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Is The Dax Shepard "Fag Fighting" Gay Slur In His New Movie "Brother’s Justice" Movie Trailer Getting A Pass? – Watch The Trailer

Dax Shepard has made a celebrity cameo-filled movie about wanting to become a martial arts action star in “Brother’s Justice”, a mockumentary about Sheperd attempting to shop the movie around Hollywood to find backing.

The question is why is no one saying anything about a line in the trailer where Sheperd refers to Brazilian JuJitsu as “fag fighting?” especially after Vince Vaughn , Ron Howard and Universal Pictures’ was just held over the fire for saying that “electric cars are gay” in The Dilemma trailer?

“What’re you gonna do? Make out with me until I tag out?” asks Shepard of his Jiu-Jitsu challenger after his “fag fighting” remark.

So goes the test: Replace “fag” with another slur aimed at a certain culture and see where it gets you. If Shepard referred to Taekwondo as “gook kicking,” would  it be given a pass? How about mixed martial arts as “nigger wrestling”? Or boxing as “Mick bashing?”

Uncomfortable yet?

Does Dax get a pass because he  is thin and cute, and Vaugh not get one because he is fat and ugly?

This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If homophobia is normalised on TV and in movies, it seeps into wider society.  And especially into the demographic that Sheperd taps into.  That whole Punk’d/Jackass audience.

So where the hell are you Jarret Barrios and GLAAD?  I know that Vince Vaugh, Ron Howard and Universal are more Press worthy.  But you can’t give one a pass and not the other.