500,000.00 a year ivory tower to talk about HRC’s and his vision for future of LGBT movement, Which apparently has little integrity and a whole lot of nothing.

Stating that 2016 would be a pivotal year for LGBT rights. When asked about the action on LGBT rights this year is the end to the medical regulation prohibiting openly transgender service in the U.S. military. Griffin responded that he hasn’t seen any version of the report being prepared by the working group, but maintained the Human Rights Campaign remains in contact with the Defense Department on the issue.

Griffin also defended GOP dark money philanthropist Paul Singer who, despite donating large amounts of money to the Human Rights Campaign, has endorsed Republican rabidly anti-gay presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Singer in 2013 donated $250,000 to Americans for Workplace Opportunity, a coalition group founded by Griffin that sought to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which failed miserably and had a huge religious exemption. The same year, the Paul E. Singer Foundation teamed up with the Daniel S. Loeb Family Foundation to award the Human Rights Campaign Foundation major grants over three years to support LGBT rights at an international level.

Asked whether Singer’s endorsement will affect his relationship with the Human Rights Campaign, Griffin said, “It is not my job to police individual donors around the country. Everyone has the right to support whom they choose.”

In 2013 HRC honored Goldman Sachs with its 2011  Workplace Equality Innovation Award the same year that GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz received half-a-million dollars from Goldman Sachs to run for Congress.

You can read the whole Washington Blade HRC-washed article here at the Washington Blade.

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