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Gay History – Meet The Satyrs Gay Motorcycle Club, America’s Oldest Continuing Gay Organization

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club was founded in 1954 at the home of Chapin “Smitty” Smith along with seven founding members. The club’s incarnation began around a pool-party a few weeks before after a night of drinking, party and sex. It is the oldest continuously operating gay organization in the United States. It was the first gay organization with a set of Bylaws and a Club Constitution.

Though American motorcycle culture had begun in the late 1940s and early 1950s, homosexuality was illegal at the time, making gay motorcycle clubs unique organizations seen as outlaws on two counts—their motorcycling and their homosexuality. As John Laird, member of the Satyrs since 1961 explained, motorcycling offered men an escape from the bars “because in those days the LAPD was on a real hunt for gay men.”

Gay motorcyclists, encouraged by visual media, created and embraced a masculine gay identity, one that countered the preconceived feminine aesthetic of “fairies.”of that era.

Campgrounds became the members meeting spaces and gave the men the freedom to express themselves sexually. Because of the constant possibility of police raids while at home or in town, the early days of the Satyrs were very secretive: “minutes could be taken but no names could be used. Secrecy was a detrimental to the club in the highly repressive 1950’s.  From the first club founding in 1954 until the mid-1980s, gay motorcycle clubs did not want to be mentioned in any gay publication, because it might result in the outing—and firing—of members who worked for the government.

Four years after the founding of the Satyrs in 1954, discontented Satyrs founded a second gay motorcycle club: the Oedipus Rex Motorcycle club.  Most copied the Satyrs’ model. Indeed, the Blue Max Motorcycle Club, founded in 1968, modeled its constitution almost exactly after that of the Satyrs, as did the Buddy Motorcycle Club, founded in 1965, and many others. As their model spread in the 1970’s, motorcycle clubs as far away as New York City began asking for founding help from the Satyrs. The founders of the Satyrs started a phenomenon of gay motorcycle clubs that by 1979 had grown to over twenty clubs in California and many more throughout the country.

Like other clubs, gay motorcycle clubs donated money and put on events to benefit the community. The Blue Max Motorcycle Club supported the Los Angeles Times’ Summer Camp Fund, providing summer camp to “underprivileged youngsters” and also had a yearly run that benefited The Spastic Children’s Foundation Training Center, for children with cerebral palsy. Outsiders were invited and encouraged to experience the innerworkings of the clubs, ideally to whet their appetite and make them want to join the club. 52 Several gay motorcycle clubs during the 1970 Christmas season threw toy parties to benefit children and senior citizens in need.   Even today, 63 years after its founding The Satyrs continues to sponsor activities including the Labor Day, Badger Flats Run which is one of their most well known activities, charity fundraising activities, and involvement community activities.

Watch – Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club below and learn more.

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Video – Hugh Jackman Breaks Professional Wrestlers Jaw On WWE Raw – Oooh She’s So BUTCH!

Hugh Jackman appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night, not because of the beefy men in little spandex trunks (we think) but to reach out to the young male audience to pimp his new robotic boxing flick, “Real Steel.”

Jackman buddied up with underdog wrestler Zach Ryder as he took on Dolph Ziggler, one of the WWE bad guys known for just generally being a douche.

If you  fast forward to 1:05 in the video below you’ll see Jackman lay out Ziggler with a staged punch (Yes, wrestling is fake) which went wrong in the end and Ziggler wound up at the hospital later that night with a  “hairline mandibular fracture” of the jaw.

Note to Wrestlers out there.  Never fight a guy who had his bones laced with Adamantium­!


"Southland" Featuring Gay Police Officer Returns January 4, 2011 On TNT

The gritty realistic Los Angeles-based crime drama Southland returns for a third season on TNT January 4th, which will include the return of Michael Cudlitz as gay, but closeted ass kicking badass with a heart Police Officer John Cooper who thankfully is one of if not the ONLY strongest stereotype breakers and “butchest” as in “just a regular guy who happens to be gay” portrayals on television right now which which is sorely needed. 

Southland had its the first season, where The series coyfully played with Cudlitz’s character of coopers homosexuality dragging it out until almost the end of its short first season.  NBC renewed the show for a second season but then canceled the show before any episodes were aired, because of the Jay Leno fiasco which would have pushed Southland to a 9pm timeslot which they thought it was too dark for.  TNT then rescued the show with Season 2 ending with Cooper’s sexual orientation being questioned by one of his colleagues.

Southland’s Officer John Copper is the type of gay character representation that we need.  He not a vapid queen, nor does he wear a wig, sing, an adopted Asian child, or wear a cardigan.  It’s high time that the gay swish stereotype on television was broken.

Kudos to Southlamd and Cudlitz for expanding the perceptions of gay men and breaking the television stereotype barrier.

Zac Efron And His Beard Walks The Red Carpet – (And No, It Wasn’t Vanessa Hudgens)

Zac Efron walked the red carpet at the Deauville American Film Festival in France sporting his new beard.  (As in facial hair, it’s clear that he has got his hands on some serious >beard oils)  while promoting Charlie St. Cloud

Well I guess Tom cCuise likes them butch,  Only kidding.

It’s about time Zac tried to shed his HSM Twink image. (But Zachie could you at least wash your hair, oh and take off your shirt maybe?)