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Busted Bill Of The Non-Catholic Church Affiliated Catholic League: We'll "Boycott PRIDE Night".

Busted Donohue Of The Non-Catholic Church Affiliated Catholic League: We’ll “Boycott PRIDE Night”.

And nobody cared except the people who would never go to PRIDE Night anyway.

After being exposed as one of the two anti-LGBT hate groups that lied and harassed the LA Dodgers to disinvite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Bill Donohue of the non-Catholic church-affiliated “Catholic League” is now claiming “anti-Catholic bigotry” and they’ll boycott PRIDE Night at Dodger Stadium.

Via press release from Catholic League Hate Group President Bill Donohue:

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reinvited the anti-Catholic homosexual drag group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Last week, after the Catholic League enlisted the support of its followers to contact Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB), the “Sisters” were disinvited from attending the “10 Annual LGBTQ+ Night” event; they were to be given a Community Hero Award.
The Dodgers have now officially endorsed anti-Catholic bigotry. Catholics don’t need any lectures from Stan Kasten, the president and CEO of the Dodgers, on the need to be “inclusive.” The man is a phony—he has no problem excluding Catholics from his selective world of inclusivity.
The Dodgers not only reinvited the bigoted drag queens, they apologized to them.
In a statement released to the press, the Dodgers said they had “much thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities, honest conversations within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and generous discussions with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”
On May 22, the “Sisters” met with Kasten and LGBTQ organizations, as well as local government officials. There was no indication that Catholic leaders, clergy or lay, were invited to participate in these “honest conversations.”
Only one side was listened to—the side that sponsors hate speech. The fact that gay and trans leaders agree with the vulgar anti-Catholic rhetoric and behavior of the “Sisters” means they now have no moral leg to stand on when asking for an end to bigotry against them.
I would love to sit down with Kasten and Manfred after they have read the report and ask them how can they possibly defend such an obscene anti-Catholic group. No decent person could possibly defend such a vicious assault on Catholic sensibilities.
Our next step is to persuade Catholics in the Los Angeles area not to attend Pride Night on June 16. By boycotting this event, we can send a message to the Dodgers, and to Major League Baseball, that anti-Catholic bigotry is unacceptable.
To this end, we will send the report to every parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

As Kathy Griffin so famously put it the Catholic League is just some old dude with a Fax Machine.

And she was right.

CONsevatives Go Nuts Over Microsoft’s Christmas Ad: It “Exploits Christmas By Pushing The LGBT Agenda!” – VIDEO


Right-wing CONservatives are slamming Microsoft’s new Christmas ad that features a pro-gay marriage theme and a trangender teen arguing that the tech giant is making a pointedly political message.

The ad shows a video clip of a first-grader who held a rainbow flag up to people demonstrating against same-sex marriage in a nod to the legalization of gay marriage in the United States transgender teenager Jazz Jennings and her speech at an event for the Human Rights Campaign.

This holiday season we brought together a group of people who are making a difference in the world,” said Microsoft  “This year has been challenging for many and much of what we hear in the news can be negative. Microsoft wanted to lift people up and remind them that ordinary people can make a difference.”

“The message focuses on the spirit of the holidays, people coming together and celebrating what is good and right with the world — what unites us, instead of what divides us.”

But Bill Donohue of the non-Catholic Church affiliated Catholic League, criticizes what he sees as anti-Christian or anti-Christmas expressions in society on a number of occasions this year writes that the Microsoft’s ad seeks to “exploit Christmas by pushing the LGBT agenda.


“No one, of course, is shown celebrating Christmas. Nor are there any kids shown standing up to corporate bullies who rip off the Christmas season to make cheap political points,” said Donohue who claims that same-sex marriage is one of the most bizarre ideas in human history

“If the bi-coastal elites at Microsoft really believe in diversity, then let them have their LGBT celebrations in June during gay pride month, and leave December to Christians.”

Microsoft Christmas ad was released last week on YouTube and already has over 5.7 million views.


Bob Newhart Cancels Performance at Anti-Gay Catholic Legatus Summit

Bob Newhart bigot


by Lisa Derrick of LaFiga

Comedian Bob Newhart has canceled his headlining stand-up appearance at Legatus Summit, a virulently anti-gay Catholic organization. So happy! Wednesday Newhart tweeted:

Upcoming Bob Newhart Tour Date Change — Bob will not be performing at the Legatus Summit in Orlando FL on February 6th, 2014

A number of bloggers and activists expressed their shock that Newhart–who won his first Emmy  this year playing opposite openly gay Jim Parsons on Big Bang Theory–would headline the Legatus Summit which will also showcase Rick Santorum and the Catholic League’s William Donohue. It’s pretty clear where the ever-frothy Rick Santorum and Donohue stand on LGBT issues–and Legatus? Writing for GLAAD, Jeremey Hooper said:

Legatus pushes the idea that homosexuality itself is a “disorder” from which one must be “cured.”

Thank you, Bob Newhart for realizing some groups (even religious ones) have darker agendas and want to use celebrities to further bigotry, discrimination and hate. And thank you for looking and listening to your fans, gay and straight, who believe in you!


Catholic League’s Bill O’Donohue Defends Pedophile Priests: “Grabbing some kid’s ass is rape?”

Fugelsang vs Donohue

Awesome straight LGBT ally John Fugelsang somehow managed to sit down and make it through an interview with The Catholic League’s notorious spokesdouche Bill O’Donohue on Current TV’s Viewpoint segment without reaching over and smacking the shit out of him.

Donohue continued to spout his insane logic to why same-sex marriage is bad, quoted Leviticus and when discussing the Catholic Church’s dealing with pedophile priests tried to blame it on the homosexuals and then to brush it off by saying “Grabbing some kid’s ass is rape?”  to which Fugelsang replied: “No, putting your penis in a kid’s mouth is rape.”

The sheer insanity of seeing O’Donohue damning loving gay couples to hell in one breath and then protecting pedophile priests saying “Grabbing a kid’s ass–no big deal!” in the other is enough to make you go shopping for tar and feathers.

Not a bad idea actually.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue: The Gays Blame Everyone Else For AIDS But Themselves

Bill Donohue fucking evil

“The most common effect of amorality,  they said, is narcissism. Narcissism is the only word that adequately  explains the reaction of gays to AIDS: it was everyone’s fault but  theirs. If anyone has any doubt about this, he should watch How to  Survive a Plague.  The documentary, which is up for an  Oscar, is the work of David France, a talented gay writer. Mayor Ed  Koch, ever honest, accuses ACT-UP of using ‘fascist tactics.’ Fascism  was certainly on display when gays, led by ACT-UP, rushed St. Patrick’s  Cathedral in December 1989: they disrupted Mass, spat the Eucharist on  the floor, stopped people from going to Communion, etc. The film shows  some of this. Gay activists in the 1980s and early 1990s were convinced that everyone  from President Reagan to the Food and Drug Administration were impeding  progress for a cure to their self-inflicted disease. Though the movie was made to garner admiration, it accomplishes nothing of the sort. But it does elicit pity.” –  Catholic League President and douchebag Bill Donohue.

But there’s absolutely NOTHING narcissistic about grabbing a microphone and making public statements about things of which you know nothing, just so you can hear your own shrill, whiny voice.  Is there, Bill?

As harsh as this sounds I can only hope that when this disgusting pig of a man’s time comes, his end is as slow, painful and agonizing as the death of one of our fallen who died of AIDS in the 80s. And I truly hope that no one, NO ONE, shows him any pity, compassion or helps him in any way. Only then will he know the true meaning of “narcissism,” as he calls it.

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: Kathy Griffin Helps Promote STD’s and AIDS

Kathy Griffin bowjob

“Perhaps the biggest story related to Kathy Griffin’s salacious stunt on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper was the almost deadening silence it engendered from any quarter. Does it matter what Griffin did? To put it more generally, does what we see and hear have any effect on our behavior, particularly the behavior of young people? Does it matter? According to the Centers for Disease Control, even though the risk of transmitting HIV through oral sex is much lower than from other forms of sexual behavior, ‘numerous studies have demonstrated that oral sex can result in the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).’ In other words, people can get chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, genital human papillomavirus, syphilis, and other STDs by having oral sex. This is important because numerous studies have shown that many young people still think they cannot get an STD this way.” – The Catholic League’s  Bill Donohue, on Griffin’s pretend blowjob on CNN New Years Eve.

Lets go out on a limb here and say that you CANNOT get a STD or AIDS from simulating oral sex
on a gay man while fully clothed on live TV.

The Catholic church has worked so long and hard to prevent any actual sex education or contraception that even a hint of sex throws them into a tizzy.

In my best Kathy impersonation of her mother, “Jesus Christ, Kathleen! Why do have to go & pick on the goddamned Catholics all time for Christ’s sake?”

Catholic League LOON Bill Donohue: “Gay Pride is inseparable from genital liberation!”

“Homosexuals have been walking around naked in San Francisco with increasing regularity, and tomorrow lawmakers will rule on whether to adopt an ordinance that would make public nudity illegal. There is a caveat: because gay pride is inseparable from genital liberation, the law being considered would still allow these men to go naked at the annual gay pride parade, and at the Folsom Street Fair; the latter event is marked by naked homosexuals who whip each other in the street. Jolly for them, they will still be allowed to torture themselves in public even if the law is passed. Such is the state of American culture in 2012, California-style.” – Catholic League asshole Bill Donohue over the fact that public nudity is allowed in San Francisco provided that a person isn’t in a state of “obvious arousal.”

Tomorrow San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors will rule on a proposed ban on public nudity brought forth by fascist San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener who’s slowly trying to gentrify the Castro for fun and profit and scrub all its unique history and individualism away.

Bill Donohue can  rest assured that by the time Supervisor Weiner is through there will be no exemptions and San Francisco’s laws will be no different than Wichita or Toledo’s and will be just as interesting.

Catholic League Loon Bill Donohue Launches “Adopt An Athiest” Program

“Approximately 80 percent of Americans are Christian, and 96 percent celebrate Christmas. Of the 20 percent who are not Christian, non-believers make up the largest segment, though the number of self-identified atheists is tiny. Today we are launching our ‘Adopt An Atheist’ campaign, the predicate of which is, ‘We want atheists to realize that there may be Christians in their community, even if those Christians don’t even know they are Christian.’ If we hurry, these closeted Christians can celebrate Christmas like the rest of us. As an added bonus, they will no longer be looked upon as people who believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.” –  Bill Donohue, telling his Catholic fringe minions to harass non-believers this Holiday Season

More Christ-insanty over the war on Christmas.  If Jesus were here today he’d covert back to Judiasm.