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American Family Association’s Buster Wilson: The CDC Will Help Radical Gays Attack Us!

Buster Wilson Moron

“Someday I believe that they are going to be attacks against Christians  based on some form of mental illness diagnosis. I think it is not  without reason that the left refers to people like us as those loony,  right-wing fanatics or right-wing radicals, far-right-wing nut jobs. I  think it is by design that they use those kinds of terminologies against us because one day I think there is going to be something in the hand  of doctors, something in the hands of the CDC, something in the hands of the government that will be able to classify us a certain way and get  us out of the picture. Again, who does the government hate? Who are they against? Who are they worried the most about? Those are the ones they  are going to attack, you keep your eyes open to that.”-American Family Association HATE GROUP radio host Buster Wilson,

Insanity thy name be Buster.