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Conversion Therapy Event At Brigham Young University Quickly Cancelled After Discovery By The Public


On Sunday night, a flyer surfaced on Reddit for an event planned for Nov. 22 at Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I), which is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and was suddenly cancelled after the public caught wind of it.

“Confused about the confusion about same-gender attraction? People can and do overcome same-gender attraction and enjoy rich, full lives with marriage partners of the opposite-sex without regrets,” the flyer promised and then went on to tlak about “an evening of discussion with a professional counselor who has helped many overcome same-gender attraction.”

The so-called “professional counselor” in question is Michael D. Williams whose personal page directs readers to Family Structure Studies, a project of the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage backed Witherspoon Institute.  The data usedon that prosuggested that children of same-sex couples are worse off than their peers, comes from an infamous 2012 study by sociology professor Mark Regnerus, which has been widely discredited by academic and medical associations. The study was later disavowed by the editorial board of the very journal in which it was published.

On his “professional blog“, Williams has authored several anti-gay and anti-transgender posts. In one, he refers to Leelah Alcorn—a transgender girl who committed suicide in December 2014, prompting the Obama administration to officially oppose conversion therapy—as a “troubled young man” and also predicted that that the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell will have “dire consequences,” and claims that “[h]omes with same-sex ‘parents’ are remarkably unstable” and that the term “same-sex marriage” is “a misnomer and oxymoron.”

BYU-Idaho spokesperson released a statement saying that the event was planned and subsequently cancelled by a local student congregation, not the university itself and added that. “While this event was originally planned to use a campus classroom, it was not initiated by BYU-Idaho”

Williams released the following statement:

“Due to negative publicity the presentation has been called off.. I regret that the fears of some who’ve experienced repression and bigotry have resulted in others not being allowed to learn alternative viewpoints and options.”

In the 197o’s Brigham Young University used electroshock aversion therapy on gay students.

A Brief History Of The Unspoken Tortures of Homosexuals At The Hands of the Mormon Church

Gay Mormon Students At Brigham Young University Make Heartbreaking “It Gets Better” Video

The Understanding Same-Gender Attraction (USGA), group at Brigham Young University describes itself as a group that provides “a place for open, respectful discussions on the topic of same-gender attraction.”

Today the group released a heartbreaking “It Get’s Better” video made by the lesbian and gay students from the Mormon and very anti-gay BYU.

But whats heartbreaking about it is not the “message of hope” that bearly shines through in this video as in most “It Get’s Better” videos.  But the pain and suffering that comes through and that you can hear in these college kids voices and they try to send a message of hope to others while they also try to convince themseleves that theres a place for themselves in a “religion” and at a school which blatantly hates them.

H/T to Queerty.com

Touche’ Gay Man Takes GRINDR To The Family Research Council And Guess What?

Not to be outdone by so called “journalist” Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri’s trip to to the Capitol, White House, and Pentagon looking for men on the make using GRINDR, one clever young homo named Yusef Najafi  took his iPhone around DC and found “pages and pages” of men grinding inside the Family Research Council headquarters. Or certainly within 350 yards who were alumni of brigham Young University! Which totally proves it, right?

Tony Perkins…..is that you?