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Capt. Jack Gets Hitched! – John Barrowman Weds Longtime Boyfriend Scott Gill – Video

Capt Jack gets married

John Barrowman, best-known for his roles on the television hits Dr. Who, Torchwood, and The Arrow married his longtime boyfriend Scott Gill of 20 years over the weekend in California breaking hearts and dashing the fantasies of gay men everywhere.

Speaking directly to the camera, Barrowman said: “It’s five after one and we’ve got our coffee and we’re in the car ready to leave, because where are we going, Scott?”
Gill,  then gets his turn on screen to say: “To get married. Yay!”
Barrowman then added: “We’re getting married in the state of California. Thank you Supreme Court, about time you made it legal.
John and Scott  previously entered into a civil partnership in the UK on December 27, 2006.
Congrats kids!  (But dammit Capt. Jack it should have bee me!)


John Barrowman Really Is Capt. Jack! Foils Robbery Then Offers Teen Criminal Job

John Barrowman took a page from his Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood character when Barrowman  stopped a would-be teen thief and then suggested giving the youth a job to get him away from a life of crime.

Barrowman was staying at the Radisson Blu hotel in Glasgow, Scotland when he hard a woman screaming after awaking to to find two boys ransacking her and her husbands in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The concierge was trying to sort my air conditioning.We heard this woman scream and shout, ‘Stop him, stop him.’ We saw this young boy running down the hallway. I told the concierge to chase him and called the hotel operator and told them to block the staircase so we could get him. The lad had tried to get away through the staff elevator and punched the concierge. I grabbed the kid’s ankles, yanked him to the ground and then pulled him out into the hallway. I pinned him down. My tour manager then arrived and the three of us held him down until the police came

According to Wales Online.  Barrowman then offered the teen a job backstage in the pantomime he’s currently performing in at Glasgow’s Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. “It was sad. He was only 14 or 15. I think he was on drugs,” Barrowman said. ”But I’d like to find out the boy’s story and give him a second chance.

Way to go Captain Jack!